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00:20 <jer> gem, yes, what's the question?
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00:24 <gem> jer: sorry for the late responce. I've been trying out alcove, prx and erlxc for working with lxc in elixir/erlang. I've been having a LOT of permission errors while using the libs. I set up all the sudoers files,ut for some reason, I still get errors. Do you know why/or how use lxc in elixir in general?
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00:25 <nickjj> gem, i've had success running phoenix under alpine, but that was through docker not lxc
00:28 <gem> nickjj: Hmm, I was thinking about using docker, but for my uses (distributing tasks throughout multiple computers), I feel like docker is not suited for the task - I have some weird dependency sharing and stuff
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00:33 <jer> gem, i don't use lxc, but docker
00:33 <jer> but agree with what nickjj said, alpine works good
00:33 <gem> jer: thanks, I'll look into alpine. Looks well made/documented
00:34 <dessm> Hi there. I'm working through some exercises and have come across a case where I need to check whether the tail of a list is '[]'. At the moment I'm simply using an 'if bla == [] do...', but it feels a bit clunky. Does anyone know of a better way to do this and also why pattern matching won't work for something like [a, []] = [1, []]?
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00:35 <gem> dessm: [hd|tl] = lst
00:36 <nickjj> gem, it's one of the better minimal linux distros for containers
00:36 <nickjj> most things just work it seems, but that's in the context of web development
00:37 <dessm> gem, at the moment I'm using [hd|tl] and then use the if to check whether tl == [].
00:37 <nickjj> jer, speaking of docker, how much experience do you have dockerizing elixir apps?
00:37 <gem> nickjj: For me, I'm doing more of a distributed devolopment type thing though
00:37 <jer> nickjj, quite a bit, we've got 8 different production elixir apps running inside docker
00:38 <nickjj> jer, i just open sourced a repo that has a few popular dockerized web app examples and i just included phoenix today
00:38 <jer> gem, distributed in what sense?
00:38 <nickjj> would you mind looking at an issue i'm having when it comes to taming mix deps.get?
00:38 <jer> nickjj, neat; none of ours are phoenix apps
00:38 <jer> sure
00:39 <nickjj> https://github.com/nickjj/docker-web-framework-examples/issues/1
00:39 <nickjj> the phoenix app is at https://github.com/nickjj/docker-web-framework-examples/tree/master/phoenix
00:40 <gem> jer: I wrote something that brakes up a python, js, ruby, etc script into various small tasks which are then exec'd on many computers
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00:40 <jer> nickjj, so are you shipping elixir code in a docker container and then doing a deps.get and conceivably a run to run it?
00:41 <gem> dessm: maybe try a case statement? Im not sure
00:41 <jer> gem, sounds a lot like one of my production applications :) go on
00:41 <nickjj> jer, in development, you would typically mount in your app code through a volume
00:42 <nickjj> so if let's say your dockerfile does a deps.get, that gets built into the image -- but then if you volume mount in your app code, your old mix.lock is going to override what was built
00:42 <gem> jer: Ohh really? I'm a scientist who usually lacks proper resources for many calculations. So I thought, why not steal it from others **devil face**
00:42 <jer> nickjj, ah gotcha... i've not seen this kind of issue, we build our code inside a docker multistage pipeline, meaning we copy files into a container, build the code (including fetching dependencies) and then release it (i.e., use distillery to produce a tarball, which we then copy into another container and that end result of the distillery release, is what we deploy)
00:42 <nickjj> and running deps.get every time the container starts is grueling
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00:42 <nickjj> so i hacked around that by only running it if there's no mix.lock file
00:43 <nickjj> yeah it sounds like you have a prod set up where you never bind mount in your app code
00:43 <gem> jer: what are you doing?
00:43 <jer> gem, so i'm the vp of engineering at a company called metis machine, we do a machine learning deployment system; much of our backend systems are elixir apps.
00:43 <jer> nickjj, yeah app code is never distributed in a container that leaves the build system at all
00:45 <gem> jer: looks intresting. Do you use containers/vm's for the prod project?
00:46 <jer> gem, yes
00:48 <gem> jer: Nice, I may just use your product in the future!
00:48 <jer> all of our prod elixir apps are built essentially the same way -- we've got some code that we've written to make building and deploying easier, but it's effectively a wrapper around docker
00:48 <jer> gem, sure, feel free to reach out whenever =]
00:49 <gem> jer: Cool! I love this work. Thanks for all the help
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00:49 <gem> nickjj: Same with you
00:49 <nickjj> np, good luck
00:50 <Nicd-> this chat is too damn happy
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01:02 <jer> nickjj, no we're not, goddamnit!
