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00:36 <mikeyhew_> Can someone explain to me the errors I'm getting here? http://lpaste.net/353280
00:36 <Cale> mikeyhew_: Did you get that link right, or forget to paste the errors as well?
00:37 <Cale> ah, I see, there are errors in that code.
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00:38 <mikeyhew_> I can paste them in
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00:40 <mikeyhew_> The first error is "Couldn't match type ‘Church’ with ‘(a2 -> a2) -> a2 -> a2’"... which is weird, because Church = forall a. (a->a)->a->a
00:41 <Cale> Well, that suggests that there's a need to generalise the type of the thing in question: its type lacks the forall quantifier that it needs.
00:42 <mikeyhew_> hmm...
00:42 <Cale> If a2 were some specific type such as Integer, then it wouldn't match because in order to have type Church, the function must work for all types a.
00:44 <mikeyhew_> Which function needs to be polymorphic?
00:44 <Cale> Something of type Church is required to be polymorphic, just because of the forall which is involved.
00:48 <Cale> Ah, okay, so I managed to make it work by introducing some newtypes
00:49 <Cale> http://lpaste.net/353280#a353282
00:50 <Cale> There might be a way to make the original program typecheck by adding an explicit polymorphic type signature somewhere
00:50 <Cale> (I suspect there is)
00:51 <mikeyhew_> What difference does newtype make here?
00:53 <monochrom> An impredicative type system would have be happy with it. But GHC is not impredicative. But newtype can be used to waive the impredicative requirement.
00:54 <Cale> Yeah, I'm trying to work out precisely how it matters in this example, it's a bit tricky, but it comes down to impredicativity -- you end up wanting to instantiate some type variable that was introduced implicitly by the compiler for a subexpression to a polymorphic type
00:55 <Cale> I think it's n mvladd1 in particular which ends up being less polymorphic than it ought to be.
00:56 <Cale> GHC will never instantiate a type variable with a polymorphic type on its own, you have to tell it to do so everywhere that it happens.
00:57 <mikeyhew_> hmmm... OK, I'm reading wikipedia for impredicativity now
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00:58 <Cale> But basically, you can't treat Haskell as if it's the untyped lambda calculus and have everything work easily.
01:00 <mikeyhew_> Haha yeah. This isn't the most practical of problems
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01:01 <glguy> mikeyhew_: The short version is that you can't instantiate a type variable to a polymorphic type
01:01 <glguy> so something like: lCons :: a -> b -> LPair a b
01:02 <glguy> you can't pick a or b to be LPair A B, for example
01:03 <glguy> So the following simpler case isn't going to work:
01:04 <glguy> lCons' :: a -> LPair b c -> LPair a (LPair b c); lCons' = lCons
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01:05 <Cale> Well, instantiating it with LPair A B should be okay
01:05 <glguy> type LPair a b = forall c. (a -> b -> c) -> c
01:05 <glguy> It's hiding a forall
01:05 <Cale> oh, right, it is :)
01:06 <Cale> The more relevant example is Church itself of course, since that also hides a forall
01:08 <glguy> Sure, so that means this doesn't work, either: lCons' :: Church -> b -> LPair Church b; lCons' = lCons
01:08 <mikeyhew_> GHC apparently has an ImpredicativeTypes extension, but it's "extremely flaky" https://downloads.haskell.org/~ghc/latest/docs/html/users_guide/glasgow_exts.html#impredicative-polymorphism
01:09 <glguy> It's unmaintained. I don't know why they leave the flag in there
01:09 <geekosaur> yes, and going away in favor of visible type application beefed up a touch
01:09 <monochrom> It has not been fully implemented. In fact it has become more and more unimplemented in favour of other type features.
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01:09 <geekosaur> its basically there because package authors scream whenever someone tries to cut it. which they've been trying to do for years
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01:10 <geekosaur> I don;t know if 8.2 will actually cut it, but it will be on life support on that point
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01:13 <mikeyhew_> Would visible type application make sense for this case?
01:14 <Cale> Not especially, as it'd be ugly as sin
01:14 <geekosaur> it should be able to replace any usage; the main point of ImpredicativeTypes is that something like (.) will never be inferred at a polymorphic type... but you can *annotate* it at a polytype with @
01:14 <Cale> Certainly much worse than just using the newtype
01:15 <geekosaur> but yes, it;d likely be ugly. otoh you can never be quite certain what any ghc version will do with a polytype when ImpredicativeTypes is enabled
01:15 <Cale> Right (but I wasn't suggesting turning on ImpredicativeTypes either)
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01:16 <Cale> Just the usual polymorphic newtype trick works here, and it's arguable that it even makes the code easier for humans to understand as well.
