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01:03 <robbie> What is the runtime for appending strings look like?
01:03 <robbie> What does*
01:04 <robbie> appending to a string* gosh.
01:04 <robbie> ie: "aaaa" <> "b"? o(n)?
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01:47 <benwilson512> oook
01:47 <benwilson512> wwwd: what happened?
01:49 <benwilson512> robbie: http://erlang.org/doc/efficiency_guide/binaryhandling.html
01:49 <benwilson512> it sorta depends
01:50 <benwilson512> there are some special optimizations around binaries
01:51 <robbie> I see. So there's some extra space allocated at the tail of binaries?
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01:52 <benwilson512> yeah they end up getting allocated a lot like vectors in other languages at times
01:53 <robbie> I was going to say it's reminiscent of how dynamic arrays are implemented.
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01:54 <robbie> My main reason for asking is because I'm debating whether or not to work directly with binaries or work with lists inside of a tokenizer. It very may well be faster to append characters the end of a binary opposed to prepending, reversing and converting a list to a string.
01:55 <benwilson512> ah
01:55 <benwilson512> well if the end result can be iodata
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01:55 <benwilson512> you can do a few novel things as well
01:55 <benwilson512> instead of appending or prepending to a list, build an improper list
01:56 <benwilson512> new_list = [existing_list | new_item]
01:56 <benwilson512> then at the end you can `IO.iodata_to_binary`
01:56 <robbie> Yeah, I know of that trick.
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01:56 <robbie> It's interesting. I need to do some profiling.
01:57 <benwilson512> at the end of the day you'll likely need to benchmark
01:57 <benwilson512> heh, on the same page I see
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02:13 <travis-ci> xiamx/elixir#15 (escript_test_windows - 154e05e : Mengxuan Xia): The build passed.
02:13 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/xiamx/elixir/compare/8ffc2cdc6b5d...154e05e1689b
02:13 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/xiamx/elixir/builds/236226970
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02:18 <dw2> My company is looking to hire a development firm for a medium-large project. We've been looking at Thoughtbot. Are there any other companies we should consider?
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02:23 <travis-ci> xiamx/elixir#16 (windows_compatibility - 04ada8e : José Valim): The build passed.
02:23 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/xiamx/elixir/compare/52503d2bb1a7^...04ada8e1b86a
02:23 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/xiamx/elixir/builds/236228493
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03:41 <snowowl> Hi theree, so I'm working through the phoenix book and ran into an issue with the database part and i'm not exactly sure what's going wrong
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03:41 <snowowl> i'll paste the error in just a sec
03:42 <demio> is anyone here super well versed in optimizing binary pattern matching on long strings
03:42 <snowowl> https://paste.pound-python.org/show/GdvKTdJn6Wfutqnz87vf/
03:43 <sevenseacat> so the error says ExpSite.UserController.create/2
03:43 <sevenseacat> is undefined or private
03:43 <sevenseacat> have you defined that function?
03:43 <snowowl> i believe so
03:44 <snowowl> UserController was defined in user_controller.ex
03:44 <sevenseacat> can you gist that controller?
03:44 <snowowl> yeah
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03:50 <snowowl> https://gist.github.com/k-cross/ea6d51597a96bb007bdb4c60cbf966af
03:50 <snowowl> sorry, never actually created a gist before
03:50 <sevenseacat> right, there's no create/2 function there
03:50 <snowowl> hmmm, yeah i thought that was a little funny
03:51 <snowowl> it's not mentioned anywhere in the book and i kinda thought it was dynamically generated
03:51 <sevenseacat> which page are you looking at
03:52 <snowowl> 62
03:53 <snowowl> get "/", PageController, :index
03:53 <snowowl> resources "/users", UserController, only: [:index, :show, :new, :create]
03:53 <snowowl> particularly the resources part
03:54 <sevenseacat> ok I can see the create action being built at the top of page 65
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03:54 <sevenseacat> so you might just be getting a bit ahead of the book :)
03:55 <snowowl> ahh just adds routes
03:55 <sevenseacat> yep yep
03:55 <sevenseacat> then you build the form, then the action that processes the form
03:55 <snowowl> he tells us to run it after that and hmm
03:55 <snowowl> but it's good to know that that's what i need
03:55 <snowowl> thanks
03:55 <sevenseacat> no probs
03:56 <snowowl> i'm new to both the language and framework. it's been fun
03:56 <sevenseacat> glad you're enjoying it!
