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02:23 <joelwallis> Hi! I'm *very* new to the Elixir world. I'm facing a weird thing I'm not used to: `@nucleotides [?A, ?C, ?G, ?T]`
02:23 <joelwallis> In this code example, what is this `@nucleotides`? Why does it have a `@` prepended to it?
02:24 <joelwallis> Does the `@` has any special meaning?
02:24 <joelwallis> And, the characters inside that list are prepended with a interrogation point, I'm not sure what it means
02:25 <joelwallis> I'm looking for some help in both Elixir School and the elixir-lang.org website, but with no luck
02:32 <asonge> joelwallis: in the module context, @foo <expr> stores the result of the expression as a "module attribute"
02:33 <joelwallis> so it's just like a constant that lives inside a module?
02:33 <asonge> when used elsewhere @foo will "get" the module attribute. module attributes are evaluated at compile time, and get resolved and often removed at a later compile stage
02:33 <asonge> it's not necessarily constant. they can be appended to and/or removed and/or modified
02:33 <asonge> but that's how it's usually used.
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02:48 <joelwallis> got it. thank you very much asonge!
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11:29 <nox> If you see josevalim, tell him to ping me.
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11:34 <Uniaika> ok
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12:08 <syndikate> Hello people
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12:10 <juan_> Hi guys I have a quick question about mix can anybody help me out?
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13:12 <Ankhers> josevalim: I believe nox is looking for you.
13:12 <* josevalim> hides
13:12 <sevenseacat> lol
13:12 <nox> josevalim: I was wrong I think.
13:13 <josevalim> nox: about? :)
13:13 <nox> josevalim: "• If a noncharacter that does not have a specific internal use is unexpectedly encountered in processing, an implementation may signal an error or replace the noncharacter with U+FFFD replacement character. If the implementa- tion chooses to replace, delete or ignore a noncharacter, such an action consti- tutes a modification in the
13:13 <nox> interpretation of the text. In general, a noncharacter should be treated as an unassigned code point. For example, an API that returned a character property value for a noncharacter would return the same value as the default value for an unassigned code point."
13:13 <nox> http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode9.0.0/ch03.pdf page 82.
13:13 <nox> Not sure I am wrong actually, but at least it's debatable.
13:14 <nox> Depends on who you consider does "processing".
13:14 <josevalim> nox: oh, this is about non-characters
13:15 <josevalim> and not self-synchronization, right?
13:15 <nox> josevalim: Other discussion we had.
13:15 <josevalim> nox: i think you are right though
13:15 <josevalim> the string is still valid even with non-characters
13:15 <nox> I guess "In general, a noncharacter should be treated as an unassigned code point." makes me right.
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13:15 <nox> josevalim: Yeah but the Standard itself also says that errorring out can be a good choice too.
13:16 <nox> josevalim: And I'm too old now to read that and not ping you back about my potential mistake. :P
13:16 <josevalim> better to be compliant though
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13:34 <patientplatypus> hi
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13:35 <patientplatypus> im new to phoenix and am looking for resources on making a simple API call to a third party api. I've looked around on the internet, but all the tutorials that I can find are about BUILDING your own API. Does anyone have a good pointer to making api requests?
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13:52 <manukall> patientplatypus: you could use httpoison for that
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13:53 <Ove_> I asked yesterday if there's additional stuff to do for hot code reloads. The upgrade went fine, but new code was not being served until I restarted the release. I use MIX_ENV=prod mix do deps.get, compile && MIX_ENV=prod mix release --env=prod --upgrade to generate release.
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14:03 <bcardarella> can you give a task a name/atom to reference back later for response rather than the Task.async result?
14:09 <bcardarella> I think I can get what I want by sending within the task fn
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14:16 <patientplatypus> thanks manukall. ive got another question for anybody that can answer it. I'm looking at the routing for phoenix. I want to send what amounts to an api request to the backend that will send a canvas file. I could emit the whole thing on a channel, but I want to send it as an api call. It looks like I need to do this in through routing. Is there a good example of this up anywhere?
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14:37 <bcardarella> if I have a Phoenix acceptance test and I am doing a db insert with a Task.async how do I prevent that dbconnection from being torn down until the async task is complete?
14:38 <bcardarella> actually, I guess I could return a known atom in the Task.async then assert_receive on that value
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14:47 <cfreeze> I'm looking at the source code of cowboy, and I keep seeing (erlang)macros but cannot find where they are defined.
