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03:37 <elito25> hello
03:37 <glguy> hi
03:38 <elito25> I just began working through Haskell Programming from First Principles and have a question regarding beta reduction
03:39 <elito25> πœ†π‘₯𝑦.π‘₯𝑦 gets explained as πœ†π‘₯.(πœ†π‘¦.π‘₯𝑦) which makes total sense
03:39 <elito25> However, it gets described as (πœ†π‘₯(πœ†π‘¦).π‘₯𝑦)
03:40 <elito25> I don't understand how that works
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03:41 <elito25> The first implies that theyre nested functions while the second implies that theyre working on the same data
03:44 <glguy> No, (πœ†π‘₯(πœ†π‘¦).π‘₯𝑦) is incorrect
03:46 <glguy> Lambda expressions have this form: Ξ» X . Y , where X can be one (or more as a shortcut) variables, and Y is an expression
03:48 <elito25> That's why I was confused. Another question: in what order do lambda expressions reduce? Left to right or right to left?
03:49 <glguy> function application is "left-associative", so if you see: f x y, that is the same as (f x) y
03:50 <elito25> Thanks
03:54 <tmciver> Hey folks. This paste: http://lpaste.net/355467 shows my xmonad.hs before and after a small change. My question is: why did this cause my mod key binding to change? (it was bound to the windows key initially and now its back to the default Alt key).
03:54 <tmciver> I expect that `modMask` would not be overwritten.
03:55 <tmciver> Doh, wrong channel.
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16:20 <elito25> Just to clarify, let x = 10 in x + 1000 is roughly equivalent to int func (int x = 10) { return x + 1000; }
16:20 <elito25> right?
16:22 <monochrom> No.
16:22 <monochrom> But I guess "roughly" is subjective.
16:23 <elito25> How would it be different? There would be no type attributed to the function?
16:23 <monochrom> Non-function vs function.
16:25 <elito25> oh... so this func x = x + 1000 would be closer
16:25 <elito25> is there a way of setting default parameters?
16:25 <monochrom> No. No improvement.
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16:25 <elito25> how so?
16:25 <monochrom> Default parameter is beside the point. The point is you are comparing a non-function with a function.
16:26 <monochrom> (let x = 10 in x + 1000) equals 1010. Equal, not return. Equal.
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16:27 <elito25> If I placed that in a file and loaded it into ghci, wouldnt func x = x + 1000 constitute a function?
16:28 <monochrom> "int func (int x = 10) { return x + 1000; }" means func = ( \(x with default 10) -> x + 1000 ). func is a function. It does not equal 1010. This is still true with default parameter.
16:29 <monochrom> Yes, func is a function.
16:29 <monochrom> (let x = 10 in x + 1000) is not a function.
16:30 <elito25> Thanks for helping me understnad
16:30 <monochrom> Haskell does not have default parameter. But OCaml does. And what I have said still holds for OCaml.
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16:44 <zaltekk> is the haskell book in the topic recommended for experienced (non-functional) programmers?
16:46 <qu1j0t3> zaltekk: Yes.
16:46 <zaltekk> qu1j0t3: okay, thanks
16:46 <qu1j0t3> yw
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16:57 <ebw> Hi there, trying the morse example from haskellbook and I am getting this error message: <command line>: cannot satisfy -package morse- when i type stack ghci morse:tests. Which files should I paste to lpaste.net, so you could help me if you wanted to?
16:57 <ebw> the binary builds fine though
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17:00 <MarcelineVQ> most likely your cabal file
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17:01 <lpaste> ebw pasted β€œmorse.cabal file” at http://lpaste.net/4026219514273202176
17:01 <ebw> done
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17:05 <MarcelineVQ> hmm, looks pretty normal, what does stack test say?
17:07 <ebw> runs fine and did run the tests ...
17:07 <ebw> ?
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17:12 <MarcelineVQ> not sure what could be the issue there for ghci, that looks like correct syntax too :( what happens if you retry stack ghci morse:tests or try stack ghci :tests or try stack ghci --test morse:tests
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17:18 <ebw> can it be that stack and cabal are hell on earth? feels a bit like dll hell to me
17:20 <lpaste> ebw pasted β€œcabal stack” at http://lpaste.net/355481
17:20 <ebw> cabal has some zlib compression error and stack tells me it doesn't have a version between 0.1 and 0.2 but only a version (which should be fine in my opinion?)?
17:22 <MarcelineVQ> the error messages aren't intuitive I'll agree there
17:23 <ebw> hmm so I can't install glirc from source, because some packages ceased to exist?
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17:24 <ebw> Or should I purge hasell from my computer and try a clean stack reinstall ?
17:24 <ebw> sorry meant haskell not hasell
17:25 <MarcelineVQ> no there's no need for that
17:25 <glguy> packages ceased to exist?
17:25 <MarcelineVQ> glirc isn't on stackage so it's not in your chosen resolver, due to that it's not sure what to do to resolve the dependancies it requires
17:26 <ebw> I referred to the errors in http://lpaste.net/355481
17:26 <ebw> oh
17:26 <MarcelineVQ> not sure what that cabal error is, though it looks like a network error
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17:28 <glguy> ebw: if you download the source and run. stack init --solver --resolver=lts-8
17:29 <MarcelineVQ> just trying some steps atm to reproduce a build plan
17:29 <glguy> it should be able to make a valid environment
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17:29 <ebw1> sorry my computer crashed
17:29 <glguy> ebw: if you download the source and run. stack init --solver --resolver=lts-8
17:30 <MarcelineVQ> yep as glguy is saying, something like, stack unpack glirc && cd glirc-2.20.6/ && stack init --solver && stack install
17:30 <glguy> it should be able to make a valid environment
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17:30 <glguy> brb
17:31 <ebw1> Can I just clone the git repo and do stack init --solver --resolver=lts-8 in there ?
