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00:08 <glguy> the parser 'many (string "AB")' parses "", "AB", "ABAB", "ABABAB", etc
00:09 <glguy> What did you expect to happen?
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00:20 <qmm> geekosaur: when you say dependent-sum needs to be built from git, how would i make this custom build known to cabal when it attempts to install lambdabot again?
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00:59 <saylu> Hi folks -- anyone know how to access the 'host' record from a URI?
00:59 <saylu> Example is here:
00:59 <saylu> http://lpaste.net/2589185128467005440
00:59 <saylu> I haven't done anything with nested records before, or with lenses -- just need to retrieve a single field here and not sure how to do it
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01:07 <saylu> There is a lens provided:
01:07 <saylu> > hostBSL :: Lens' Host ByteString
01:07 <lambdabot> error:
01:07 <lambdabot> Not in scope: type constructor or class ‘Host’error:
01:07 <lambdabot> Not in scope: type constructor or class ‘ByteString’
01:07 <saylu> apparently I can use this to retrieve the record I would like to...but how do you actually _use_ this?
01:07 <Gurkenglas> view hostBSL :: Host -> ByteString
01:10 <saylu> Any advice for retrieving that Host?
01:10 <Gurkenglas> saylu, view hostBSL has type Host -> ByteString
01:10 <Gurkenglas> Or do you not have a Host to apply this to?
01:10 <saylu> Yes, but I have the type URI Absolute, which has a bunch of records, one of which is Host
01:10 <saylu> Right
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01:13 <Gurkenglas> "authorityHostL :: Lens' Authority Host" and "uriAuthorityL :: Lens' URI (Maybe Authority)" look right, but the latter says deprecated, sure you want to use the URI type?
01:13 <Gurkenglas> "Absolute"?
01:14 <Gurkenglas> (URI does not have a type parameter, you mean URIRef Absolute?)
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01:15 <acarrico> Hey folks, Haskell book chapter exercises 16.17 number 4. I think the answer is "no"; there is no valid functor because the type constructor wants a type constructor rather than a concrete type. Is this correct, or am I missing something?
01:17 <Gurkenglas> preview $ authorityL . _Just . authorityHostL . hostBSL -- URI -> Maybe ByteString
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01:18 <saylu> Whoops, sorry, you're right-- URIRef absolute
01:18 <saylu> (fmap hostBS . fmap authorityHost . uriAuthority) uri -- this does let me get out the host, but feels quite clunky
01:19 <saylu> is `preview` from Lens?
01:19 <Gurkenglas> Yep
01:19 <Gurkenglas> (^? authorityL . _Just . authorityHostL) :: URI -> Maybe Host -- (^?) is flip preview
01:23 <saylu> Thanks!
01:24 <glguy> acarrico: If the type in question has kind: (* -> *) -> *, then you're right, it can't be an instance of Functor
01:24 <glguy> also note that that has nothing to do with being a type constructor or not
01:24 <acarrico> glguy: newtype Mu f = InF { outF :: f (Mu f) }
01:25 <acarrico> glguy: So if the kind had been * -> * -> *, I could apply a concrete type to get * -> *, but with (* -> *) -> *, it can't be done.
01:26 <glguy> No, it doesn't have that kind
01:26 <glguy> Mu :: (* -> *) -> *
01:26 <acarrico> glguy: Right.
01:27 <acarrico> glguy: Great, thanks.
01:27 <acarrico> It is as strange thing. Googling around it seems to have something to do with F algebras, which also sounds pretty cool.
01:27 <acarrico> Rather than going on to the next exercise, I'm tempted to read about F algebras.
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01:28 <glguy> Mu doesn't require a type constructor as you mentioned above, any type with kind * -> * will do
01:29 <acarrico> Oh, what is an example of a type with kind *->* that isn't a type constructor?
01:29 <glguy> Either Int
01:29 <glguy> That's a type expression built from the application of one type constructor to another
01:30 <glguy> or newtype MyExample f = MyEx (Mu f), there's Mu is applied to the type variable f
01:30 <acarrico> Well Either Int applied to String "constructs" Either Int String, so I guess I assumed that would be called a type constructor. But I'm new here.
01:30 <glguy> constructor refers to the fact that it's a capitalized name
01:31 <acarrico> Ok, I see.
