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00:57 <ec> joepie91: it's not, lol
00:57 <ec> joepie91: I read that and was like “wut.”
00:57 <ec> yorick: what's sha2017?
00:58 <ec> so I uh, just bought an enterprise datacenter rackmount enclosure, kinda-by-accident'
00:58 <ec> I was gonna get a small-ish one for my laboratory (have had electronic equipment slowly stacking up over the years)
00:59 <ec> … but I found an modern, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, full-enclosure 42U rack that was refurbished ...
00:59 <ec> for like $US 300.
00:59 <ec> that's worth like $3,000.
00:59 <ec> so uh I guess I'm gonna have a gigantic tower of electronics in one corner of my workspace, moving forward? ;_;
01:00 <jfhbrook> I have a crappier server rack
01:00 <jfhbrook> I put shelves on it, it holds books
01:00 <jfhbrook> poorly, mind you
01:00 <ec> http://ell.io/iJfIkrq
01:00 <jfhbrook> but yeah, it's a kitschy piece of furniture
01:00 <jfhbrook> oh wow
01:00 <jfhbrook> that's impressive
01:00 <joepie91> ec: SHA2017 == https://sha2017.org/, hacker camp in NL
01:08 <ec> jfhbrook: right!?
01:08 <ec> like so freaking unnecessary but
01:08 <jfhbrook> yeah that's dank
01:08 <ec> idk I guess I'll throw some LED-strips in it and make it glow a cool colour from the inside or something
01:09 <ec> people will think I run a secret supercomputer cracking NSA codes or something 🙄
01:09 <ec> ‘camping festival’ wut
01:15 <joepie91> ec: pitch a tent for 4 days and hack on stuff, go to talks, meet up with other people, party, etc.
01:16 <joepie91> ec: likely several thousand people attending
01:36 Pyrrh joined
03:17 <ec> gughah
03:17 <ec> so. exhaust.
04:09 _whitelogger joined
04:30 <Pyrrh> ec maybe if you used clean energy you wouldn't have exhaust
04:30 <Pyrrh> ijs
10:25 mylesborins joined
16:20 <ec> Pyrrh: ._-.
16:32 <Pyrrh> in hindsight that pun was terrible enough that I am a little sorry
16:49 <ec> Pyrrh: frack you.
16:49 <ec> Pyrrh: hahah don't worry, it wasn't *that* crude.
16:49 <Pyrrh> bahaha
16:49 <Pyrrh> good morning to you too
16:49 <ec> something something I hear there's a pipeline problem in tech?
16:49 <Pyrrh> XD
16:49 <Pyrrh> I'm not awake enough to make excellent oil jokes
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19:08 <yorick> ec: sha2017 is the new ohm2013 https://sha2017.org/
19:08 <pikajude> well fuck me, what am i gonna do today
19:08 <pikajude> stupid days off work
19:56 <ec> yorick: I've never heard of any of these
19:56 <ec> looks like a famous thing tho
19:57 <ec> I'd go except it looks like it's probably pretty druggy
19:57 <joepie91> ec: not likely. the drug of choice is caffeine
19:57 <ec> really?
19:57 <joepie91> and you'll probably find some weed and alcohol depending on which circles you hang out in
19:57 <joepie91> but it's not like a music festival
19:57 <ec> the last “billed as an outdoors-y form-less programming event” turned out to be pretty substance-heavy hahaha
19:57 <joepie91> oh, I'm sure that *some* people will be on the heavier stuff
19:58 <joepie91> but it's very unlikely that it'll dominate the event
19:58 <joepie91> in fact, it's more likely that people causing trouble over it get thrown out
19:58 <ec> cool
19:58 <ec> the word ‘festival’ generally scares me off
19:58 <joepie91> club mate is the 'drug' of choice :P
19:58 <joepie91> (think a very bitter-y caffeinated ice tea)
19:59 <pikajude> club-mate lel
19:59 <pikajude> that's what it's for
20:00 <ec> I thought mate was a weird psychedelic tea
20:00 <ec> good to know, thank you joepie91 <3
20:44 <yorick> ec: european hacker culture doesn't like mind-numbing stuff
20:45 <ec> really?
