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01:34 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] FreedomBen opened pull request #7761: Fix small grammar error in Integer.parse docs (master...integer-grammar-fix) https://git.io/vhDKl
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07:17 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] whatyouhide closed pull request #7761: Fix small grammar error in Integer.parse docs (master...integer-grammar-fix) https://git.io/vhDKl
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07:51 <thomasfedb> In a phoenix project, brunch is hanging (low cpu) midway through compiling assets
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07:59 <dysfun> you'd have to ask in #brunch i guess
07:59 <dysfun> phoenix is moving to webpack
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08:01 <thomasfedb> dysfun, oh is it, when?
08:02 <dysfun> in 1.4 i think
08:03 <* dysfun> just ignores brunch and uses webpack anyway
08:04 <thomasfedb> dysfun, got a guide to that effect?
08:05 <dysfun> just stop using brunch and use webpack as normal?
08:06 <thomasfedb> dysfun, exactly 0 phoenix-specific config req'd?
08:06 <dysfun> there's nothing really phoenix specific
08:06 <dysfun> it's just another js build
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08:31 <thomasfedb> dysfun, cool
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08:32 <thomasfedb> dysfun, I'm from the world of Rails where sprocked is bolted onto the framework
08:32 <dysfun> ah, i'm not
08:33 <dysfun> i just use what i want
08:34 <thomasfedb> dysfun, do you have live reloading working with phoenix?
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08:35 <dysfun> i did before i broke it :)
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09:23 <celyr> when phoenix 1.4 will be released ?
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10:36 <dysfun> when it's ready
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10:52 <toothfairy_> Hmmm, it seems I am still doing something fundamentally wrong here (trying to learn Map.put/reduce ... I want to scrape the jackpot value of each game from a url and save it into a new map, along with name of each game and the network it belongs to> https://dpaste.de/iFEe Any suggestions very welcome
10:53 <josevalim> toothfairy_: the reduce bit looks correct to me
10:54 <josevalim> toothfairy_: what are you getting? an error?
10:54 <micmus> shouldn't the initial accumulator of the internal reduce be the outside acc and not an empty map?
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10:59 <OliverMT> mix format removes trailing commas? :O
11:00 <dysfun> :o
11:00 <dysfun> i told you formatting was bad for you
11:02 <OliverMT> josevalim please explain yourself before I get a lot of farmers with pitchforks and make a real rabble
11:02 <OliverMT> ;D
11:03 <toothfairy_> josevalim: I get no result from the xpath, but the xpath is correct when running it outside the reduce on a single game name
11:03 <dysfun> OliverMT: have you gotten a rabble's worth of people to give up programming and become farmers?!
11:03 <haste> in truth all programmers are Thalos
11:04 <toothfairy_> josevalim: and I also need to figure out how to include the network name into the Map.put
11:04 <dysfun> actually, one of my friends gave up perl to become a farmer. unfortunately now his farm is hacked together with perl :D
11:04 <dch_> has anybody tried getting a mix project to be built as a *dependency* of a rebar2 (yes, 2) project?
11:04 <toothfairy_> josevalim: or actually, the result is blank and no error
11:04 <josevalim> toothfairy_: you usually use tuples on the keys and/or errors
11:04 <dch_> I'm wondering whether updating rebar2 -> rebar3 and then trying it is worth the significant effort
11:05 <josevalim> toothfairy_: make sure you are also assigning the result of the outer Enum.reduce somewhere
11:05 <dysfun> dch_: is there even an elixirc plugin for rebar2?
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11:14 <toothfairy_> josevalim: "you usually use tuples on the keys and/or errors" Would you be able to show an example how this would look like?
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11:17 <josevalim> toothfairy_: or a map. something like `Map.put(acc, game, %{text: Meeseeks.text(raw_data), other_info: ...})`
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11:19 <toothfairy_> josevalim: thanks, will try it
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11:28 <toothfairy_> josevalim: this is my current output, using the tuple. Can you spot anything which might be messing things up? https://dpaste.de/zC5V
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12:08 <gazler> toothfairy_: looks like Meeseeks.text is returning nil.
12:09 <gazler> toothfairy_: I think you want to remove the text() from the xpath query maybe
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12:14 <toothfairy_> gazler: strange, because the xpath works when I run the xpath manually on a single item, but everything nil within the reduce
12:15 <gazler> toothfairy_: Can you show me what works?
12:15 <toothfairy_> text() is a Meeseeks function which extracts a string from the result
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12:15 <toothfairy_> gazler: oki, moment
12:15 <gazler> toothfairy_: What is the result of IO.inspect raw_data?
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12:17 <toothfairy_> gazler: https://dpaste.de/rKZN
12:20 <gazler> toothfairy_: Don't you need string interpolation on your xpath then?
