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00:01 <jfhbrook> pikajude: like bash ./script.sh or what
00:01 <pikajude> yeah
00:04 <jfhbrook> how do you run programs without that tho
00:04 <ja> did you succeed in helping him, pikajude?
00:05 <jfhbrook> like are they in windows and double clicking their exes?
00:05 <pikajude> ja: i was able to
00:05 <pikajude> jfhbrook: i don't know
00:05 <ljharb> you probably don't want to double click an ex, especially multiple exes
00:06 <jfhbrook> how could that possibly go wrong
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01:04 <pikajude> oh trust me
01:04 <pikajude> i know
01:27 <ec> arg
01:27 <ec> jhello
01:29 <ec> I double-click exes regularly
01:29 <ec> except for the one that now hates me ;_;
01:35 <ec> how are all of the people
01:35 <ec> how is the incomprehensibly people
01:35 <ec> how is the pikajude people
01:35 <ec> how is the ljharb people
01:35 <ec> how is the ja people
01:36 <ljharb> the me people are good
01:36 <ljharb> i went to wontfix cabal yesterday
01:36 <ec> so jelly
01:36 <ec> how was it
01:41 <ljharb> pretty fun lots of good talking
01:41 <ljharb> a good chunk of it was "nicely vent at github"
01:52 <pikajude> ec: they're ok
01:52 <pikajude> i've been worse, I think
02:57 <ec> nicely vent at github
02:57 <ec> lmao for lack of moderation tools?
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04:57 <ljharb> ec: for all sorts of reasons, that being one
04:57 <pikajude> improper ventilation at github
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21:21 <* ja> is good too
21:22 <ja> I cut back on my use of Immutable and Redux, so now everything's going great
21:23 <ja> Speaking of cargo cult programming, ahem...
21:46 <ja> how is the ec?
23:47 <ec> ja: lmfao
23:47 <ec> the ex
23:47 <ec> the ec
23:47 <ec> is very full but about to go to a social dinner anyway
23:47 <ec> the ec is going to see some improv afterwards
23:47 <jfhbrook> I've never seen an improv show
23:47 <ec> the ec is quite-enjoying talking about himself in the third person, and thinks this may become a Thing
23:48 <ec> the ec hasn't either
23:48 <ec> at least we can all agree that the ec is way better than the OA? 🙄
23:48 <pikajude> the what
23:48 <ec> terrible Netflix show about a lady called “the OA”
23:48 <ec> Which is the dumbest thing ever
23:49 <jfhbrook> OA?
23:49 <ec> it's trying to be Lost-style mysterious, but basically achieves none of it
23:49 <pikajude> oh, ayyy
23:49 <ec> The show is called “the OA”, the character's name is “The OA”, and it's not explained at all, so don't ask me anything
23:49 <ec> Lol jude
23:49 <ec> pookajude
23:49 <ec> percajudge
23:50 <ec> fix
23:50 <ec> fuc
23:50 <ec> my stomache is roiiiiilong
23:51 <ec> now my mouth tastes like chalk *and* my stomache's roiling, dmanit tums
23:53 <jfhbrook> tums suck
23:53 <jfhbrook> I like zantac
23:54 <jfhbrook> though really what I need is tums infused with zantac
23:59 <ja> what do you mean the “The OA” name is not explained at all, the ec? it totally is as far as I recall