01:02 <jer> err, my own damned fault for trying to make a joke, i typo the nickname =D
01:02 <jer> Nicd- ^
01:03 <nickjj> so many fails!
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01:10 <sms> Why when I query a many-to-many, I'll go query = from p in Category, preload: [:posts], select: [:name, posts: [:id, :title]], but the query keeps returning with an empty posts list
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03:28 <bind> Nicd- ... happy ... pff ... just spend 6 hours retrofitting a drupal theme :D talking about happy
03:29 <bind> luckily I have some elixir work just around the corner again
03:29 <bind> :)
03:36 <sms> No? No input on querying a simple many-to-many association
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03:55 <Nicd-> bind: I only have Elixir on free time
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03:57 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] scomma opened pull request #7757: Fix DynamicSupervisor example code referencing a non-existent variable (master...patch-1) https://git.io/vhPPI
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04:09 <sms> So why aren't my associated categories showing up
04:09 <sms> When I'm preloading them
04:09 <sms> And queurying for them
04:09 <sevenseacat> without seeing your code, its impossible to say.
04:10 <sms> Why when I query a many-to-many, I'll go query = from p in Category, preload: [:posts], select: [:name, posts: [:id, :title]], but the query keeps returning with an empty posts list
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06:27 <ethan_> In phoenixframework is there way to find the ip address a socket is getting created from? I see that conn has remote_ip field but its not exposed in user_socket.ex
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06:41 <mahmudov> https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/getting-started.html#test-environment-setup below link i cant reach
06:41 <mahmudov> The test environment setup is described: https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Testing%2520with%2520Ecto.md
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06:50 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] josevalim closed pull request #7757: Fix DynamicSupervisor example code referencing a non-existent variable (master...patch-1) https://git.io/vhPPI
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09:33 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] michalmuskala opened pull request #7758: Remove rebar as a build dependency (master...mm/no-rebar) https://git.io/vhPhK
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12:11 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] michalmuskala closed pull request #7758: Remove rebar as a build dependency (master...mm/no-rebar) https://git.io/vhPhK
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13:10 <kapil___> i have `:material_type` i want to convert it to `:material_type_id`
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13:18 <kapil___> sorry. i got it `Atom.to_string(:foo)`
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14:47 <kapil___> i cant modify variable inside annonmyous function.
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14:48 <kapil___> I have function : `parameters_default(query, args) do` i cant modify query:
14:48 <kapil___> ```Enum.each(base_table_columns(), fn i ->
14:48 <kapil___> ..
14:48 <kapil___> query = where(query, ^where_argument)
14:48 <kapil___> ...
14:48 <kapil___> ```
14:52 <jeregrine> kapil___: you could Enum.reduce over the query
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15:09 <kapil___> jeregrine: thanks
15:10 <jeregrine> kapil___: no prob
15:10 <kapil___> jeregrine: i am reading this article: https://medium.com/everydayhero-engineering/elixir-variable-rebinding-342c5d0fd961
15:10 <jeregrine> yea?
15:10 <kapil___> thanks
15:11 <jeregrine> I find that if I'm reaching for Enum.each then MAYBE I need to rethink what I'm up too
15:11 <kapil___> thanks
15:15 <Nicd-> modifying the query in the each doesn't work because the function can't affect `query`'s value outside the function
15:16 <kapil___> can anyway i modify it directly?
15:16 <Nicd-> no
15:16 <kapil___> ok i will use Enum.reduce then
15:16 <Nicd-> you need to reduce to create a new query from the old one and return it
15:17 <kapil___> thanks
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15:26 <dysfun> no function clause matching in Plug.HTML.html_escape/1 # how does Phoenix.Controller.redirect even cause this?
15:26 <gazler> dysfun: It writes the HTML for a 301
15:27 <gazler> "You are being redirected to..."
15:27 <dysfun> how could that fail?
15:27 <gazler> Plug.HTML not available?
15:27 <gazler> https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/eb5913ef2f31201ad727780e169c07855a5f4116/lib/phoenix/controller.ex#L394
15:27 <dysfun> well plug is there, so i don't see how Plug.HTML could not be
15:28 <gazler> Oh wait - I was confused with Phoenix.HTML, yeah, Plug.HTML should definitely be there.
15:28 <gazler> What are you passing to redirect?
