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00:08 <jfhbrook> ljharb: video games mostly
00:12 <ljharb> what's not on Steam on mac?
00:13 <jfhbrook> well a few things going on there
00:13 <jfhbrook> there are tons of pc-only games--yes there are tons of cross-platform games too, but for instance, p sure the mass effect games are windows/console only
00:14 <jfhbrook> but there's also that playing video games on my macbook sucks for a bunch of reasons, like no good video card and trackpad
00:14 <jfhbrook> the pc will be hooked into my tv and I'll play most games with a controller if possible
00:15 <ljharb> console's way better than computer tho for most games
00:16 <jfhbrook> some of them
00:16 <jfhbrook> like yeah mass effect is pretty good on console
00:16 <jfhbrook> but like, elite dangerous is best on a beefy pc with a joystick setup
00:16 <jfhbrook> idevenk if it's on xbox, don't think it is
00:16 <jfhbrook> and diablo 3 is fundamentally a mouse/kb game
00:18 <pikajude> i'm pretty sure console isn't better than computer for any game
00:18 <pikajude> can't think of any off the top of my head
00:19 <gkatsev> it's only better because some games are only being made for consoles nowadays
00:20 <pikajude> yeah, the only example I can think of is console exclusives
00:20 <gkatsev> plus, keyboard and mouse!
00:20 <pikajude> i can't imagine playing doom on console
00:20 <pikajude> what a chore
00:21 <gkatsev> though, MS's new "play anywhere" is pretty interesting
00:21 <pikajude> play anywhere = on xbox one and computer?
00:22 <gkatsev> yes
00:22 <pikajude> anywhere my ass
00:22 <gkatsev> not really anywhere
00:22 <gkatsev> but it's still cool that you can buy the game once and play it on win10 or xbox
00:22 <pikajude> the switch is "play anywhere"
00:22 <pikajude> thats true
00:22 <pikajude> i feel like consoles are good for local multiplayer and that's about it
00:22 <gkatsev> except most console games don't have couch multiplayer!
00:22 <pikajude> right
00:22 <gkatsev> you need a console per person
00:23 <pikajude> so, consoles aren't very good
00:23 <pikajude> for example, mario party is an incomparable experience
00:23 <pikajude> you can kind of do that on a computer if you rearrange all your office furniture
00:28 <ljharb> pikajude: really? i've played a number of games that are better on console
00:29 <ljharb> certainly older games, designed for a computer, are often better on a computer
00:29 <ljharb> the halos are way better on console than on a computer
00:33 <pikajude> what's better about them?
00:37 <gkatsev> oh, another thing. A lot of game companies that release on console and PC often do a terrible job for the PC
00:37 <gkatsev> either because it's a port
00:37 <gkatsev> or it's an after thought
00:38 <gkatsev> even though for xbox developers at least, it should be relatively close.
00:38 <gkatsev> lots of game releases that are basically unusable on PC for months after release because it's so bad
00:38 <gkatsev> batman arkham knight is a relatively recent example
00:39 <pikajude> yeah
00:39 <pikajude> i suppose console does have the benefit of artificial scarcity
00:40 <jfhbrook> it's true that halo is best on xbox--I won't disagree there
00:41 <pikajude> i didn't even know they ported any besides the first one
00:41 <jfhbrook> though I played a shitload of halo CE on pc and it was great
00:41 <pikajude> if halo 3 was available for pc i'd play the shit out of it
00:41 <pikajude> loved that game
00:44 <gkatsev> something something halo macos
00:44 <gkatsev> something something marathon
00:46 <ljharb> oh man, marathon is best on a PowerPC Mac, full stop
00:46 <ljharb> marathon on xbox is OK, but nowhere close to as goo
00:46 <ljharb> d
00:46 <pikajude> halo macos
00:46 <pikajude> i cant relate
00:46 <ljharb> lol
00:47 <gkatsev> marathon is what bungie turned into halo
00:47 <pikajude> oh
00:47 <gkatsev> it was cross platform originally
00:47 <ljharb> marathon was a 2.5D shooter
00:47 <ljharb> not quite 3d, but better than 2d
00:48 <pikajude> it's really hard to find marathon speedruns
00:48 <pikajude> because googling that turns up AGDQ results
00:49 <gkatsev> just add bungie to the search
00:51 <ljharb> speedruns aren't interesting
00:51 <ljharb> i forget the name of it but in marathon, you played on the hardest difficulty and made it through using only your fists
00:52 <pikajude> is it called Ultra Nightmare
00:52 <pikajude> that would be a funny coincidence
00:52 <ljharb> lol no
00:52 <ljharb> you had to choose to do it
00:52 <ljharb> like, the hardest difficulty mode, plus you choose to only play through with fists
00:52 <pikajude> i feel like that's the case in most video games
00:52 <pikajude> oh
00:52 <ljharb> it's an honor thing
00:53 <pikajude> what do you get for it
00:53 <ljharb> i think you're allowed to use a fusion pistol and the grenade launcher too, but only to toggle remote switches
00:53 <ljharb> you get bragging rights
00:53 <pikajude> oh ok
00:53 <pikajude> what if you do it while your feet are submerged in buckets of ice cold water?
00:53 <ljharb> then you'd lose your feet
00:54 <ljharb> but, silver lining, you'd be able to play a lot more marathon if you can't walk anywhere
00:54 <pikajude> do you get more bragging rights for that
01:00 <pikajude> i think speedruns are interesting actually
01:00 <pikajude> i found out there's a way to skip the bomb torizo in super metroid in NTSC
01:00 <pikajude> but it's sub-frame perfect
01:00 <pikajude> which is really funny
01:03 <ljharb> i meant, marathon speedruns aren't interesting compared to playing in vidmaster mode
01:03 <pikajude> oh
01:03 <ljharb> http://marathongame.wikia.com/wiki/Vidmaster
01:03 <ljharb> "I pledge to punch all switches, to never shoot where I could use grenades, to admit the existence of no level except Total Carnage, to never use Caps Lock as my "run" key, and to never, ever, leave a single Bob alive."
01:03 <ljharb> i guess that's the one
01:03 <ljharb> punching all switches is really hard tho
01:04 <jfhbrook> some speed runs are interesting
01:04 <jfhbrook> like ocarina of time speed runs
01:04 <ljharb> and "total carnage" is the hardest difficulty level
01:04 <jfhbrook> cause they have to take advantage of a shitload of game bugs
01:04 <ljharb> oh totes, speedruns can be very interesting
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