12:21 <gazler> a[text()=#{game}]
12:21 <gazler> instead of a[text()=game]
12:22 <toothfairy_> gazler: this works and brings result> %{playtech: "€10,411,257"} https://dpaste.de/zWwk
12:22 <toothfairy_> gazler: ok will try
12:23 <gazler> Yeah, that's the issue then.
12:23 <gazler> You aren't using the game name in the xpath.
12:23 <gazler> You are searching for the string "game" in the list of games instead of "Hall of Gods"
12:26 <toothfairy_> gazler: I tried that before but it brings me this error: https://dpaste.de/BoPD
12:27 <gazler> toothfairy_: I'd guess that means you have a game called `Giants` and the table entry for that can't be found on the page.
12:27 <gazler> So meeseeks is expecting a single entry.
12:28 <gazler> And there are none.
12:29 <gazler> Oh, actually, maybe not.
12:30 <gazler> Maybe you need: /a[text()='#{game}']]?
12:30 <toothfairy_> gazler: https://dpaste.de/U0tS example with IO.puts game
12:31 <toothfairy_> lets see :)
12:31 <toothfairy_> nope, argument error https://dpaste.de/FMJj
12:32 <gazler> toothfairy_: Is your project on github or anything?
12:34 <gazler> toothfairy_: One last thing to try, take "Funky Fruits €10" out of your list"
12:36 <toothfairy_> gazler: unfortunately not and I have only tried it in shell, but this is all code basicly> https://dpaste.de/iSuB
12:36 <toothfairy_> gazler: will try
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12:38 <gazler> If that works then you can probably add it back in and use /a[text()='#{String.graphemes(game)}']
12:38 <toothfairy_> gazler: that helped actually :)
12:39 <gazler> Yeah, the euro symbol is throwing it off.
12:39 <toothfairy_> gazler: https://dpaste.de/egXj
12:39 <gazler> graphemes won't help actually.
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12:39 <gazler> The essence of your issue is this:
12:39 <gazler> "Funky Fruits €10" |> to_charlist |> :erlang.list_to_binary
12:39 <toothfairy_> thanks a lot :)
12:40 <gazler> Which I'd normally fix by doing `"Funky Fruits €10" |> String.graphemes |> to_string |> to_charlist`
12:40 <gazler> But since it is being interpolated as a string, that won't work.
12:40 <gazler> Since it'll be joined again with the string interpolation.
12:41 <toothfairy_> ok I understand, will try to add it back now and try what you suggested
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12:43 <toothfairy_> hmm, still argument error https://dpaste.de/fo9C
12:43 <gazler> Yeah
12:43 <gazler> Because of what I said above.
12:43 <gazler> "#{String.graphemes(game)}" == "#{game}"
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12:44 <toothfairy_> ahha
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12:45 <toothfairy_> gazler: so how to solve it?
12:46 <jwa> ohhhh unicode
12:48 <gazler> toothfairy_: It could be an issue in meeseeks https://github.com/mischov/meeseeks/blob/7ac8f3492ab212069ebe0aa0491b4dcea42b827a/src/xpath_expression_parser.yrl#L433 - I'd open an issue.
12:49 <toothfairy_> cool, tnx. Will exclude it for now then
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13:05 <nox> XPath should have died a long time ago.
13:06 <toothfairy_> nox: what would be a good alternative?
13:06 <nox> Selectors.
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13:07 <toothfairy_> nox: as https://hexdocs.pm/meeseeks/Meeseeks.Selector.html ?
13:08 <nox> As in "ul > li"
13:08 <micmus> toothfairy_: https://hexdocs.pm/meeseeks/Meeseeks.CSS.html#content
13:09 <toothfairy_> tnx
13:09 <nox> That was unrelated to your problem though.
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13:09 <toothfairy_> ok
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14:18 <elixir-lang-repo> [elixir] lexmag pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/feniw
14:18 <elixir-lang-repo> elixir/master 9de1e94 Aleksei Magusev: Remove trailing period to match general style
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16:08 <toothfairy_> What would be a good way to make "name" (#5,#6) available at #27, within that reduce? https://dpaste.de/S8DR
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16:17 <asonge> toothfairy_: %{name: names} = data
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16:21 <dv__> Hi all. I'm trying to write a macro that decorates some code and passes arguments to it, similar to how "post/get/etc." verbs do it in Plug.Router. Having a lot of trouble figuring out how to have the decorated code see the variable declared in the macro (my understanding is that unquoting the passed in do: code explicitly avoids inheriting the parent execution context)
16:22 <dv__> In other words, want to decorate some code with code that does some pre-processing and declares a variable that decorated code can see
16:23 <dv__> But don't want to use var!() in decorated code, was hoping to use a variable directly just like Plug.Router's verbs use 'conn'
16:24 <dv__> Already spent many hours going through router.ex but can't figure out how it plumbs 'conn' through. If anyone can suggest where to look would be a huge help
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16:26 <dv__> Example of desired code: action "foobar", do: IO.puts hello (action is a macro, it declares 'hello')
16:26 <toothfairy_> asonge: ahh great, data.name is available, but why can't I include it in the put like> result = Map.put(acc, game, %{text: Meeseeks.text(raw_data)}, data.name)
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17:33 <toothfairy_> Is there any easy way to limit an Repo.all? Reviews.Data |> Reviews.Repo.all |> Reviews.Repo.preload([:wel .... I want to select only 5
17:34 <toothfairy_> Been searching the docs but cannot find any example for Repo.all
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17:41 <fmcgeough> theres a limit you can place on the query itself
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17:44 <fmcgeough> toothfairy_: query |> limit(5) |> Repo.all()
17:52 <toothfairy_> fmcgeough: tnx
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18:24 <nyaray> whatyouhide: any thoughts on a PR to stream_data adding support for `:ascii_ws` in StreamData.string/2 for whitespace generation?
