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00:33 <Durbley> `<$>' is not a (visible) method of class `Functor'
00:33 <Durbley> writing a Functor and applicative for reader
00:33 <Durbley> ???
00:35 <geekosaur> yes. it's an infix alias for the class method which is fmap
00:36 <Durbley> so I have to use "fmap"?
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00:37 <monochrom> Yes.
00:37 <Durbley> o
00:37 <Durbley> k
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06:04 <peterbecich> Hi there, I'd appreciate a hint with this question for the NICTA/Data61 course. https://github.com/peterbecich/fp-course/blob/master/src/Course/Extend.hs#L76-L77
06:05 <peterbecich> cojoin (1 :. 2 :. 3 :. 4 :. Nil) returns [[1,2,3,4],[1,2,3,4],[1,2,3,4],[1,2,3,4]] . Correct answer is [[1,2,3,4],[2,3,4],[3,4],[4]]. The other tests for cojoin are correct. I suspect the problem is in the implementation of Extend for Lists: https://github.com/peterbecich/fp-course/blob/master/src/Course/Extend.hs#L42-L48 Thank you
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06:06 <dibblego> here is a hint, remove the left side of <<= and then figure out what type goes there, and put something of that type there
06:06 <peterbecich> dibblego: thanks, will do
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06:13 <peterbecich> dibblego: Perfect hint, I fixed it. Thank you!
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07:06 <dibblego> :)
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08:48 <Akii> not my proudest function implementation `removeNel k = NE.nonEmpty . M.toList . M.delete k . M.fromList . NE.toList`
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09:35 Topic for
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10:48 <timdiels> Is there a function like $ which is infixl 0?
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10:57 <madjestic> hey guys. Is there a way to get something like this working for haskell in emacs: https://goo.gl/dXokJK ?
10:58 <madjestic> that is a function documentation window next to the autocomplete popup?
10:59 <madjestic> I've got haskell deps compiled with doc flag, I see docs locally at /usr/share/doc
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11:00 <madjestic> I nomrally use hoogle/hayoo, but wonder if there's a better way...
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11:37 <__rgn> do you guys use an alias to compile and run .hs programs in one go
11:37 <__rgn> is there a better way
11:38 <sshine> __rgn, I use 'stack build'.
11:39 <sshine> __rgn, or rather, 'make' calls 'stack build' :)
11:39 <mniip> runghc
11:39 <mniip> :)
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11:40 <__rgn> mniip: nice. i was looking for that option in ghc binary
11:41 <__rgn> i have stack installed but i haven't used it for anything yet
11:41 <__rgn> except for installing hdevtools
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11:50 <madjestic> __rgn: I used to have a makefile with a 'make run' target that would compile and run it for me.
11:50 <merijn> I usually just have a cabal file and run "cabal build && dist/foo/foo" to compile and run
11:51 <__rgn> i can see make being useful when your program consists of multiple files
11:51 <merijn> __rgn: People usually use cabal instead of make for building multi file programs
11:52 <__rgn> or the stack thing?
11:52 <merijn> __rgn: Honestly, I haven't used stack, because I'm a grumpy curmudgeon who refuses to learn new things ;)
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16:52 <srhb> Huh, I'd never even considered using make for building a Haskell project.
16:53 <srhb> My first instinct was "sounds painful" but I guess it really is no worse than gcc and make on a c project.
16:53 <* srhb> is spoiled, apparently.
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16:55 <timdiels> Trying to understand deriving(Monad) for newtypes of monad stacks. So, NewType (t0 (t1 a)) has return = return . return ? I.e. return lifts value way up to the top of the stack?
16:58 <glguy> If you have a newtype T a = MkT (ThisT That a) deriving Monad
16:58 <glguy> then the derived return would be: return x = MkT (return x)
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16:59 <glguy> using the instance Monad (ThisT m)
16:59 <geekosaur> srhb, that's how it used to work before --make was added to ghc (and then later made the default)
17:00 <geekosaur> ghc acted like a C compiler instead of like e.g. javac
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17:01 <srhb> geekosaur: So that's why it's ghc --make
17:02 <srhb> I didn't know, thanks. :)
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17:21 <timdiels> glguy: so That is a monad and x is of type That a ?