15:28 <dysfun> let me dump it out to check it's correct
15:29 <gazler> I'd guess you aren't passing a binary to redirect
15:29 <dysfun> that's my guess too. i'm getting it from a library
15:29 <micmus> FunctionClauseError should have the value in a stacktrace
15:30 <micmus> (or have the extended error elixir provides with values pretty printed outside stacktrace)
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15:31 <gazler> Which library dysfun?
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15:31 <dysfun> it's OAuth2
15:32 <dysfun> and apparently authorize_url does not return a binary...
15:32 <gazler> Which oauth2 library?
15:33 <dysfun> 'oauth2'
15:33 <dysfun> https://hexdocs.pm/oauth2/OAuth2.Strategy.AuthCode.html#authorize_url/2
15:34 <dysfun> i'm dumping the return of that and it's a...client struct
15:34 <gazler> authorize_url(...).authorize_url
15:35 <dysfun> yeah, that was my guess too, i'm just getting really confused by this library
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15:38 <dysfun> well, now i get a 404 on github, which is progress of a sort :)
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16:19 <OvermindDL1> o.O
16:19 <OvermindDL1> 404 on github?
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16:40 <nixpulvis> This might not be the right place to ask this but... I'm having trouble reproducing reliably, and thus fixing a bug. `exited in: :gen_server.call(...) ** (EXIT) time out`
16:40 <nixpulvis> Seems like it's timing out talking to the DB, but there's no reason I can see for that.
16:40 <nixpulvis> This is a pheonix app fwiw.
16:41 <chrismccord> nixpulvis THe timeout is the caller calling the server
16:42 <chrismccord> if the genserver is doing potentially long-running work in one of it's handlers, then that will block all other callers
16:42 <nixpulvis> there's no reason it's long running tho.
16:42 <chrismccord> so if you are hitting this server under any load, check first that you aren't exposing a betterneck
16:42 <nixpulvis> it's a quick query to the DB
16:42 <nixpulvis> on a local env
16:43 <chrismccord> nixpulvis "long running" could be something that reasonably fast, but imagine hitting it under load
16:43 <nixpulvis> my coworkers on macOS don't have this issue, I'm on linux.
16:43 <nixpulvis> chrismccord: as I said Im seeing this locally without any load.
16:43 <chrismccord> if 100 concurrency callers hit the server and the callback takes 50ms, you would be approaching the 5s timeout
16:43 <chrismccord> nixpulvis : have you isolated the exact call int he stacktrace
16:44 <chrismccord> what it is telling you is the call to GenServer.call(pid, :wahteer) is taking greater than 5s
16:44 <fishcakez> There's an issue open about a potential bug in gen tcp that's causing connection processes to hang forever
16:44 <fishcakez> So it's possible this is same thing
16:44 <chrismccord> nixpulvis : can you show more of the stacktrace?
16:44 <nixpulvis> sure one sec.
16:44 <chrismccord> what server is timing out? What message?
16:45 <nixpulvis> need to relog IRC on my laptop
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16:45 <nixpulvi1> Seems like DBConnection.execute(conn, query, params, opts) is in the stacktrace
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16:47 <fishcakez> It's likely the OTP bug I mentioned above where gen tcp hangs forever
16:47 <nixpulvis> do you have a link?
16:47 <fishcakez> But as Chris said you should show full stacktrace
16:47 <fishcakez> Well the first two entries on the stack would be enough likely to see where in the DB layer
16:48 <nixpulvis> fishcakez: yea sorry, the way this is setup atm I only get stackframes in the web UI, and they are hard to copy.
16:49 <kapil___> vey basic question: how to skip some values in `Enum.map`
16:49 <tristan__> fishcakez: in jira?
16:50 <zakora> The Elixir documentation states "There are 6 callbacks required to be implemented in a GenServer", but 7 callbacks are listed under "GenServer". Which one is not required? (just out of curiosity)
16:50 <nixpulvis> fishcakez: the top of the stacktrace is an error in poolboy inside a try/catch.