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03:57 <demio> im having trouble with this specific function
03:57 <demio> https://github.com/cblage/elixir-json/blob/optimizing/lib/json/parser/bitstring.ex#L150-L170
03:57 <demio> its very slow
03:58 <demio> for very long strings
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04:30 <bitwalker> demio: I would run fprof on it and see where it's spending all the time
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04:38 <demio> bitwalker already did that
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04:39 <demio> its spending all its time in the function i linked
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04:43 <demio> https://www.dropbox.com/s/vprj9fjokxyhe9n/Screenshot%202017-05-26%2005.43.42.png?dl=0
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04:57 <bitwalker> demio: I think the unnecessary match in the terminate_* function is forcing copies
04:58 <bitwalker> I don't know that this is what's causing you problems, but it's probably one thing worth changing
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05:04 <bitwalker> you could also compile with ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS=bin_opt_info to see what optimizations you may be missing
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05:09 <demio> im already using the ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS
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06:21 <micmus> demio: probably, the problem is here: https://github.com/cblage/elixir-json/blob/optimizing/lib/json/parser/bitstring.ex#L174
06:21 <micmus> the function does not start by matching on the first argument, so any caller can't be optimised
06:21 <micmus> replacing `json` with `<<json::binary>>` should fix it
06:28 <demio> hmm
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06:38 <snowowl> wasted an hour on a old dependency problem :(
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06:43 <demio> @micmus
06:43 <demio> better or worse
06:43 <demio> https://github.com/cblage/elixir-json/commit/e37ad563815c617fde0a47bf65d15f9cc5d84cb5
06:46 <demio> x_x
06:48 <micmus> demio: I'm not 100% sure to be honest, I would need to spend some more time looking at it, but I can't right now.
06:48 <micmus> Are you trying to implement a parser faster than poison?
06:48 <demio> im trying to at least match it
06:48 <demio> i feel ashamed about my parsers performance
06:49 <demio> and idk where i went wrong
06:49 <demio> :(
06:49 <demio> i still get this from fprof
06:50 <demio> micus: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fi4gc1ktxhhb22/Screenshot%202017-05-26%2007.49.48.png?dl=0
06:50 <demio> micmus
06:50 <micmus> efficient binary handling is sort of an art. Profiling won't always be helpful since it changes the system under test :)
06:50 <micmus> ERL_COMPILER_OPTIONS=bin_opt_info is your best friend when working with binaries
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06:52 <demio> ive been using that
06:52 <demio> but i cant get every single function to optimize
06:54 <demio> i just feel like theres somethign fundamentally wrong with my current approach
06:55 <demio> for "parse_string_recursive" being so slow
06:55 <micmus> yes, doing every single one is probably impossible, but hot loops need to be in order to achieve good performance
06:55 <micmus> e.g. ^ that one
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06:57 <demio> but the only non-optimzed "parse_string_recursive" calls
06:57 <demio> are terminal ones
06:58 <micmus> all heads need to be optimized for the function to be optimized
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07:03 <demio> how do I fix these micmus https://gist.github.com/cblage/37a722aa301aef30204e2eff3e20f2e3
07:03 <demio> x_x
07:03 <demio> i mean
07:03 <demio> parse_number is not a problem
07:03 <demio> so dont need to optimize it
07:04 <demio> how do I optimize this one
07:04 <demio> https://github.com/cblage/elixir-json/blob/optimizing/lib/json/parser/bitstring.ex#L154
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07:15 <fredsir> I've been looking for a way to manage multiple elixir versions on my system. I've found kiex... Any one here using it? Is it good? Is there anyone better you can recommend instead of it?
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07:24 <steffkes> fredsir: did you give docker a whirl?
07:25 <sevenseacat> asdf is also an option I think
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07:34 <sasajuric> yp, I'm using asdf because it can manage both Elixir and Erlang versions
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08:42 <fredsir> steffkes: Were using kubernetes in production, and im playing with minikube (which is as local one node kubernetes cluster) for local dev. What is still a problem is getting editors (in my case vim) to be able to know about the code without the tools it needs (for example elixir) being installed on the host instead of only inside a container running in the local cluster, so while it works, i have yet
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08:42 <fredsir> to have it functioning on par with local dev ...
08:42 <fredsir> ... where you install the tools directly on the host
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10:33 <micmus> Somebody's busy today with commits :P
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10:48 <OliverMT> fredsir: why not both?
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11:18 <hmans> Do we know any rough kind of ETA on Phoenix 1.3?