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17:28 <timdiels> glguy: The thing is that it appears the type of x should be a. For example, this compiles http://lpaste.net/2468186644084162560
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17:34 <jle`> timdiels: newtype Foo a = MkFoo (t a) has return x = MkFoo (return x)
17:36 <jle`> timdiels: but also what you wrote cnanot be generalized-newtype-derived for Monad
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17:36 <jle`> timdiels: if you try it, it won't work, no matter what t0 and t1 are
17:37 <jle`> timdiels: maybe you meant Foo a = MkFoo (t1 t2 a) ...?
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17:41 <timdiels> jle`: I probably meant the latter, I'm looking in particular at http://xmonad.org/xmonad-docs/xmonad/XMonad-Core.html#t:Query
17:42 <jle`> timdiels: ah yes, that's the same form as what i wrote
17:42 <jle`> newtype Foo a = Foo (SomeMonad a)
17:42 <jle`> for that, instance Monad Foo where return x = Foo (return x)
17:42 <jle`> it doesn't do "multiple returns", exactly
17:43 <jle`> it just uses the return for the Monad instance of SomeMonad
17:43 <glguy> Query is a newtype for ReaderT type applied to some stuff, the important thing is that ReaderT is the outermost type there
17:43 <jle`> timdiels: 'SomeMonad' here is 'ReaderT Window X'
17:43 <glguy> so the derived Monad instance is using ReaderTs instance
17:43 <jle`> so it's newtype Query a = ((ReaderT Window X) a)
17:43 <jle`> so the derived instance uses the monad instanace for 'ReaderT Window X'
17:44 <jle`> it doesn't care if it's a monad transformer or not
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17:51 <timdiels> jle`: Oh I see, I was mistaking transformers for monads of monads instead of... transformed monads. My haskell has gotten real rusty, it being 2 years since I last read real world haskell and friends
17:51 <jle`> timdiels: to be fair, that's something that slip by a lot of tutorials
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17:51 <jle`> but yeah, a monad transofmer is literally a Monad -> Monad function :)
17:52 <jle`> (ReaderT Window) :: (* -> *) -> (* -> *)
17:52 <jle`> monad comes in, monad comes out
17:57 <timdiels> jle`, glguy: thanks!
17:58 <jle`> np!
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19:18 <Akii> oh my, pipes are awesome
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19:28 <for{}> hi
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19:31 <Akii> hi!
19:32 <Akii> Cale: you said something about re-writing websockets using pipes
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19:53 <mmaths> I'm confused as to what the analogies are for haskell and category theory. What are types suppose to be? I'm guessing that types should be categories, but pure functions do not fit into the picture nicely. But, it seems like monads are endofunctors on types.
19:53 <mmaths> Is there anywhere that clearly and concisely explains the analogies?
19:54 <qu1j0t3> mmaths: here's one such mapping https://wiki.haskell.org/Hask
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20:03 <Cale> Akii: yes
20:04 <Akii> Cale: got a concrete vision of how that might look like? I'm not really deep into it but that sounds interesting
20:05 <Cale> Akii: Well, did you see my sort of awful hack of websockets?
20:05 <Akii> this is the point where I should've looked at your solution first
20:05 <Cale> It would be like that, but less hastily thrown together under time pressure
20:05 <Akii> let me come back to you
20:05 <Akii> once I did that
20:06 <Akii> but, to my defence, I've connected the first few pipes
20:07 <Cale> Honestly, looking at my code probably won't help all that much
20:08 <Akii> still, I need to look into the code of the websocket lib first
20:08 <Cale> (Because it just sort of adapts the stuff which was already there a bit awkwardly.)
20:08 <Akii> and get at least a bit more familiar with it
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20:08 <Akii> then look at how websockets actually work
20:09 <Akii> I've just been using the lib
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20:09 <Akii> but then I feel like I could maybe do something :D
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20:17 <Akii> I'll come back to you on that one
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20:56 <cyrus__> I have what I think is a stupid question. I have several types, e.g. data A = A1 Integer | A2 A, data B = B1 Bool | B2 B | B3 C B B, data C = C1 | C2 | C3. I want to make a type that is the sum type of A and B. I can do this by making data D = A A | B B, but this is ugly (and in my real code, quite cumbersome). What better options are there for doing this?