16:50 <fishcakez> nixpulvis: show exact
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16:51 <nixpulvi1> :poolboy.checkin(pool, worker)
16:51 <nixpulvi1> error
16:51 <nixpulvi1> catch
16:51 <nixpulvi1> :exit, reason ->
16:51 <nixpulvi1> :poolboy.checkin(pool, worker)
16:51 <micmus> kapil___: probably the simplest way might be to use `for` - `Enum.map(col, fun)` is the same as `for x <- col, do: fun.(x)` and there you can add filters - `for x <- col, fooable?(x), do: fun.(x)`
16:51 <nixpulvi1> exit(reason)
16:51 <nixpulvi1> end
16:52 <nixpulvi1> end
16:52 <nixpulvi1> end
16:52 <fishcakez> nixpulvis: the stacktrace, not the code
16:52 <nixpulvis> fishcakez: ok, brb figuring out how to enable those in my server :P
16:52 <fishcakez> Otherwise from what you said it sounds like what chrismccord said, and not this bug
16:52 <kapil___> micmus: thanks
16:53 <nixpulvis> fishcakez: all he said was my server was overloaded :/ which it's not.
16:53 <nixpulvis> am I missing something
16:53 <fishcakez> nixpulvis: no idea
16:54 <fishcakez> You have provided not enough information except to reach what Chris said
16:55 <nixpulvis> working on a stacktrace for you.
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16:59 <nixpulvi1> No idea why I can't get the full stacktrace in my `mix phx.server` but.... ** (exit) exited in: :gen_server.call(#PID<0.342.0>, {:checkout, #Reference<0.882523631.3617587206.21474>, true, 15000}, 5000)
16:59 <nixpulvi1> ** (EXIT) time out
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17:00 <nixpulvi1> Here have a stacktrace image, https://imgur.com/a/hgcw3bZ
17:00 <josevalim> fishcakez: i am wondering if it is the same issue people are seeing on fedora?
17:00 <josevalim> fishcakez: the one in db_connection
17:04 <nixpulvis> josevalim: FWIW I've made a barebones app using the same database, and it doesn't seem to have this issue :/
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17:04 <josevalim> nixpulvis: https://github.com/elixir-ecto/db_connection/issues/127
17:06 <nixpulvis> well that seems relevent, thanks.
17:07 <fishcakez> josevalim: from what nixpulvis said it looks no
17:07 <fishcakez> josevalim: I was also suggesting that bug and it is OTP bug, see my reply I just posted on there
17:07 <josevalim> fishcakez: "it looks so" or "it looks no"
17:07 <josevalim> ohhh
17:07 <josevalim> i see
17:09 <fishcakez> Yes looks so
17:09 <nixpulvis> Should I add myself to this thread? What system info would you want?
17:09 <fishcakez> We need to see the full exact error
17:09 <fishcakez> Your image isn't enough unfortunately
17:09 <nixpulvis> how do I get that?
17:10 <fishcakez> Console logs, or whatever is doing logging
17:10 <nixpulvis> yea, I already posted the 1 line I get in my logs.
17:10 <nixpulvis> I don't know why my logs aren't giving stacktraces.
17:10 <fishcakez> There should be multiple lines
17:11 <nixpulvis> nope, and `stacktrace_depth` is set to 20.
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17:11 <fishcakez> What do you use for logging?
17:12 <fishcakez> Oh I see it has error without stacktrace in logs
17:12 <nixpulvi1> config :logger, :console, format: "[$level] $message\n"
17:12 <fishcakez> I missed that one
17:12 <kapil___> micmus: ``` for i <- base_table_columns, do: fn i ->
17:12 <kapil___> val1_key = String.to_atom(i <> "_val1")```
17:12 <nixpulvi1> Sorry I'm new to the elixir/pheonix world, so this is painful atm.
17:12 <fishcakez> Can you post on that thread you get same error, and also call Process.info/1 on the process repoeted
17:12 <kapil___> micmus: how to filter if val1_key is `nil` or ""
17:13 <nixpulvi1> fishcakez: what system info should I post? OTP version, erlang version, elixir version...
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17:13 <fishcakez> nixpulvis: i.e. Process.info(pid(0, 342,0))
17:14 <fishcakez> where 0 342 0 are taken from #Pid<0.342.0>
17:14 <nixpulvi1> kk
17:15 <fishcakez> And Erlang/OTP version is only thing we should need apart from that. The Process.info/1 is to verify its same issue and the OTP version is to discover the scope of the bug :)
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17:15 <zakora> Is there a way to have 2 terminals talk to the same Elixir Application?
17:15 elasticdog joined
17:16 <zakora> Something like: 1. iex -S mix and 2. iex --connect -S mix
17:17 <zakora> If I run "iex -S mix" on two different terminals, they will each launch there own Application, which I am trying to avoid.
