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01:51 <fred-fri> how can i fix this syntax error? http://lpaste.net/355490
01:52 <thang1> It found a hole _ :: a
01:53 <thang1> look at lines 9-12 of your program
01:53 <geekosaur> usually if you get that and weren't specifically expecting it, you used a _ (which is normally for patterns) in a place that's not a pattern
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01:53 <geekosaur> specifically lines 12-13
01:54 <geekosaur> what were you expecting to do with those?
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01:55 <geekosaur> more specifically: what did you think (_:x) and (_:y) would do on those lines?
01:56 <fred-fri> i get that _:x and _:y is what is generating the syntax error but im not sure why. i just want to match any list (empty or otherwise) and cons an element to it
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01:56 <geekosaur> those are not places for matching
01:56 <geekosaur> you are invoking a function and passing it a value
01:57 <geekosaur> the (x:xs) and (y:ys) to the left of the = are patterns. to the right of a | or = will be an expression, not a pattern. there is nothing to match; you *provide* something, not match something provided elsewhere
01:57 <fred-fri> yes, im invoking the cons function and passing it whatever the wildcard list was and the elemtent i was to cons
01:57 <geekosaur> oh
01:58 <geekosaur> so, that makes two more issues. one is you want to use an as-pattern to match the entire list as well as the head and tail
01:58 <geekosaur> the other is not so easily solved: cons works only to prepend items
01:59 <geekosaur> :t (:)
01:59 <lambdabot> a -> [a] -> [a]
01:59 <thang1> > '1' : [1,2,3]
01:59 <lambdabot> error:
01:59 <lambdabot> • No instance for (Num Char) arising from the literal ‘1’
01:59 <lambdabot> • In the expression: 1
01:59 <thang1> whoops
01:59 <thang1> > 1 : [1,2,3]
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01:59 <lambdabot> [1,1,2,3]
01:59 <thang1> > [1,2,3] : 1
01:59 <lambdabot> error:
01:59 <lambdabot> • Ambiguous type variable ‘t0’ arising from a use of ‘show_M589591749713...
01:59 <lambdabot> prevents the constraint ‘(Show t0)’ from being solved.
01:59 <geekosaur> fooo _ xss@(x:xs) yss@(y:ys) | x < y = fooo (xss ++ [x]) yss
01:59 <fred-fri> ah i see im not even using cons correctly
02:00 <geekosaur> the @s there let you name the whole thing as well as matching inside it
02:00 <thang1> > [1,2,3] ++ 1
02:00 <lambdabot> error:
02:00 <lambdabot> • Ambiguous type variable ‘a0’ arising from a use of ‘show_M502831593822...
02:00 <lambdabot> prevents the constraint ‘(Show a0)’ from being solved.
02:00 <glguy> fred-fri: If you want to match *any list* empty or not, don't use a pattern like _:_ or [], just use a variable as your pattern
02:00 <geekosaur> also that, yes (although here you at least use x)
02:00 <geekosaur> I think the most optimal pattern is xs@(x:_)
02:00 <geekosaur> then x is the head and xs is the whole list
02:00 <geekosaur> (instead of its tail as with (x:xs)
02:01 <thang1> You could also do lx@(x:xs) if you really felt the need to. I think I had some semi reasonable reason to do that once
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02:01 <geekosaur> yes, I shows that above but called it xss instead of lx
02:01 <geekosaur> *showed
02:02 <glguy> I use xxs for that and i use xss if I have a list of lists
02:02 <thang1> oh whoops, I see that now. Wasn't paying attention
02:03 <thang1> I like lx because it reminds me of l_x which I would think of "the list x" but I haven't absorbed many idioms of haskell yet and I'm not particularly married to lx vs xxs or xss. xxs and xss seem more useful though
02:03 <geekosaur> this is a place where all possible names are kinda awkward, sadly
02:04 <geekosaur> sometimes I tell haskell conventions to take a hike and say xs@(xh:xt)
02:04 <geekosaur> (spot the ex-prologer)
02:05 <thang1> lol
02:06 <thang1> I forgot to do a super big problem on my last assignment and I feel dead inside now ;-;
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02:07 <fred-fri> http://lpaste.net/355492 this compiles but given foo [1,2,3] [1,2,3] doesn't output the expected [1,1,2,2,3,3] but just [3]
02:08 <glguy> fred-fri: You shouldn't be using an accumulating parameter for this
02:08 <glguy> and appending to the ends of lists repeatedly (e.g. xs ++ [x]) is going to be inefficient
02:08 <thang1> Just so you know, in lines 9-11, you can replace a with the _ and it won't change anything. I prefer to do that so the compiler knows I don't care about a right then
02:09 <fred-fri> some context, i was asked to whiteboard this during an interview the other day. i correctly implemented it using recursion in java and im now porting it to haskell just for fun
02:09 <glguy> fred-fri: OK, your Haskell version won't need two separate definitions and doesn't need an "accumulator"
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02:14 <glguy> fred-fri: Wait until you're got yours working, but save this version to compare after yours works: http://lpaste.net/265538174141333504
02:15 <thang1> You can also have an even more concise version
02:15 <fred-fri> glguy, it didn't work because i'm an idiot =) now it does http://lpaste.net/355493
02:15 <thang1> @let merge [] ys = ys
02:15 <lambdabot> .L.hs:175:1: warning: [-Woverlapping-patterns]
02:15 <lambdabot> Pattern match is redundant
02:15 <lambdabot> In an equation for ‘merge’: merge [] ys = ...