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11:56 <micmus> hmans: it's blocking on updating guides
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11:57 <hmans> micmus: thanks
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12:08 <Douman> Anyone been using sqlite3 with ecto?
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12:15 <juan_> anyone in here who can help me with an ecto problem?
12:15 <asonge> i'm not always the best with ecto problems, but go ahead.
12:15 <hmans> juan_: ask and someone shall answer... at some point... maybe.
12:16 <juan_> thanks, well I keep getting this error when trying to do a double join
12:16 <Douman> ah... it seems sqlite3 adapter for ecto isn't compatible with v2
12:16 <juan_> value in `where` cannot be cast to type :id in query:
12:17 <asonge> juan_: you want to gist the full error and the code?
12:17 <juan_> yes will do
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12:21 <juan_> ok : https://gist.github.com/jwaterfaucett/b9c0eae9afed9d7e731b8fed342a3f37
12:21 <juan_> basically, I have your typical User, UserRoles, Role system
12:22 <juan_> and want to see if a user_role entry having a particular role exists
12:22 <juan_> I don't need the user so I don't have to do a three way join
12:23 <benwilson512> juan_: the second argument to get should be an id
12:23 <benwilson512> not a query
12:23 <benwilson512> pretty sure you don't want Repo.get
12:23 <benwilson512> maybe Repo.one
12:23 <asonge> juan_: you can just add more joins.
12:23 <asonge> as well
12:24 <benwilson512> your error about casting to type `:id` is almost certainly because of the use of Repo.get
12:25 <juan_> thanks guys, great help, sorry I kept thinking :id had to with the query because of queryable error
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12:32 <juan_> I got another question that's also slightly confusing me while we're at it :)
12:32 <juan_> what is the preferred way to require associations in a schema file?
12:32 <asonge> require associations?
12:33 <juan_> yes, for instance in rails say u have a Comment model, then you have validate_presence_of :post
12:34 <juan_> to ensure that the post is always set when putting a model in the db
12:34 <juan_> I figured out how to do database unique indexes and not null validations in ecto in the migrations
12:34 <asonge> changesets can be used to require associations to be present in an update or insert, and you can control whether an association can be null or not in the schema and in the migration to make it database-level.
12:34 <juan_> yes so with changesets is it cast_assoc or put_assoc?
12:35 <juan_> the difference isn't clear to me
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12:35 <asonge> yes, though they're subtly different ( i have to read the docs every time)
12:35 <sevenseacat> i have to check every time too lol
12:35 <juan_> ok, so I'm not alone there :)
12:37 <asonge> ah, the docs for cast_assoc discuss the differences. cast_assoc does a lot more heavy lifting.
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12:37 <benwilson512> I've been meaning to contribute examples to put_assoc forever
12:37 <benwilson512> I think that's part of why it's so confusing
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12:38 <juan_> benwilson512: yes, that would be very nice
12:39 <juan_> Overall, I'm really liking ecto coming from active_record, its much more explicit which I think is a good thing
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12:39 <benwilson512> yeah there's still a rough edge or two but I feel so much more familiar with SQL after doing ecto
12:39 <ciawal> I have a phoenix app on heroku with 2 dynos
12:39 <ciawal> I wanted to create a genserver which would do some periodic processing, but if I do this (I think) it would be run on both dynos, is there any common hack I can use to avoid this?
12:39 <juan_> but there's still lots cases that I immediately encountered where the docs don't help that much
12:40 <benwilson512> ciawal: you've got a few options. an easy one is that if you already have a database you run the process on both nodes, and each tries to get a lock on a database row
12:41 <benwilson512> select for update that kinda thing
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12:46 <ciawal> seems there is a $DYNO env var available, so I could in theory check this and only start the server on web.1
12:46 <ciawal> seems messy though
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12:48 <juan_> benwilson512: Do you care to look at how I'm validating associations now and tell me what you think?
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12:48 <juan_> Here's the link : https://gist.github.com/jwaterfaucett/01709888680e076e1e769cd0d99292fb
12:49 <ciawal> my situation is that I have a cms with users editing data, but edited records need some processing which takes some time and can be better done in bulk
12:49 <ciawal> so the plan was to have a genserver which would store a last processed timestamp, and every 5 minutes would look for records with updated_at > this date to run the processing
12:49 <ciawal> is there perhaps a better option for what I want to do?
12:49 <juan_> I'm somewhat confused by fields of type id and the associations
12:50 <juan_> coming from rails, passing the ids directly (instead of using the models) feels dirty
12:50 <juan_> when doing the insert
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12:50 <ciawal> you should be able to use the struct too
12:50 <ciawal> instead of struct.id
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13:13 <OliverMT> ciawal: are you on aws?
