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02:07 <Reshi> Hey I am running a umbrella app which spawns multiple phoenix endpoints listening on different ports. What's the difference between running another endpoint and using `Phoenix.Router.forward` to route requests vs a nginx reverse proxy ? I want to route based on route params
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05:42 <iFire> usually proxies hide the original address
05:42 <iFire> there's a protocol for it
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08:04 <barttenbrinke> Hey, I am having a weird issue with an umbrella app. If I run all the apps tests seperate, all is fine, but when I run mix test on the umbrella, I get a ** (DBConnection.OwnershipError) cannot find ownership process for #PID<0.47.0>. So for some reason the repo mode gets leaked into the next app.
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08:13 <barttenbrinke> The thing is that the exception occurs somewhere in Ecto, so I don't have a good starting point as how to fix this.
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09:01 <barttenbrinke> Further down, it complains about a "RELEASE SAVEPOINT mariaex_savepoint" statement
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09:37 <phoenix123> new to phoenix. need some help with changesets
09:39 <phoenix123> "i want to remove a field from the database only if it has been added before". How do express this is with changesets
09:39 <Nicd-> for some reason my Phoenix is serving totally wrong CSS in development
09:39 <Nicd-> it's running in Vagrant, maybe that's interfering with it. the CSS is built correctly to priv/static/css but it's never refreshed in Phoenix
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09:47 <Nicd-> it's not loading JS properly either
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09:48 <Nicd-> yeah, it's this issue: https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/issues/1662
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12:06 <micmus> Is there a way to dynamically call a private function, if I know the name?
12:06 <micmus> e.g apply(this_module, function, args), where function is private
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12:20 <asonge> micmus: nope.
12:20 <jer> micmus, nope, you can only call private functions with the foo() syntax
12:20 <asonge> micmus: i wanted to know this before. but i think there *might* be a way to hack it out...
12:21 <asonge> because macros.
12:21 <micmus> In this case it has to be at runtime
12:21 <micmus> It thought that might be the case, I'm going to make them public
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12:22 <asonge> does it have to be a function? the way i got around this was pattern-matching
12:22 <jer> micmus, then at least @doc false it if you make it public
12:22 <asonge> the overkill solution would be to use a before compile macro, collect the defps, make another function that takes an atom and a list of arguments and invokes the function.
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12:23 <jer> (should tell anyone who looks at your code it's not meant to be used directly)
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12:24 <micmus> I already do a lot of crazy things here :D For now calling it as a public function will be fine, we'll see later if it's a problem
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13:08 <Ankhers> Is there a way to search for a key in postgres jsonb with ecto that doesn't use fragments?
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13:09 <micmus> Ankhers: no
13:09 <Ankhers> Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything in the documentation.
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13:10 <micmus> We considered adding this at one point, but the problem was syntax for accessing arrays (since elixir does not have arrays)
13:10 <micmus> And nobody complained loud enough since :P
13:11 <Ankhers> Fair enough. I don't really think it is a deal breaker. It may be nice to have though.
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13:12 <micmus> the problem is, we can't use foo[0] for arrays in query syntax - we'd have immediately questions why it doesn't work for lists in elixir
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13:17 <Ankhers> There are already some things that act differently or do not exist from Ecto to Elixir though, isn't there? Like the pin operator has a different meaning within Ecto queries. There is also the spread operator (...) on lists. I'm not sure if that is the right name for it.
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13:19 <micmus> That's true. But people are used to accessing arrays with [0], adding that syntax somewhere will make them want it in other places. Pin operator and ... are exotic enough not to spread
13:20 <micmus> Ugh... my nfa2dfa algorithm is buggy :(
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13:22 <Ankhers> Maybe this is a dumb idea, but for that specific case, could the compiler translate `foo[0]` to `Enum.at(foo, 0)`?
13:22 <micmus> The problem is that reinforces that idea that lists are arrays. But they aren't and accessing by index is usually a bad idea
13:23 <Ankhers> Agreed. But shouldn't telling people that lists are not arrays be enough?