20:56 <cyrus__> A typeclass isn't quite what I want (I think), and I'm not sure that GADTs are the right fit either
20:56 <cyrus__> But I could easily be wrong
20:57 <geekosaur> they're not, and Haskell pretty much forces you to have the constructor (is an A1 type A or type D?)
20:58 <cyrus__> Good point. I'd be fine with an A1 being type D, but I essentially need to be able to specify *which* variant of D I want in some other constructors
21:00 <cyrus__> Really, what I'm trying to do is something like a tree of variants - data D = A (A1 Integer | A2 A) | B (B1 Bool | B2 B | B3 C B B), etc., but obviously this is not valid in Haskell. Perhaps I just need to rearrange my type abstractions to make this fit under D.
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22:10 <mounty> I'm just running hlint on my source. What a fantastic program!
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22:32 <mounty> It's an excellent tutor for me as a Haskell learner. Write some code then let hlint tell you how to do it better.
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22:47 <MarcelineVQ> It's pretty nice when it shows you better ways to think about what you've written, at times it's a little nitpicky though
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22:49 <jayjam124> https://pastebin.com/50uwN5hH
22:49 <jayjam124> what's a good way to generate new digits in this thread?
22:49 <jayjam124> constantly
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22:50 <MarcelineVQ> :t forever
22:50 <lambdabot> Applicative f => f a -> f b
22:51 <MarcelineVQ> hmm, less isntructive than I was hoping for, https://hackage.haskell.org/package/base-
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22:51 <jayjam124> you talking to me now or?
22:51 <MarcelineVQ> yes
22:52 <jayjam124> ok so basically in that thread I need to generate a string of random Integers and put them into a variable of some kind
22:52 <jayjam124> my Haskell is rusty so that's why I'm here
22:52 <jayjam124> so how can I do that? can you walk me through it if possible?
22:55 <jayjam124> I guess not
22:55 <MarcelineVQ> What are you going to do with the variable?
22:55 <jayjam124> oh, nice
22:55 <jayjam124> well
22:55 <jayjam124> lemme give you a big picture of what I have to do then
22:55 <jayjam124> so basically I have to do a game where you have three threads
22:56 <jayjam124> in the first thread you have to have a random number generator that puts the numbers into a string
22:56 <jayjam124> the second thread is when you test for user input
22:56 <jayjam124> and the third handles the game logic
22:57 <jayjam124> so the objective of the game is for the user to guess the digits in the string
22:57 <jayjam124> and after 10 guesses the game ends and returns the number of guesses, the removed numbers (in the fully generated random string of Integers)
22:57 <jayjam124> and that's it
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22:57 <jayjam124> that's the big picture
22:59 <jayjam124> so first step is to create a thread that generates random numbers and put them into a variable, I've tried to do a bit of that but how can I keep it to generate on and on and how do I put it into a variable?
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23:01 <jayjam124> did that make any sense at all? hah
23:01 <MarcelineVQ> yep, I'm just thinking about the ways I might approach the problem
23:02 <jayjam124> ok awesome!
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23:11 <jayjam124> any luck MarcelineVQ?
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23:15 <MarcelineVQ> I've not done much things is seperate threads so I'm playing in ghci to try to figure out what's simple hehe. there's multiple ways to approach it, mostly simply is not generating the random number in another thread since it's a pretty fast operation, an option is a queue of some kind that the random numbet thread continuous writes to and your main thread pulls numbers as needed
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23:17 <jayjam124> sadly I have to generate the random number in a different thread
23:17 <jayjam124> "One thread is responsible for triggering the events that cause the main
23:17 <jayjam124> thread to generate new digits."
23:17 <jayjam124> I read that as you have to put the random generation in a separate thread
23:19 <jayjam124> do you think that is the case?
23:19 <MarcelineVQ> Oh interesting, I read that differently, do you have a writeup of the problem verabtim?
23:19 <jayjam124> yes I would prefer to message you it
23:19 <jayjam124> if that's ok?
23:19 <MarcelineVQ> sure
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