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11:56 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] josevalim pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vh2jh
11:56 <elixir-lang-repo> elixir/master 5edb1d2 José Valim: Add hints on mismatched do/end and others pairs...
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13:47 <za1b1tsu> Hello, I'm getting this error (CompileError) lib/cart/application.ex:13: undefined function supervisor/2 for https://gist.githubusercontent.com/bbtdev/f95233363ad45ec933c0d295a3a2280c/raw/ee5f414bd198ed245c7e1bbcc6c366efd0c76547/gistfile1.txt
13:47 <za1b1tsu> but in all tutorials I saw, it's supervisor(Blabla.Repo, [])
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14:11 <beefjoe> Guys I'm getting this error
14:11 <beefjoe> ** (Mix) You're trying to run :worker on Elixir v1.1.0-dev but it has declared in its mix.exs file it supports only Elixir ~> 1.1
14:11 <beefjoe> how can I change the mix file so it supports that dev version as well
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14:17 <beefjoe> Got it :)
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14:22 <nickjj> does anyone know what the phoenix syntax would be for nesting content_tags where 2 of the nested content_tags are being situationally used based on a case statement?
14:24 <nickjj> this is what i'm working with so far https://gist.github.com/nickjj/cc6a2ca13a0d994528ef6c8d66a74921 , and it compiles , but the display_name takes priority over the other content tags as the value of the main div
14:32 <nickjj> oh, had to use an array
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15:28 <za1b1tsu> What's the purpose of the priv folder? What goes there?
15:35 <cadiac> stuff like migrations and gettext translations are there
15:36 <nickjj> chrismccord, is this a bug i should report on github? if i open any config file and save it without modifying the file, phoenix still throws the restart your server error
15:36 <nickjj> this has some issues when trying mix format regularly
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15:45 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] josevalim closed pull request #7737: [Formatter : anon_fun] When fn is followed by a newline, use multi-clause formatting style (master...code-formatter-anon-fun-fix) https://git.io/vh2Hn
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15:54 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] josevalim pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vhaLV
15:54 <elixir-lang-repo> elixir/master 396e0bf José Valim: Only compute eol if necessary
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16:31 <za1b1tsu> Regarding Ecto.Schema, when I schema name do... "name" is the name of the table in database? When is the name used?
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17:01 <josevalim> table in the database, yes
17:01 <josevalim> it is used when you do an operation in the repository
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17:16 <josevalim> okeuday_bak: you should have answered micmus with "yes, you can ask"
17:16 <josevalim> :P
17:16 <Nicd-> za1b1tsu: priv is also used for files you need to include in a distillery release, like static assets and in my case geoip databases
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17:19 <micmus> josevalim: thanks, that would be very helpful :P
17:23 <okeuday_bak> wasn't sure how interested you were :-)
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17:25 <micmus> I looked in the repo and saw the rebar.config, I haven't really thought about rebar2 vs rebar3
17:25 <micmus> only 3 supports hex, right?
17:26 <za1b1tsu> josevalim, Nicd- thank you
17:27 <okeuday_bak> micmus: yeah, and through strange trickery rebar2 is able to handle filesystem-based deps, but rebar3 requires different more complex trickery, then for backwards compatibility people try to write escripts but there isn't a standard approach for that it seems
17:28 <okeuday_bak> micmus: it makes you like makefiles
17:28 <micmus> that sounds radical :P
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17:29 <okeuday_bak> micmus: the releases switched from reltool to relx with the rebar3 changes too, but I have a separate escript to handle that
17:30 <ericmj> do you need to support both rebar2 and rebar3?
17:31 <okeuday_bak> ericmj: not sure, it depends on how long I wait to use rebar3 probably
17:32 <ericmj> i would have assumed the rebar2 user base is pretty small by now
17:33 <okeuday_bak> ericmj: not sure, it just depends on the time available, switching from rebar2 to rebar3 doesn't really help me much and no one has complained yet, so all is well
17:34 <ericmj> it sounds like it would help if you only have to support one major version
17:35 <okeuday_bak> ericmj: so you are saying I should stick with rebar2, right?
17:37 <okeuday_bak> anyway, not a big concern, I enjoy using mix, just typically use rebar2 for erlang deps, gradually switching to rebar3 as time allows
17:38 <ericmj> okeuday_bak: no, i think the user base is bigger for rebar3 so it think you should drop rebar2
17:39 <ericmj> but i have no idea what your specific user base is, i can just talk about what i have observed generally
17:40 <ericmj> rebar3 has been out for 3 years and stable for 2
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19:31 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] pragdave opened pull request #7739: some notes on a distributed logger (master...distributed-logger) https://git.io/vhasu
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20:46 <micmus> josevalim: when you were optimising the router generation in phoenix, was that with the rewrite of how accumulated attributes are handled in elixir itself?
20:52 <josevalim> micmus: hrm, yes, i was in master all the time
20:52 <micmus> ok, I was just checking
20:53 <Zarathu> lol
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21:44 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] pragdave closed pull request #7739: some notes on a distributed logger (master...distributed-logger) https://git.io/vhasu
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22:17 <jkh> Howdy. Has anyone here managed to find a VS Code extension that allows simple script editing and running using an external (elixir) interpreter and an output window, as one can do fairly easily with Sublime text?
22:17 <jkh> There is an elixir extension for VS Code already but it only works with mix projects, not just “single file projects” for experimenting
22:18 <jkh> (though maybe I’m missing some hidden feature of it)
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22:50 <jkh> .. anyone even awake in this channel? :)
22:50 <* jkh> listens to the soft soothing sounds of crickets
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23:03 <nickjj> how would one go about responding with just a partial's template contents to an ajax request in a controller?
23:04 <nickjj> i have a feeling this might be impossible due to how elixir compiles templates, but i wonder what the work around would be, because this is a very very common use case
23:05 <nickjj> checking if a request is XMLHttpRequest is fine and dandy -- and rendering the partial there works , but the partial gets compiled into a full html page -- so in the end, the whole html gets returned instead of just the partial's content
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23:38 <Zarathu> nickjj: put_layout(conn, false) ?
23:39 <nickjj> Zarathu, what would the full render call look like with that?
23:40 <Zarathu> conn |> put_layout(false) |> render("_partial.html", conn.assigns) ...
23:44 <nickjj> Zarathu, thanks that worked
23:44 <nickjj> although the way i got around it previously was to parse the HTML using jquery (just sniping the partial from the full html src), which didn't require having to add more boilerplate to my controller
23:44 <nickjj> at the cost of potentially parsing ~30kb of html on the client, ohhh the choices web developers must make