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13:24 <micmus> Unfortunately, the experience shows, it's not
13:25 <Ankhers> That is unfortunate.
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14:03 <erez> Hi all, a quick question: I'm using Plug.Router and created my own custom Authentication plug. I want some routes to go through authentication and some to remain open with no authentication. What is the way to go?
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14:09 <asonge> erez: so you want to implement something like phoenix's pipelines?
14:10 <benwilson512> erez: the easiest thing with plug router is to just have multiple routers
14:11 <benwilson512> have a top level router that routes certain sub paths to other routers
14:11 <benwilson512> and then in those routers you can plug whatever you want
14:11 <erez> @asonge yes something like tghat
14:12 <erez> @benwilson512 So I should use the forward option to route to other Routers? I thought there might be some easier solution...
14:12 <asonge> well, routers are just plugs, you should be able to just call one router from the other.
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14:13 <erez> I know, it is just so cumbersome to have an entire router just for the sake of adding the Authentication plug in the pipeline
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14:24 <erez> asonge: this is also very limiting since forwarding to other routers changes the path received by the end routers
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14:24 <asonge> erez: yeah, i think i've got a possible solution here?
14:25 <erez> asonge: I'll be glad to hear about it
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14:25 <micmus> erez: you could have first router handling all the unauthenticated routes and then at the end forward "/" to another one handling all the authenticated ones.
14:26 <asonge> erez: i think you can pass a private assigns to the router, and then have the auth plug see if something should be authed before it checks that way.
14:26 <asonge> between the match plug and the dispatch plug
14:27 <erez> micmus: Sounds like a good idea
14:27 <erez> asonge: Thanks I will try that
14:29 <asonge> erez: actually, this is in the docs, lol. "To specify private options on `match` that can be used by plugs before `dispatch` pass an option with key `:private` containing a map."
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14:30 <travis-ci> xiamx/elixir#9 (windows_compatibility - fe26a9b : Mengxuan Xia): The build was fixed.
14:30 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/xiamx/elixir/compare/30c0e518b2ea...fe26a9b36496
14:30 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/xiamx/elixir/builds/236027825
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14:31 <erez> asonge: great, thanks for pointing that out
14:35 <erez> micmus: Your idea actually works but asonge's does not require an additional router so I went with that
14:35 <micmus> makes sense +1
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15:16 <bphogan> Hey folks. If I’m just using plugs with Plug Router, can I conditionally apply a plug to specific routes?
15:16 <bphogan> seems like …when action in…. is only a phoenix thing, as I get when/2 is undefined
15:16 <asonge> bphogan: someone just asked a similar question...
15:17 <chrismccord> bphogan indeed it is
15:17 <bphogan> oh geez
15:17 <chrismccord> `when` is a supported plug compiler feature, but it has to be made use of by a lib
15:17 <chrismccord> Plug.Router does not use it
15:18 <asonge> bphogan: so, you know when you do `plug :match` and `plug :dispatch`, between there you can put in a new plug, and on the routes you want to conditionally apply, you can add a private value (it's in the router docs) and then kinda filter by route after that.
15:18 <asonge> second comma should be a question mark.
15:19 <bphogan> mmmm not quite sure I follow that.
15:20 <bphogan> oh. So yea I ‘m not making my own plug - I’m just trying to use BasicAuth to protect a single endpoint. Have 4 others, just need one locked down
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15:23 <chrismccord> bphogan : I would forward to another Plug.Router that handles locked-down routes
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15:25 <bphogan> Ok…. looking for examples.
15:25 <bphogan> forward "/users", to: UsersRouter
15:25 <micmus> I just spent 3 hours looking for a missing Enum.reverse :(
15:26 <bphogan> chrismccord: when you forward to a new router, you use the same paths from root?