01:16 <Cale> (at least, I find it easier with the newtype in place)
01:20 <Cale> On a tangential note, I wish there weren't such strongly competing goals for which order the arguments to a Church numeral should go in. On the one hand, Church's convention makes numerals endomorphisms, but on the other hand, your "succ" argument comes before the "zero", which is just weird. :)
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01:22 <monochrom> (a->a) -> (a->a) has a nice ring to it. :)
01:22 <Cale> Then again, maybe that means zero was the first thing to be abstracted over
01:23 <Cale> and succ is on the outside because it was abstracted "after" :)
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01:24 <monochrom> I actually have a cunning plan. "forall a. a -> (a->a) -> a" is equivalent to "forall a. Maybe a -> a". And Maybe has a System F forall equivalent, too...
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01:26 <Cale> Wait, what is the equivalence?
01:26 <Cale> oh, I see
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01:26 <Cale> er, no
01:27 <Cale> It's forall a. (Maybe a -> a) -> a, isn't it?
01:27 <monochrom> Ah yes.
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01:43 <mikeyhew_> Thanks for the help, Cale et al. Signing off now
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02:34 <mniip> oooh
02:35 <mniip> monochrom, I think what you're looking for is
02:36 <mniip> End hom(hom(a, a), hom(a, a)) \cong End hom(hom(a*, a), a)
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02:38 <mniip> 1488849650 [04:20:50] <Cale> ... but on the other hand, your "succ" argument comes before the "zero", which is just weird. :)
02:38 <mniip> it just happens that our notation for before->after and codomain->domain has the same direction
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04:50 <MickyOwly> Hey all.. i'm a programmer looking for an unofficial online job.. I have knowledge in Java, Pythom, JS, Web/Mobile.. any suggestions?
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05:56 <benzrf> MickyOwly: this isn't really the place to ask about that...
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12:03 <Geekingfrog> Is there a package to have a parallel map to do IO action, with a limit on the concurrency level? That is: (a -> IO b) -> [a] -> IO [b] and the provided function executed in parallel.
12:04 <jle`> Geekingfrog: does the async package have what you want?
12:04 <Geekingfrog> I can probably hack something with async, and a shared mvar to act as a semaphore so that other thread will block if the resources are not available
12:04 <jle`> what do you mean by concurrency level...?
12:04 <jle`> maximum number of threads spawned?
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12:04 <Geekingfrog> That, or maximum number of thread executing concurrently
12:05 <Geekingfrog> I have ~10k action to do, but I want to only perform ~10 at a time
12:06 <Geekingfrog> Using async, I can probably do that with mapConcurrently, and manage the number of running thread using a shared mvar holding the number of resource available.
12:06 <Akii> Geekingfrog: made something similar; maybe you can use it
12:07 <Akii> http://lpaste.net/2237261847604494336
12:08 <Akii> using this to make concurrent geo ip lookups
12:08 <Akii> tested with 7k ips in a queue and 10 concurrent workers
12:08 <Akii> with a bit adoption you can make this a queue of IO actions
12:08 <Akii> s/adoption/customization
12:10 <Geekingfrog> Akii: your solution doesn't preserve the order apparently.
12:10 <Akii> nope
12:11 <Akii> but you can easily attach an integer to the job or smth
12:11 <Geekingfrog> Yes, not a big deal really.
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14:30 <suitsmeveryfine> Hi! Could someone please explain why GHC infers the Integer type in this function?
14:30 <suitsmeveryfine> f = (\x -> \y -> (if x > y then y else x) + 1)
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14:30 <merijn> suitsmeveryfine: Defaulting
14:30 <merijn> suitsmeveryfine: This is ghci, yes?
14:31 <merijn> Actually, probably a combination of monomorphism restriction and defaulting
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14:31 <suitsmeveryfine> merijn: OK, but it doesn't to that for this similar function: f x y = (if x > y then y else x) + 1
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14:32 <merijn> suitsmeveryfine: The monomorphism restriction is something that applies to things that "don't look like functions", i.e. bindings that have no variables left of the '='
14:32 <merijn> suitsmeveryfine: See: https://wiki.haskell.org/Monomorphism_restriction
14:32 <suitsmeveryfine> merijn: OK, thanks!
14:33 <suitsmeveryfine> need to go. thanks again
14:33 <merijn> Actually, this is a better link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32496864/what-is-the-monomorphism-restriction
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15:57 <nitrix> merijn: Would it be possible for GHC to detect that a previously polymorphic function, whose type got changed to a monomorphic one by the monomorphic restriction, is being used with values of different types that it supports, and so, revert the change and keep it polymorphic?
15:58 <merijn> nitrix: Eh, that'd be identical to just disabling the monomorphism restriction. So, yes, you could do that, but that'd defeat the entire point of having it in the first place
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15:58 <merijn> In that you now, once again, can silently introduce slow down
15:59 <nitrix> No quite. It'd still be allowed to make things monomorphic when it has no other signs that the function is used polymorphically.
15:59 <nitrix> (And thus do optimizations)
15:59 <merijn> nitrix: How is that different from disabling monomorphism restriction?
16:00 <Cale> The monomorphism restriction ought to be a warning.