20:45 <ec> maybe I need to move to europe :x
20:45 <jfhbrook> define mind-numbing
20:46 <jfhbrook> mate is just yet another mild stimulant no?
20:46 <jfhbrook> these days you can get mate at many coffee shops as an alternative to tea
20:46 <jfhbrook> me, I'll stick with coffee
20:47 <ec> my concern isn't with illegality; hell, I'm a huge supporter of legalisation
20:47 <ec> just have horrible uncomfortableness with mind-altering substances, particularly ones that make people appear dumber or less-capable to me
20:48 <jfhbrook> yeah no problems there
20:48 <ec> i'm a bad human >:
20:48 <ec> I always thought mate ≠ caffeine tho
20:48 <joepie91> ec: you're in good company, btw
20:48 <ec> hm
20:48 <* joepie91> feels uncomfortable around most under-influence people
20:48 <ec> idk, joepie91, maybe in 2015
20:48 <ec> but 2017 seems to be the year of the pothead
20:48 <pikajude> you are a bad human
20:48 <joepie91> ec: the "don't like people appearing dumber or less capable" thing, I mean
20:48 <jfhbrook> I'm usually under the influence of something
20:49 <ec> I lost my last, singular, never-has-smoked-pot friend recently
20:49 <ec> kinda fucked me up
20:49 <ec> whereas a few years ago, it was more like 50% of the people I met would do pot
20:49 <joepie91> jfhbrook: (club) mate is basically just caffeine but in a composition that makes the effect last pretty long and without a crash (although I'm unsure what exactly makes that happen)
20:50 <joepie91> ec: there are very, very, very few people in my experience who don't consume any consciousness-altering substances (excluding caffeine here because while it's a stimulant, it doesn't really affect behaviour otherwise)
20:51 <jfhbrook> outside utah ^^
20:51 <jfhbrook> many of the people I worked with there didn't even drink soda
20:51 <joepie91> even if the consumption at eg. European hacker events is low, it does happen, and those same people will usually happily drink alcohol etc. outside of those events
20:51 <joepie91> well, I have no idea about Utah :P
20:53 <joepie91> ec: funny, I think we're scarily similar on this topic :P
20:54 <jfhbrook> tbh the best part of nodecamp 2012 was that marak brought a huge pile of weed
20:54 <joepie91> ec: like, I could write almost every single one of those lines you've written over the past 10 minutes, myself
23:13 <ec> jfhbrook: lol yeah I was there
23:14 <ec> and yes, indeed, you are correct that the worst part of nodecamp 2012 was that mark brought a huge pile of weed.
23:14 <* ec> nods sagely
23:14 <ec> very accurate assessment, thank you for your astute observations
23:15 <ec> I do not remember who mark is
23:15 <ec> marak
23:15 <ec> I remember going to pick everyone up some In 'n Out, tho 🤣
23:16 <ec> jesus christ, joepie91, didn't realise you were thing
23:17 <joepie91> ec: 'thing'?
23:29 <ec> a thing*
23:29 <ec> ~5k followers
23:29 <ec> thought you were just an IRC dudeio
23:30 <ec> been talking to glowcoil a lot about this
23:30 <ec> was surprisingly helpful
23:32 <joepie91> ec: oh. well, I am just an IRC dude, but one that's been loud enough often enough to have amassed some followers and a police raid
23:32 <joepie91> lol
23:32 <ec> police raid, lmfao
23:33 <joepie91> ec: incidentally, I did a talk about that raid at OHM2013, the predecessor of SHA2017...
23:34 <joepie91> ec: but yeah, I do a bunch of activist-y stuff and that sometimes gains attention etc.
23:34 <joepie91> it's... not much more than that :P