17:31 <MarcelineVQ> sure
17:32 <ebw1> It says it will need external packages ... what does that mean?
17:32 <MarcelineVQ> it means it needs to fetch packages from hackage that aren't in the resolver, which is what --solver will take care of
17:33 <ebw> ah ok, thanks
17:33 <ebw> I got: cabal: failed to parse output of 'ghc-pkg dump'
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17:34 <MarcelineVQ> hum, that's no fun, what's the full output
17:35 <ebw> moment, retrying
17:36 <lpaste> ebw pasted β€œfull output ” at http://lpaste.net/355482
17:36 <ebw> pasted it
17:37 <glguy> your version of the cabal executable is probably too old
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17:37 <ebw> Ah. So I should deinstall all the haskel stuff from my distro (debian 8) and install via stack ?
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17:37 <glguy> ghc 8 changed its package information format
17:38 <glguy> yeah, using distro packages is an all or nothing affair
17:39 <glguy> or
17:39 <glguy> just ask if MarcelineVQ will share the generated stack.yaml for now
17:39 <glguy> there are not that many extra deps
17:40 <MarcelineVQ> sure http://lpaste.net/2702302197537832960
17:42 <glguy> hold on, I'll send you one, I'm back at my computer
17:42 <glguy> stack isn't good at using nightly resolvers
17:42 <glguy> it doesn't know how to handle build tools
17:43 <glguy> http://lpaste.net/5786034904420581376
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17:44 <ebw> in which file do i need to place that content?
17:44 <glguy> which means if you don't have happy and alex globally installed your build will fail
17:44 <glguy> stack.yaml
17:44 <ebw> What are happy or alex?
17:46 <ebw> so purges distro packages and running stack install cabal-install now
17:47 <glguy> happy is a parser generator
17:47 <glguy> Alex is a lexer generator
17:50 <glguy> ebw: questions here are fine. also there is #haskell-irc if you have glirc specific questions
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18:53 <ebw> stack install happy did work, but stack install Alex or stack install alex tells me there is no such package. Again a hackage/stackage thing?
18:55 <ebw> when i did stack install happy (for example) where do i find the sources of happy on my computer now?
19:08 <hexagoxel> ebw: i think you misunderstand the purpose of "stack install". you don't have to (nor can) manually install dependencies. And the focus for installing deps is on allowing to build, not as a tool for a human reader. Afaict stack does not even keep the sources around, not even internally.
19:10 <hexagoxel> there is "stack unpack" which i think has that purpose.
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19:10 <hexagoxel> the reason that "stack install happy" worked is that it installed the "happy" executable. alex does not have an executable, i'd strongly assume.
19:13 <hexagoxel> (disclaimer: i have a lot of experience with cabal and its inner workings and don't follow the stack changelog closely.)
19:16 <glguy> alex and happy both have executables
19:16 <glguy> there is a stack bug where it can only manage happy and Alex for you when using some resolvers and not others
19:17 <ebw> I now get OpenSSL.hsc:55:16: error: β€˜X509_CHECK_FLAG_NO_PARTIAL_WILDCARDS’ undeclared ?
19:18 <ebw> while it tries to build something called Hookup as far as i can tell
19:20 <glguy> that means your openSSL is outdated
19:21 <glguy> old openSSL can't validate hostnames
19:21 <ebw> maybe i should switch from debian 8 to some other distro ?
19:22 <glguy> do they have an updated packed
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19:26 <ebw> doesn't look like it for the stable branch. It is 1.0.1t in stable and 1.1.0e in testing, would 1.1.0e be sufficient?
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19:28 <ebw> woa 1.0.1 should not be used according to openssl.org ... hmm debian doesn't look so good here.
19:28 <ebw> sorry for non haskell noise
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20:02 <glguy> ebw I'll be back able to help soon
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20:10 <glguy> ebw: openSSL 1.1.0 is definitely new enough
20:10 <glguy> i don't remember which letters in the 1.0 series added that functionality
20:10 <glguy> I thinking it was k but I need to check
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20:14 <ebw> glguy: Thanks. I don't need to know, as I can choose between debian 8 and testing and then that are the two versions of openssl i can use ... maybe I switch to arch linux
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20:22 <thang1> Arch linux is pretty great
20:22 <thang1> 1.1.0.e-1 is the package version in my repo for arch linux.
20:23 <thang1> ebw: https://www.openssl.org/news/openssl-1.1.0-notes.html Did you look through this?
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22:48 <thang1> https://monad.cat/posts/2016-05-10-barbed-wire.html does anyone know if there was ever a second part to this? I still have no idea wtf I'm looking at regarding recursion schemes but it looks fascinating
22:50 <monochrom> Aw. Curiosity killed the cat.
22:52 <thang1> lol, I can afford to be nerd sniped every now and then
22:53 <monochrom> I mean monadcat never wrote part 2 because curiosity killed it.
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22:54 <Cale> http://doc.utwente.nl/56289/1/meijer91functional.pdf
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22:54 <Cale> That's the original paper which the title of that post is referring to
22:54 <Cale> It's a bit of a notational experiment
22:55 <Cale> -- but the ideas have maintained their relevance.
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22:56 <Cale> http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= -- bit nicer PDF
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23:01 <thang1> Yeah I looked at that pdf once
23:01 <thang1> it's like 90% incomprehensible to me but I'm getting there slowly, I think
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23:04 <thang1> "this is a paper who is most often called 'impenetrable'..." ahh, so I'm not crazy
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