17:19 <micmus> zakora: start the first one using `iex --name "main@" -S mix` and then you can connect to the node remotely using `iex --name "debug@" --remsh "main@"`
17:20 <nixpulvis> wow why is it so hard to get the version of OTP/Erlang :/
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17:20 <fishcakez> nixpulvi1: $ erl
17:20 <fishcakez> Erlang/OTP 20 [erts-9.2] [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [ds:4:4:10] [async-threads:10] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false] [dtrace]
17:20 <fishcakez> ^ that is enough information
17:21 <HappMacDonald> Say, if I encounter a "elm-make: Type applications without concrete names should not get here." error, is there an easy way to check and see if it's a known issue already or anything?
17:21 <nixpulvis> ah nice, thanks
17:22 <kapil___> micmus: https://gist.github.com/kapilpipaliya/bd75a8905c890bdf95a632750c0ac674
17:22 <kapil___> how to add line 11 and 15 as a guard
17:23 <HappMacDonald> (woops nvm, wrong channel. hehe!)
17:23 <zakora> micmus, that worked perfectly, thanks!
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17:39 <kapil___> micmus: gist updated
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18:29 <Labu> help
18:29 <Labu> oups
18:29 <Labu> sorry
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18:30 <OliverMT> ** (Postgrex.Error) ERROR 42P18 (indeterminate_datatype): could not determine data type of parameter $1
18:31 <OliverMT> no sign of it in stacktrace as I can see
18:31 <OliverMT> ohhh it's a GET, nevermind me rubber duckies
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18:33 <dysfun> OliverMT: hey this is leather, not rubber
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19:10 <fishcakez> nixpulvis: yes you effected too
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19:15 <nixpulvis> fishcakez: well at least now I can sleep better knowing I'm not just haunted. Thanks.
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19:30 <nickjj> does anyone know if you can configure mix's build_path and deps_path through mix config options or env variables?
19:31 <micmus> nickjj: you can configure them in mix.exs and since mix.exs is executable, you can run arbitrary code in there including, for example, System.get_env
19:31 <nickjj> micmus, but can it be done outside mix.exs? i see an env variable for the build path but not the deps path
19:32 <micmus> why do you want to do it outside mix.exs?
19:33 <nickjj> i'd like to customize both the build and deps path inside of a dockerfile , without having to always remember to customize the mix.exs file for every new project i make
19:33 <gamache> I just added the Erlang `fuse` library to my Elixir app, and now when I run tests there is a torrent of =PROGRESS REPORT===== output as various applications are started for each test. Any idea how I can make it shut up?
19:34 <nickjj> i could read them in with get_env and set those env vars in the dockerfile, but that would still require modifying the mix.exs file for every project
19:35 <Nicd-> gamache: maybe check: https://elixirforum.com/t/how-to-suppress-progress-report-statements-on-stdout/8196?u=nicd
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19:36 <Zarathu> nickjj: don't you have to modify your mix.exs file for every project anyway?
19:36 <gamache> Nicd-: I saw that, I'd prefer to use something I can add to config.exs rather than ensuring I run elixir with a command line option
19:37 <DavidAntaramian> gamache: you can add that to config.exs, the notation is `config :sasl, sasl_error_logger: false`
19:37 <nickjj> Zarathu, you would, but it's just one of those things that's easy to forget, i suppose it's not too big of a deal
19:37 <nickjj> it just seemed weird to offer the build path as an ENV variable but not the deps or lockfile
19:38 <gamache> DavidAntaramian: you are the wind beneath my wings. Thanks!
19:39 <Nicd-> I will add that to the thread
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19:40 <DavidAntaramian> SASL logs _can_ be really helpful, though, so another option is to redirect them to a file. SASL logs in particular can be written to a binary format which can be read later on using the report browser
19:40 <DavidAntaramian> See http://erlang.org/doc/man/sasl_app.html for more details
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19:42 <DavidAntaramian> I believe fuse needs SASL (System Architecture Support Libraries) in particular because it uses the SASL alarm system
19:42 <kapil___> https://gist.github.com/kapilpipaliya/4d111f4fba603343c201c549d2d9cd5f
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19:44 <kapil___> I want to generate where query from above data. first set and second set are joined with `or`
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19:58 <jeregrine> DavidAntaramian the wind beneath many people's wings
19:59 <DavidAntaramian> <3
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20:20 <adkron> I need a package like URI that will parse URI, and URL. Does anyone know any?
20:20 <Nicd-> Elixir stdlib already has a URI parser
20:21 <adkron> Right, but it won't parse "example.com:80" because it is a URL and not a URI
20:21 <adkron> I need it to do both. I was hoping to find something that would.