01:31 <glguy> When you find a type signature: (a -> b) -> Maybe a -> Maybe b, you know that the type variables (a and b) are local to the signature
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01:31 <glguy> but that the type constructors: (->) and Maybe, are not
01:32 <glguy> Or when you're writing a typeclass instance, the type constructors are being matched while the type variables are not
01:32 <acarrico> Ok, so "type literals" specifically, not any expression with an -> kind.
01:33 <glguy> right
01:33 <acarrico> That terminology makes sense. Cool.
01:33 <glguy> That terminology will work for you at the value level too
01:33 <glguy> You have constructors like True and Just
01:33 <glguy> variables like x and awesome
01:34 <glguy> when you build patterns, the constructors are matched and the variables name things
01:34 <glguy> Just x -> stuff
01:34 <acarrico> So you'd consider True a constructor, even though it is fully applied?
01:34 <glguy> Right, it's the same story. Nothing to do with the types
01:34 <acarrico> Ah. Ok good to know.
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01:39 <acarrico> glguy: If you think of Int as: data Int = ... | 0 | 1 | 2 | ..., would 0 be a constructor?
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01:39 <glguy> Integer literals serve a similar purpose to constructors, they're a special case in the language
01:40 <acarrico> glguy: Ok. Thanks for the help with Mu. :)
01:40 <glguy> you're welcome
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01:53 <Lokathor> odd fact, the phrase "Haskell Programming From First Principles" doesn't appear *textually* anywhere on the main page of the haskellbook.com website, only within graphics that you can't copy and pate into a text box ( bitemyapp )
01:54 <MarcelineVQ> it does in metadata at least
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02:13 <qu1j0t3> whoa, look at our very own SEO experts
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02:27 <MarcelineVQ> I'm an expert in eating hamburgers
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03:44 <geekosaur> qmm, if you are building in a sandbox then "cabal sandbox add-source" the directory with the cabal file
03:46 <monochrom> That's a very belated reply. :)
03:51 <geekosaur> actually it;'s a reiteration as I said that earlier
03:52 <monochrom> Ah.
03:52 <geekosaur> but got pinged, so. (during a badly needed nap)
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03:58 <glguy> lambdabot appears to have too many dependencies to work on macOS Sierra (<- specifically)
04:00 <bitemyapp> I fixed this for my company last week
04:00 <bitemyapp> the fix is, "use stack's ez-pz docker integration and build under Linux"
04:00 <bitemyapp> this is not the answer I wanted but after spending hours researching alternatives, it's all that is realistic for now.
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04:07 <bitemyapp> Docker for Mac has the benefit of being lighter weight than using VirtualBox et al.
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09:15 <abhiroop> Ihad posted this question earlier too but could not get it work. Can someone please help http://lpaste.net/354450
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09:40 <adarqui> sup
09:42 <adarqui> is it normal to get "depressed" when like, you have some ideas you'd love to code/finish, but you just keep struggling.
09:42 <adarqui> struggle due to ability, time, etc
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10:50 <vaibhavsagar> adarqui: I feel like that too sometimes
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10:59 <adarqui> vaibhavsagar: ah. wonder if it's more common than I think.
10:59 <adarqui> with haskell it's particularly brutal, but not limited to haskell/pure fp
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11:40 <abhiroop> adarqui: True
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12:18 <vaibhavsagar> adarqui: with Haskell I often feel like I'm discovering programming again for the first time
12:18 <vaibhavsagar> and that'
12:18 <vaibhavsagar> s a bit frustrating at times because there's so much I don't know
12:18 <vaibhavsagar> and I'm not used to feeling that way
12:19 <vaibhavsagar> but without that frustration I'd have no reason to learn or get better
12:19 <vaibhavsagar> and then when I revisit things I thought were difficult and they make a little more sense, I feel good
12:23 <adarqui> ya well, i felt like that at first too (years ago).. but i'm definitely at the point where, i'd rather not have the frustrations .. i'd rather just "get it" and knock out really solid code. so personally, i hate the frustration at this point. haskell is still my favorite language to program in.. i have one personal app that is backend haskell / frontend purescript which is coming along.