13:14 <OliverMT> no, heroku
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13:17 <OliverMT> ciawal: I normally reccomend scheduled aws lambda jobs for people who need global exactly once semantics on recurring, seems like heroku has https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/scheduler
13:17 <OliverMT> set it up to call your api every 5-10 mins or whatever
13:17 <OliverMT> and the load balancer will take care of making sure only one node runs :)
13:18 <OliverMT> I spent a day trying to make a non-complicated "run every 5 mins but on only one node in cluster" before thinking to use aws lambda
13:18 <OliverMT> it seems trivial, but there is a lot of pitfalls about electing masters, handling splits and all sorts of crap
13:18 <OliverMT> its even harder if you are on heroku, as you arent even running disterls, so the nodes are stateless
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13:20 <sorentwo> If you're using a modern version of Postgres (9.5+) you can use SELECT .. FOR UPDATE SKIP LOCKED to build a very simple queue with exactly once semantics.
13:21 <OliverMT> it's still manual handwaving
13:22 <OliverMT> you'd need to pull often on the non master to see if you should be amster, and master needs to keep the lock active to tell the slaves its not split off blabla
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13:22 <benwilson512> well, you can select for update and immediately change a state column to "processing" or something
13:22 <smeevil> o/
13:22 <benwilson512> and then other select for updates only look for state pending
13:22 <sorentwo> Yes, that's precisely what you do.
13:23 <benwilson512> for cron like stuff I think lambda is fine
13:23 <benwilson512> but the select for update stuff is very handy if you want to treat a table as a queue
13:23 <OliverMT> yes, but thats a queue, not a "run on exactly one node every 5 minutes"
13:24 <benwilson512> yup
13:24 <OliverMT> updating your cluster could make it end up as each node skewed 2.5 minutes from eachother
13:24 <OliverMT> if node1 goes down the job will be skewed 2.5 minutes until node2 tries to run again
13:24 <smeevil> I'm trying to persist a record in the database with a date field. my changeset has start_date: ~D[2005-03-16]}, the changeset is also valid. when i then try to insert it i get (ArgumentError) could not encode date/time: {2005, 3, 16} but i have no idea what i'm doing wrong. In the migration and schema i use the :date attribute for the field.
13:24 <OliverMT> unless node1 keeps saying its up and node2 keeps asking if node1 is up
13:24 <sorentwo> You can have as many workers as you like that poll every N minutes from the queue, the select for update is atomic, only one worker can grab a record at a time.
13:24 <OliverMT> unless you lock it to exactly 05, 10, 15 etc
13:24 <OliverMT> thats not the issue sorentwo
13:25 <OliverMT> what if the end result is a mail? you'd end up suddenly splitting records between two nodes
13:25 <OliverMT> producing two mails for a single aggregate
13:25 <benwilson512> yeah time skew can produce weird issues
13:25 <OliverMT> since your jobs can run on whatever node
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13:26 <OliverMT> the nodes needs to either be told externally which one should run an exactly-on-one-node job *or* they need to chatter behind the scenes continously to figure out who should be running next window
13:26 <OliverMT> either way its certainly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off trivial
13:26 <OliverMT> heroku scheduler that simply calls your api with someo sort of secret key or a heroku clock dyno that does the same sounds like a pretty cheap and easy solution
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13:30 <smeevil> anyone might have a pointer on the encoding problem ?
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13:31 <OliverMT> smeevil: are you going via cast and is the start_date mapped as Ecto.Date in model?
13:32 <OliverMT> oh you said :date in schema
13:32 <smeevil> aye, but also if i set it to Ecto.Date in the schema it gives the same error
13:32 <smeevil> the changeset then has start_date: #Ecto.Date<2005-03-16>},
13:33 <smeevil> wait... I'm being stupid
13:33 <* OliverMT> can roll with that
13:34 <smeevil> oh i thought i messed around the month / day but that was correct , i rectify what i said :P
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13:34 <smeevil> at least the changeset gives an error when giving 2015-16-03 so that is working as expected
13:35 <ciawal> OliverMT: the reason I wanted to use a genserver rather than a scheduler in this case was to keep some state in memory
13:35 <OliverMT> well you could write to db_
13:35 <OliverMT> ?
13:35 <ciawal> if needed, but I'd rather avoid it
13:35 <OliverMT> its either external and easy or internal and hard :p
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13:37 <smeevil> might you have an other suggestion that i could check ?