18:24 <nyaray> I just started working on it, but thought I'd better mention it before doing too much
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18:34 <gazler> toothfairy_: Chheck out the docs. Map.put takes a map, a key and a value. https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Map.html#put/3 So you can do: Map.put(acc, game, %{text: Meeseeks.text(raw_data), name: data.name})
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18:37 <toothfairy_> gazler: I see, tnx once again, will check them
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18:51 <seancribbs> fishcakez: piing
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19:03 <toothfairy_> fmcgeough: I tried your version and > items = Reviews.Data |> Reviews.Repo.all(limit: 5) |> Reviews.Repo.preload([:welcome_bonus,:b.... But the limit do not work
19:05 <fmcgeough> can you do: Reviews.Data |> limit(5) |> Repo.all() and see if you get 5 items?
19:05 <toothfairy_> fmcgeough: without the preload?
19:06 <fmcgeough> yes please.
19:09 <toothfairy_> fmcgeough: it results in this https://dpaste.de/QQoS
19:09 <toothfairy_> undefined function limit/2
19:11 <fmcgeough> sorry. I thought you were trying this in iex. However, it looks that PageController is missing import Ecto.Query perhaps?
19:11 <dv__> Got it! var!(foo) did the trick
19:11 <toothfairy_> fmcgeough: that solved it, thank you :)
19:12 <fmcgeough> you’re welcome
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19:25 <pera> Is there a way to manually/interactivelly live reload Phoenix?
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20:20 <Zarathu> pera: F5 in your browser
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20:28 <pera> Zarathu: sorry I didn't make myself clear, what I would like is to reload modules interactivelly
20:29 <benwilson512> pera: if you're in iex you can type `recompile`
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20:30 <pera> benwilson512: thanks!
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20:33 <Daegalus> So I am having an issue with Tesla and mocking and curious if anyone could help. I am executing some http calls to our Vault server from the Phoenix .start() function, to pull secrets from vault and override them in the Application env. Everything works, except Tesla errors our saying I haven't mocked it when I have mock files for it. I even tried Global mocks.
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20:33 <Daegalus> ** (Mix) Could not start application emporium: exited in: App.start(:normal, [])
20:33 <Daegalus> ** (EXIT) an exception was raised:
20:33 <Daegalus> ** (Tesla.Mock.Error) There is no mock set for process #PID<0.72.0>.
20:33 <Daegalus> is what i get
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21:46 <bind> somehow I wish there was a System.get_env!(name) ... :D
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21:52 <bind> or maybe some kind of `match?` variant that would throw an exception if nothing matched and otherwise returned some matched/bound values
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22:01 <bind> will use %{"SOMETHING" => something} = System.get_env() .. sorry for the noise :)
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22:34 <hahuang65_> when defining a 1 to many relationship that is required from one side (i.e. BlogPost requires an authoring User), is it idiomatic to set up the changeset to `validate_required(:user_id)`?
22:35 <hahuang65_> or would it be done using `Ecto.Changeset.put_assoc` in the context of a controller or something?
22:39 <Zarathu> hahuang65_: as of right now, you make sure that `user_id` is `NOT NULL` in your database, and use `validate_required(changeset, [:user_id])`
22:40 <Zarathu> for validating that only specific users can author the blog post... ecto hasn't really figured out the correct approach to that yet. :/
22:41 <hahuang65_> Zarathu: and so you always want to pass in `user_id` in your attributes, as opposed to a `user` object, in that case right?
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22:42 <Zarathu> it depends. is the value always going to be the currently logged in user? or could it be selectable from a dropdown?
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22:45 <Zarathu> hahuang65_:
22:45 <hahuang65_> Zarathu: I'm just thinking at the Context object level. It's likely always going to be the currently logged in user... it's an API
22:45 <Zarathu> then in that case I would: %Post{author_id: current_user.id} |> Post.changeset(params) ...
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22:53 <hahuang65_> Zarathu: thanks
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22:54 <hahuang65_> I don't fully understand when `Ecto.Changeset.put_assoc` is useful at all
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