12:24 <adarqui> reading "pro" haskellers code is depressing.. lmao
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12:24 <adarqui> but that's a different story all together
12:25 <adarqui> programming in general makes me feel both good and bad.. haskell made me feel more good than bad - for the first year.. probably alot to do with what you said - discovering programming again for the first time.
12:26 <adarqui> but now haskell to me is similar to other languages.. in that it's pretty evenly good/bad
12:26 <adarqui> feel good when you figure out something/learn something/implement something, feel bad when you struggle/can't finish an important project
12:27 <adarqui> 8|
12:27 <adarqui> im out, peace vaibhavsagar
12:30 <vaibhavsagar> take care adarqui
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14:16 <abhiroop> Any help in this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43306945/parse-multiple-instances-of-a-string-using-readp
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17:21 <flounders> How do I go about incorporating .Internal portions of a package in my projects?
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17:22 <glguy> flounders: Is there a more specific question you had about that?
17:22 <geekosaur> ideally you don't; they're Internals for a reason, usually because they're subject to change without notice (unlike the public API)
17:23 <flounders> I'm trying to use System.Directory to identify if something is a file, directory or symlink.
17:24 <flounders> Unfortunately using the public module I have to daisy chain if statements to match everything.
17:24 <glguy> If you depend on the .Internal modules from another package, you need to tighten your version bounds on that package in your build-depends
17:24 <flounders> I'm just trying to make a way to pattern match against the possiblities in one go, but maybe it's a stupid idea.
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17:25 <flounders> glguy: I currently have it set to a specific version right now.
17:25 <glguy> in the .cabal?
17:25 <flounders> Yes.
17:26 <flounders> The only thing that is stopping me right now is cabal is complaining about it being hidden.
17:26 <glguy> Oh, then you're out of luck
17:26 <glguy> You'll need to raise an issue on the tracker for the directory package to see if the maintainer would be intersted in providing the API you need
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17:27 <flounders> I guess I'll be daisy chaining in the mean time.
17:27 <flounders> Thanks for the help guys.
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17:44 <qmm> geekosaur, monochrom: i don't mind belated responses. it's IRC after all. glguy mentioned using "cabal get package_name" and then building from there
17:45 <qmm> it isn't clear to me (thanks to lack of experience) how you would make a sandboxed version of the package available as a global binary for execution
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17:58 <yellowj> sorry potentially stupid question: is there some way to define function from Int to type level peano numbers?
17:58 <yellowj> something like that http://lpaste.net/354458
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18:01 <glguy> yellowj: No, the type : Peano n => Int -> n wouldn't make sense to exist
18:01 <glguy> What is possible would be something like: data SomePeano = forall n. Peano n => SomePeano n; toPeano :: Int -> Maybe SomePeano
18:02 <glguy> The problem with the type you started with is that the caller gets to pick 'n'
18:02 <glguy> so: toPeano 100 :: Zero -- would typecheck
18:10 <yellowj> glguy: can i make something like (data SomePeano) without language extensions?
18:10 <glguy> yellowj: no
18:11 <glguy> actually..
18:12 <yellowj> yes?
18:12 <glguy> No, I can't think of one
18:12 <glguy> had an idea but it just used another extension :)
18:13 <glguy> we might be able to do something like : toPeano :: Int -> SomePeano Zero
18:13 <glguy> and then: data SomePeano n = Done n | Step (SomePeano (Succ n))
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18:19 <lpaste> glguy pasted “peano numbers without extensions for yellowj” at http://lpaste.net/354460
18:20 <glguy> yellowj: Next would be to figure out what operations one can do with a SomePeano
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18:31 <yellowj> glguy: all i want is to be able to somehow construct peanos at runtime
18:31 <glguy> at do what?
18:31 <glguy> yellowj: Just make: data Nat = Zero | Succ Nat
18:31 <glguy> you need to involve types
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18:32 <yellowj> that's the thing i need type (Succ (Succ (Succ Zero)))
18:32 <yellowj> not the value
18:32 <glguy> The types don't exist at runtime
18:32 <glguy> What were you going to do with that type?
18:32 <yellowj> yeah, i realize silliness of my desire
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18:33 <yellowj> i wanted to make matrix algebra, with matrices parametrised with phantom types
18:35 <yellowj> but i have no idea how to construct arbitrary sized matrices
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18:38 <yellowj> it seems that it was silly idea to begin with
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