16:00 <Cale> There are a few cases where the actual restriction makes things more convenient, but in my experience, they're pretty rare.
16:00 <nitrix> If you disable monomorphism restriction, you're commiting on not making things monomorphic so you have many things that could be memoized/shared that wont be.
16:01 <nitrix> But by keeping it on and performing the detection better, you can still optimize some types to be monomorphic.
16:02 <nitrix> It's just the detection that needs to be improved to avoid "false positives".
16:04 <merijn> Honestly, I just don't see a reason to change this behaviour as the current behaviour is about as sane as you can get and working around it is trivial
16:05 <merijn> Cale's suggestion of making it a warning, rather than an error might be an improvement, but I just don't think it's such a big deal
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16:05 <nitrix> I believe the problem originates from the type inference system working backwards from the most generic type possible and constraining it further to a more specific type as it goes, but that leaves too many generic types in the end with information is lacking, so we're making all the remainders monomorphic for optimization sake.
16:06 <merijn> nitrix: Not really for optimisation's sake
16:06 <merijn> nitrix: In fact, optimisation has almost nothing to do with the monomorphism restriction
16:06 <nitrix> The problem is that this is done systematically for the remainder of the generic types (based on a few rules like the left hand side and stuff), while it should actually look at usages / call sites.
16:06 <nitrix> And then back propagate that the type shall remain generic.
16:07 <merijn> nitrix: The real problem is: "Do we expect typeclass polymorphic data types to behave the same as data that is not typeclass polymorphic?"
16:07 <nitrix> merijn: You're confused. Memoization and monomorphic restriction goes hand-in-hand.
16:08 <merijn> nitrix: Memoisation is not the right term for what happens with top-level datatypes. And however we decide to call it, it's not an optimisation, it's a fundamental property of how we evaluation of data structures is defined to work in Haskell
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16:08 <nitrix> It's there as an optimization. By making it monomorphic, you're able to memoize it and shared (memoize) the result.
16:08 <nitrix> It's how our thunks work.
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16:09 <nitrix> It's the sole reason why the rule of monomorphic restriction works by looking at the left-hand side for arguments.
16:10 <merijn> It's "incrementally evaluating our data structures" and it's the behaviour that happens literally everywhere we use data structures in haskell, EXCEPT typeclass polymorphic values. To call it an optimisation is a weird twist of what "normal behaviour" is wrt to data in GHC Haskell
16:10 <nitrix> And the operational difference between `foo = \x -> ...` vs. `foo x = ...`
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16:10 <nitrix> merijn: But it's done wrong.
16:10 <merijn> nitrix: How so?
16:11 <nitrix> Not that I can improve the type system myself, but I'm sure we could have a talk with SPJ and he'd word the problem better than I.
16:12 <nitrix> merijn: Because the way it determines what leftover generic types needs to become monomorphic is systematic (based on two arbitrary rules (left hand side and type annotations)), while instead it could figure it all by looking at usages.
16:13 <nitrix> But it means doing type inference backwards and propagating the need of keeping such and such types generic, which would be insane to implement.
16:15 <nitrix> But I'm sure it's doable and the day someone ever gets to it, there'll be no more MR gotchas, talks or even extensions. It'll simply satisfy both camp nicely and instinctively do the right thing.
16:16 <merijn> nitrix: Except when you never intended it to be polymorphic and now it's accidentally stored twice
16:16 <merijn> Instead of giving a type error
16:16 <nitrix> It makes no sense for it to be completely on or completely off.
16:16 <merijn> Honestly, IMO the real mistake is allowing top-level type annotations to be optional
16:17 <nitrix> I think Rust got this right.
16:17 <nitrix> They have complete inference, but you're required to at least provide function annotations.
16:18 <nitrix> merijn: I've hit the MR problem in where clauses too.
16:18 <merijn> nitrix: I always annotate where clauses nowadays too
16:18 <nitrix> Myeah so we should extend your statement that any function should be annotated.
16:18 <nitrix> But then the problem is that, `let x = ...` osm
16:19 <nitrix> *isn't quite a function.
16:20 <nitrix> But it should still be annotated. So now we're annotating everything :P
16:20 <nitrix> Which brings us back to MR and that rule with the left hand side.
16:21 <nitrix> where x = 42; y = (+)
16:23 <nitrix> Here I probably want x to be monomorphic and y to be polymorphic.
16:24 <nitrix> If MR was smart, it'd detect me doing `y 1 1` and `y 1.0 1.0` somewhere in my code and avoid making it monomorphic instead of giving an error.
16:25 <nitrix> merijn: Or am I repeating Cale's idea with the warning?
16:25 <nitrix> It shouldn't even be a warning, how can that not be intentional?
16:27 <nitrix> It's just equational reasoning. (+) is polymorphic... so should be y if used polymorphically. I don't get warnings for doing 1 + 1 and 1.0 + 1.0, I don't see why `y` would get a special treatment.
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