15:27 <chrismccord> bphogan : I believe plug will set the script_name and drop the forward prefix, but I don't remember. Phoenix's forwarded behaves that way
15:27 <bphogan> like if I forward /users to UsersRouter, would UsersRouter use “/“
15:27 <chrismccord> bphogan : yes, that should be the case
15:27 <bphogan> ok
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15:35 <bphogan> @chrismccord excellent - splitting it apart works, and results in some cleaner code for this project too
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15:36 <bphogan> chrismccord: silly question, but if one plug forwards to another, do all the plugs in the old router apply to the forwarded one, or do I redefine them again?
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16:19 <jschneck> chrismccord as per phx app compositon, I added plug static to the router at / in the dependency, but the parent endpoint captures it first. I guess what you were saying is that I would need to move it out of the parent as well
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16:21 <jschneck> hurm, I guess it all has to be namespaced
16:24 <pookleblinky> I am using vim. My normal repl workflow uses vim-slime, which sends text to the repl in a specified tmux pane. With Elixir, this workflow isn't as smooth as most repls. Similarly a bit of a hassle with LFE.
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16:25 <mloy> you might want to try using vim within emacs pookleblinky, alchemist.el is great
16:26 <pookleblinky> http://evanlloyd.me/2015/12/23/elixir-vim-setup/ is useful, but not really how I like to work.
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16:27 <pookleblinky> mloy: alchemist also has a vim port, but it's elixir-centric. I'm interested in general erlang-aware setups.
16:28 <mloy> ahh
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17:54 <pmarreck> #phoenix Is there a way to get a value from a view to output in the layout (like there was in Rails), such as a title or header string?
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17:54 <chrismccord> pmarreck could you explain more what you're wanting?
17:55 <chrismccord> you mean like `content_for` ?
17:55 <chrismccord> (in rails)
17:55 <pmarreck> so I have an edit view, which wants to set a title, like "Listings - Edit", but that is actually a header rendered in the layout
17:56 <chrismccord> pmarreck : check the render_existing docs and examples. You can use it for exactly that https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/master/lib/phoenix/view.ex#L203-L248
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17:56 <pmarreck> I guess I could just define that value in the controller action
17:57 <pmarreck> and bring it in via assigns
17:57 <pmarreck> @chrismccord thanks!
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18:01 <chrismccord> pmarreck : yw. render_existing is exactly what you want for this case
18:04 <tomfbiz> I'm writing a controller that will only redirect for HTML requests and not for AJAX/JSON. How can I tell which is which? Do I need to dig through the headers "by hand"?
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18:04 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14713 (jv-unicode - b56cc92 : José Valim): The build passed.
18:04 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/jv-unicode
18:04 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/236098605
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18:07 <asonge> tomfbiz: kinda/sorta? you might use this as an example on how to access the header: http://elviovicosa.com/blog/2016/07/27/phoenix-api-versioning-accept-header.html
18:07 <asonge> but you shouldn't have to *parse* the header yourself.
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18:12 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14714 (jv-unicode - 35a9d38 : José Valim): The build passed.
18:12 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/b56cc927f44b...35a9d38fda77
18:12 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/236099003
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18:14 <tomfbiz> asonge: so "Application.get_env(:plug, :mimes)" should return what I want in a map?
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18:16 <asonge> tomfbiz: that part isn't really necessary if the mimes are somewhat well-known.
18:18 <nox> asonge: I'm pretty sure you meant to say memes here.
18:18 <asonge> nox: usually one might think so
18:18 <nox> :D
18:18 <nox> Don't let your memes be mimes!
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18:20 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14715 (jv-unicode - 0045569 : José Valim): The build passed.
18:20 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/35a9d38fda77...004556957491
18:20 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/236102617
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18:29 <scrogson> tomfbiz: you should be able to check the format of the request....
18:31 <scrogson> conn.private[:phoenix_format]
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18:37 <tomfbiz> Asonge: This got me unstuck. Thanks! (In js, I was setting the content-type but not the accepts mime type, which was confusing me)
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