14:48 <cfreeze> Macros such as `?LOWER` and `?IS_TOKEN`
14:48 <cfreeze> and `?IS_WS`
14:51 <cfreeze> Ah, they're probably in cowlib
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16:32 <elixirguy3> Hello Elixir community. While reading Elixir in Action I tried to build a simple calculator process. I registered the process successfully under an alias. To avoid repetitive typing I created an example method that sends some messages to the server using the alias. However I always get an Argument error. Can I not use the alias when I'm sending messages in the same receiving process? Here's the pastebin with the code +
16:32 <elixirguy3> error: https://pastebin.com/VDLFZRhk
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16:51 <dimitarvp> elixirguy3: what is the send(...) call supposed to do?
16:51 <dimitarvp> Like in Ruby? Reflection?
16:51 <dimitarvp> Or like in the OTP semantics?
16:52 <dimitarvp> sending a process a message?
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16:53 <dimitarvp> (nevermind, stupid question lol)
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17:24 <elixirguy3> excuse my absence. You're right send sends a message like this: send(pid_of_receiver, msg)
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17:46 <dimitarvp> elixirguy3: did you copy-paste, or have you modified?
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17:49 <Tica2> OTP at Microsoft https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/p-programming-language-asynchrony/
17:50 <Tica2> “executing state machines communicating via events”
17:50 <Tica2> https://github.com/p-org/P
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17:51 <Nicd-> you mean buggy implementation of half of Erlang? or how did that go ;)
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18:01 <nox> Nicd-: Sometimes I think that's what Erlang is.
18:01 <nox> Nicd-: Troll aside, if MS Research wants to do a language similar to Erlang, IMO Erlang can step away.
18:01 <nox> MS Research is full of smart people and they have way deeper pockets than Ericsson.
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18:04 <notriddle> nox: MS Research has a habit of starting things and not finishing them (Midori...)
18:05 <nox> notriddle: Oh granted, that *if* is damn huge. :)
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18:05 <notriddle> That's what makes it "Research" instead of "Product Development," of course.
18:05 <nox> notriddle: "P was used to implement and verify the core of the USB device driver stack that ships with Microsoft Windows 8."
18:06 <nox> So I guess at least they eat their own dog food.
18:06 <notriddle> Huh. That is a good sign.
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18:07 <Tica2> Nice vide about “P” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8ztpfMPs5c
18:07 <Nicd-> then we just need Peelixir
18:08 <elixirguy3> @dimitarvp what do you mean with copy and paste? this is the module as it us which is runnable. My comment in example() contians the calls I made in iex
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19:46 <egis> Hello. I'm learning elixir so I've decided to rewrite one of my hobby projects (written in php + kohana framework, looong time ago) in elixir + phoenix.
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19:48 <egis> And that moment when Task.start(Website.Module, :update_item, item) replaces at least two 3rd party tools (beanstalkd, supervisord) and bunch of code that puts/retrieves/executes job from background queue.
19:49 <egis> Damn I love elixir. Keep up the good work!
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20:06 <lagbox> :)
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20:06 <Nicd-> egis: welcome to the community :)
20:07 <egis> thanks :)
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20:17 <bcardarella> I'm having an issue with edeliver. It doesn't actually build from the given tag
20:18 <bcardarella> the command: `mix edeliver build release --to=vX.Y.Z
20:18 <bcardarella> I don't see any error in the build
20:18 <bcardarella> the tag exists, and on the build server I confirm that the branch of the cloned repo is on master, not the given tag
20:19 <bcardarella> however, I don't know if it resets after the build completes
20:19 <bcardarella> is there any way to diagnose?
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20:27 <tonyc> bcardarella: i haven't used edeliver.. but searching the git repo for tag doesn't yield a lot of results :o
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20:28 <bcardarella> well, I've tracked it down to: https://github.com/boldpoker/edeliver/blob/4381b82d2a222cd7342fb568c5ec677f5cf01fb5/strategies/erlang-upgrade#L78
20:28 <bcardarella> that determines the revision to reset to later in the build process
20:28 <bcardarella> and according to: https://github.com/boldpoker/edeliver/blob/4381b82d2a222cd7342fb568c5ec677f5cf01fb5/strategies/erlang-upgrade#L18-L19
20:29 <bcardarella> the default is HEAD on master. I am passing a value to `--to` but its as if that's being ignored and edeliver is falling back to default behavior
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20:39 <bcardarella> oh, looks like I was using the wrong options
20:39 <bcardarella> --tag instead of --to
20:39 <bcardarella> --to is when building an upgrade
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