20:21 <jeregrine> @adkron could append http:// to URI's and ignore it in parsed results
20:21 <Nicd-> that's not a URL either I think
20:22 <Nicd-> URLs are URIs
20:22 <adkron> I thought a URL was a URI with no scheme
20:22 <Nicd-> no
20:22 <OvermindDL1> URI.parse("example.com:80")
20:22 <OvermindDL1> %URI{ authority: nil, fragment: nil, host: nil, path: "80", port: nil, query: nil, scheme: "example.com", userinfo: nil}
20:22 <adkron> There is URI, URL, and URN. I never can remember what is what.
20:22 <Nicd-> http://google.fi./ <-- that is a URL
20:22 <Nicd-> OvermindDL1: see 80 is in "path", not "port"
20:22 <Nicd-> and domain is in scheme
20:23 <OvermindDL1> Correct, that's what it is for that location
20:23 <OvermindDL1> URI's start with a schema
20:23 <Nicd-> to get what adkron expects they need to add a scheme that they then ignore to make it a URL
20:23 <OvermindDL1> If you ^
20:23 <jeregrine> ^^
20:23 <adkron> jeregrine: Thanks.URI.parse "[::1]:80"
20:24 <adkron> oops
20:24 <adkron> URI.parse "[::1]:80" #=> path: "[::1]:80"
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20:25 <OvermindDL1> URI.parse("unknown://[::1]:80")
20:25 <OvermindDL1> %URI{ authority: "[::1]:80", fragment: nil, host: "::1", path: nil, port: 80, query: nil, scheme: "unknown", userinfo: nil}
20:25 <OvermindDL1> Just add a scheme
20:25 <adkron> I guess I can add `ignore://` to the front, and add [] when I am given a bare address because people don't know better with ipv6
20:25 <OvermindDL1> I'm surprised elixir can't parse an empty scheme (just `://blah`) as most libraries I've tried will do so...
20:26 <jeregrine> maybe its a bug :-)
20:26 <Nicd-> PR time!
20:26 <OvermindDL1> Possible!
20:26 <Nicd-> I once wrote a URL parser with just pattern matching, but it was slower than URI.parse's regex :(
20:26 <Nicd-> fun exercise though
20:27 <OvermindDL1> Eh sub-binary matching and such is painful
20:28 <OvermindDL1> URI's is optimized about as much as you can do with the beam I'd wager
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20:30 <Nicd-> oh dear: https://gitlab.com/Nicd/Nurina/blob/master/lib/nurina.ex
20:32 <OvermindDL1> Wouldn't that parse `////////` as empty?
20:32 <Nicd-> 🤷
20:32 <OvermindDL1> Based on just this line alone: https://gitlab.com/Nicd/Nurina/blob/master/lib/nurina.ex#L37
20:33 <OvermindDL1> Oh wait, state machine in 3 argument
20:33 <Nicd-> don't judge
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20:33 <Nicd-> that was one of my first Elixir things
20:33 <OvermindDL1> Would be slightly faster if each state was a separate function name. :-)
20:34 <adkron> Thanks for the help. Looks like this is going to be a little work.
20:34 <adkron> I just didn't want to rewrite someone else's code if I didn't have to do it.
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20:35 <OvermindDL1> Hmm, authority should always parse as the empty string?
20:36 <OvermindDL1> adkron: Could always use ranch or whatever it uses to parse URL's, can't get more complete than that?
20:36 <adkron> OvermindDL1: Thanks, I will look into that.
20:36 <Zarathu> Nicd-: defp nil_or(""), do: nil
20:37 <OvermindDL1> Empty string storing as a nil*
20:38 <Nicd-> Pls
20:38 <Nicd-> No hate
20:39 <OvermindDL1> Lol
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23:16 <sms> How literal is a changeset?
23:17 <sms> Say for instance I have associations in my post called categories, and the post currently has [cat1, cat2], and then I update it to have [cat3, cat4]
23:17 <sms> Will I have to manually get rid of cat1 and cat2, or will it just assume I wanted those gone
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23:43 <Zarathu> sms: >then I update it to have [cat3, cat4]
23:43 <Zarathu> depends on how you make it "have" [cat3, cat4]
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23:44 <sms> Passing cast_assoc(:categories, [cat3, cat4]) for instance
23:46 <sms> Would that just append the two categories, or update the association entirely
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23:50 <Zarathu> sms: https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Changeset.html#cast_assoc/3
23:50 <Zarathu> the docs answer this question in surprising detail :>
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