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13:39 <OliverMT> nah, heroku is kinda worst of both worlds
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13:39 <OliverMT> why not write to db?
13:40 <OliverMT> lean on postgres until postgres starts to bend, *then* optimize, thats my mantra :D
13:41 <ciawal> it's not a scaling thing, it's just that I'd have to make a table with a single to store this timestamp, which is ugly
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13:47 <smeevil> hmm it boils down to the fact that Ecto.Adapters.Postgres.Timestamp.encode!/1 is being used in stead of Ecto.Adapters.Postgres.Date/1
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14:18 <Douman> hm... is there a way for Plug.Static to on fly gzip files instead of looking up <file>.gz ?
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17:37 <ani> trying to use embedded schemas in ecto. have hit a road block.
17:37 <ani> Unable to update an embeds_many field similar to example on "http://blog.plataformatec.com.br/2015/08/working-with-ecto-associations-and-embeds/". But getting an error "If you are attempting to update an existing entry, please make sure you include the entry primary key (ID) alongside the data."
17:38 <ani> Anyone here done something similar ? any more blogs or examples out there that you can refer
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18:09 <meh`> with Ecto I'm getting a syntax error from Postgrex in a migration, is there some way to see the query it was trying to make?
18:11 <asonge> meh`: i think there's a log setting on ecto for catching all the queries?
18:13 <meh`> asonge, the error is coming from Ecto.Adapters.SQL.query! so I presume it's failing before even generating it
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19:54 <LastWhisper____> could anyone point me in the right direction to set up a small working example? I want to open two iex consoles; have a supervisor in terminal A, and a child in terminal B; and send an IO.puts "hello" from terminal A, and have it appear in the console of terminal B
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20:05 <JEG2> LastWhisper____: There's an example here: https://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/mix-otp/distributed-tasks-and-configuration.html#our-first-distributed-code
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20:17 <LastWhisper____> ty JEG2
20:19 <LastWhisper____> I have a follow up question: so I'm creating a supervisor in one iex session "foo", I want to open 2 more iex sessions "bar" and "baz", i would like them to be linked to "foo", and once I'm in "foo", i want to tell all children linked to IO.puts "hello world"
20:19 <LastWhisper____> How would I reference the children from the main supervisor ?
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20:29 <JEG2> LastWhisper____ Can you show the code you're using to create a supervisor in iex? I don't believe I understand what you are trying to accomplish yet.
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20:44 <benwilson512> LastWhisper____: in general you don't want to supervise across nodes
20:45 <benwilson512> normally you would have a supervisor on each node, and they would start their children there
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20:59 <OliverMT> am I blind? or is there no example in ecto for how to update_all with actual values? https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Repo.html#c:update_all/3
20:59 <OliverMT> oh wait, you use the actual column names in the keyword list of 2nd argument
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21:42 <LastWhisper____> so I think i put the cart ahead of the horse; I was looking into https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix_pubsub/Phoenix.PubSub.html and saw they have two options, PG2 and point to your endpoint, or use redis... problem is I don't even have an endpoint, so that got me looking at https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Endpoint.html ... Before I even think of the whole publisher/subscriber model should I be looking at fleshing out an
21:42 <LastWhisper____> Endpoint and thinking of what it will support on that end ?
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22:02 <OliverMT> LastWhisper____: Endpoint is generated with phoenix.new
22:03 <OliverMT> when you set up a new phoenix project
22:03 <OliverMT> its nothing special, just plumbing
22:03 <LastWhisper____> I guess I'm trying to use phoenix pubsub without phoenix
22:04 <LastWhisper____> is my only "adapter" option redis in that case?
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22:09 <adamkittelson> LastWhisper____: the pg2 adapter doesn't come from phoenix, pg2 is a built-in erlang module, you should be able to use it with phoenix_pubsub without phoenix
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22:53 <benwilson512> LastWhisper____: in the docs you linked it merely said "often configured" with respect to the endpoint
22:53 <benwilson512> Direct usage section covers how to use it directly
22:54 <benwilson512> If you want to use PG2 you just use the PG2 module there instead of Redis
22:54 <LastWhisper____> you're referring to this: `supervisor(Phoenix.PubSub.PG2, [:my_pubsub, host: ""])` ?
23:02 <benwilson512> yes
23:03 <benwilson512> although you wouldn't need host there, that's likely a redis only config
23:03 <benwilson512> https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix_pubsub/Phoenix.PubSub.PG2.html covers the options for PG2 backend
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