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01:31 <jfhbrook> I'm over node >:O
01:31 <jfhbrook> I mean I'm mostly over recreational programming right now, no energy for it, but the energy I do have I'm using with twisted
01:41 <jfhbrook> I should make that cookiecutter template already
01:49 <Pyrrh> ec: well if you insist
01:49 <Pyrrh> I shall drink the koolaid
01:58 <pikajude> ewww
01:58 <pikajude> why does ec like node so much it's creepy
01:58 <jfhbrook> I liked node prior to 7
01:58 <jfhbrook> like 6 was the last good release
01:59 <pikajude> i had a bad experience
02:00 <jfhbrook> what was it?
02:01 <jfhbrook> like what was your experience, what was bad about it
02:01 <pikajude> 0.10
02:01 <pikajude> npm 1.x
02:01 <jfhbrook> what was bad about them
02:01 <jfhbrook> 0.10's biggest problem was es5 but like who cares
02:02 <jfhbrook> npm 1 had problems but I would take npm 1 over a lot of other alternatives
02:04 <jfhbrook> I'd tbh take npm 1 over modern yarn based on my experiences with yarn and bug report rates in #node.js
02:49 <ljharb> node is the best
03:12 <ec> node is meh
03:12 <ec> npm, the node community, and TC-39 are fucking the best
03:13 <ec> JavaScript isn't cool bcuz JavaScript is cool, JavaScript is cool because of all the stuff around JavaScript is cool
04:24 <gkatsev> there is a pretty cool community
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04:26 <gkatsev> for a short while nodeconf adventure was a thing
04:26 <gkatsev> again
04:26 <gkatsev> but it's dead again
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07:50 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE pushed 1 new commit to 06refresh-zsh: 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/commit/154d506d535803632c5ef1bec6aa34b04e81febf
07:50 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 14154d506 15ELLIOTTCABLE: + fixing Hyper...
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11:38 <ec> gkatsev: again
11:38 <ec> gkatsev: lol
11:57 <ec> holy crap, regex expansions in zsh
11:58 <ec> !cp:2:s/clojure/scheme
12:49 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE 04force-pushed 06refresh-zsh from 14154d506 to 14e6c3d33: 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/commits/refresh-zsh
12:49 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 14ae1c048 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (- Mac GUI) Incorporate Karabiner changes from the desktop
12:49 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 144800fa4 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (- sh alias) Small move/link function
12:49 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 14d0270d7 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (- new) Adding htoprc
13:01 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE 04force-pushed 06refresh-zsh from 14e6c3d33 to 140568ee1: 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/commits/refresh-zsh
13:01 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 1428b0dcf 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (- meta fix) Ignoring GitHub.app's ssh keys
13:01 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 1469968e3 15ELLIOTTCABLE: + replacing the prompt with powerlevel9k
13:01 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 14165d2f0 15ELLIOTTCABLE: + Hello, Hyper.is!
13:01 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE fast-forwarded 06Master from 1427bc11f to 1428b0dcf: 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/compare/27bc11f2b787...28b0dcfb309f
13:52 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE pushed 1 new commit to 06refresh-zsh: 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/commit/bd7173705153beea7021bc56792e9b1a2e444221
13:52 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh 14bd71737 15ELLIOTTCABLE: + removing hyperterm-focus-reporting...
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13:52 <ec> sorry about the noise 🙄
13:52 <ec> been spending my weekend doing a ton of “developer self-care”
13:53 <ec> trying new toys and commands and tools, fixing aaaancient bugs I've been “Just Putting Up With” in my tooling and setup
13:57 <meowrobot> any kind of self-care is good self-care
13:58 <ec> o7 meowrobot!
13:58 <ec> how's life
13:58 <meowrobot> o7
13:58 <meowrobot> life is pain
13:58 <meowrobot> how're you?
14:00 <ec> physically 0x1, emotionally 0x2, metaphorically 0x4, or an AND thereof?
14:00 <ec> I'm remarkably, shockingly, good.
14:00 <ec> save school-status, I'm the best I've ever been in the duration of this channel's existing, frankly.
14:00 <ec> I'd pass on my excess spoons, if I could. (=
14:04 <meowrobot> lol
14:04 <meowrobot> that's cool though
14:04 <ec> what's going on with you? feeling talkative?
14:05 <meowrobot> i drop in now and then everywhere haha
14:05 <meowrobot> right now i'm kind of tired, but mostly probably because for the last several days i've been in intense pain
14:06 <meowrobot> i'
14:07 <meowrobot> i've been trying to learn more about the concept of coroutines the last day or so
14:07 <meowrobot> i've heard they help a lot in game programming
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14:29 <jfhbrook> Pyrrh: https://github.com/gawkermedia/kinja-spark/blob/post-similarity/tests/test_enum.py made me think of you
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16:34 <ec> jfhbrook: 404
16:34 <ec> meowrobot: coroutines are so freaking cool
16:34 <ec> meowrobot: all my work during the early teens revolves around something like that
16:35 <ec> Paws
16:35 <ec> haven't touched it in a year or more, tho ;_;
17:06 <jfhbrook> ph
17:06 <jfhbrook> oh whups
17:06 <jfhbrook> I thought that was a gist
17:06 <jfhbrook> that is a private repo lolol
17:06 <jfhbrook> one sec
17:06 <jfhbrook> Pyrrh: https://gist.github.com/jfhbrook/2b7a83f1f731197620e196ed7266ca8c try again XD
17:06 <jfhbrook> ec: ^^
17:21 <ec> omg
17:21 <ec> i'm mildly hurt that Pyrrh's the Sheltie Person instead of me
17:22 <* ec> holds up his cutie-poof
17:22 <* ec> gestures frantically to her cutie-snoot
17:24 <jfhbrook> nah, Pyrrh is the horses person
17:24 <ec> pyrrh is a horses-person?
17:24 <ec> gross horses
17:27 <pikajude> pyrrh?
17:27 <pikajude> pyrrh
17:27 <ec> pyrrh ≠ purr
17:28 <pikajude> purr?
17:29 <pikajude> purr
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19:16 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE created 06refresh-zsh+ (+1 new commit): 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/commit/1c7aef700f93
19:16 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh+ 141c7aef7 15ELLIOTTCABLE: + switching to patched Input Mono
22:43 <purr\ec> [13System] 15ELLIOTTCABLE 04force-pushed 06refresh-zsh+ from 141c7aef7 to 14c1876b4: 02https://github.com/ELLIOTTCABLE/System/commits/refresh-zsh+
22:43 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh+ 14debc97c 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (!! new re zsh plug) Replacing zgen with zplug, various zsh tweaks
22:43 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh+ 14def3efb 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (!! new GUI Mac) Installing Hyper.app!...
22:43 <purr\ec> 13System/06refresh-zsh+ 149967699 15ELLIOTTCABLE: (new GUI style extras) Using an updated, patched version of Input Mono...