02:15 <thang1> @let merge (x:xs) ys = x : merge ys xs
02:15 <lambdabot> .L.hs:175:1: warning: [-Woverlapping-patterns]
02:15 <lambdabot> Pattern match is redundant
02:15 <lambdabot> In an equation for ‘merge’: merge (x : xs) ys = ...
02:15 <thang1> (I already played around with this in a query so it's giving overlapping pattern warning because this is already defined for me)
02:15 <thang1> > merge [1..10] [20..30]
02:15 <lambdabot> [1,20,2,21,3,22,4,23,5,24,6,25,7,26,8,27,9,28,10,29,30]
02:16 <thang1> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3938438/merging-two-lists-in-haskell if you ever want to know pretty much every way possible to write this thing in Haskell
02:16 <glguy> thang1: That's something else
02:17 <geekosaur> note that in @let you need to define both of those at the same time
02:17 <thang1> geekosaur: really? whoops
02:17 <glguy> I think it might actually work with @let. I think @let might just append to a file
02:17 <geekosaur> well, it might work separately but it;s unsafe
02:17 <thang1> right. I'll keep that in mind :p
02:17 <geekosaur> you don;t get to use a transaction, so someone else could @let in between
02:18 <fred-fri> i realize the solution ive written isnt efficient or idiomatic haskell but its a 1:1 port of what i whiteboarded in java when asked this question during the interview
02:18 <geekosaur> (one might think this is low probability but I've seen it happen. lots of people use lambdabot in /query)
02:18 <fred-fri> i will take a look at your feedback and rewrite it to be more efficient and idiomatic
02:18 <thang1> fred-fri: no worries. Mine is just interleaving two lists together, not actually sorting them. I read your function wrong
02:19 <fred-fri> thang1, mine doesn't sort either, it assumes the input lists are sorted
02:19 <fred-fri> but mine does return a sorted list
02:19 <glguy> fred-fri: That's a standard assumption for a merge function
02:19 <thang1> Well yours does different things based on whether x is larger than y or not
02:19 <fred-fri> not just pick interleave
02:19 <thang1> Mine just blindly goes a b a b
02:19 <fred-fri> i see
02:20 <fred-fri> its interesting that during the interview i initially tried to implement it imperatively using nested loops
02:21 <thang1> I like the one I used because it's really easy to look at the recursion in it.
02:21 <glguy> fred-fri: Did you realize that that wasn't going to work, or did the interviewer say something?
02:21 <thang1> were they for loops or while loops?
02:21 <fred-fri> yeah i realized halfway through implementing imperatively that my naive nested loop implementation would fail if the lists were different sizes
02:21 <fred-fri> so i said this would be easier to implement using recursion
02:22 <fred-fri> wrote it in one go using recursion and they were very impressed lol
02:22 <thang1> nice
02:22 <fred-fri> i did caveat saying it would be less efficient and not idiomatic java
02:23 <thang1> Eh, idiomatic java 8 would probably treat both lists as streams
02:23 <fred-fri> yeah but that was not allowed
02:23 <fred-fri> they wanted the old school low level int[] stuff
02:23 <thang1> Of course, it's a java shop. Anything newer than 12 years isn't allowed /s
02:24 <fred-fri> i dont endorse these types of questions myself but i realize the industry has for some reason latched on to them so have practiced a lot on hackerrank and stuff
02:24 <fred-fri> most java interviewers wouldnt understand themselves if you implemented using streams lol because most java devs are frightened by the new functional features, at least in my experience haha
02:25 <glguy> Probably because they wanted to see you solve a specific, small problem, not because they're stodgy
02:26 <fred-fri> in any case the same solution looks so much better in haskell
02:26 <fred-fri> wish it was a haskell gig, alas im not good enough to get one yet and there arent many around
02:26 <thang1> Right, so you just solve that specific, small problem and show off by saying "well I could do it using Streams [insert drawbacks and benefits], or method X [insert drawbacks and benefits], ..., but for the purpose of the interview this simple method on primitive arrays should suffice"
02:27 <thang1> fred-fri: be the change you wanna see in the world. Introduce haskell for some small side projects if you can :p
02:27 <glguy> Yeah, that's a fine way to go
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02:28 <fred-fri> believe me im planning to :) big thanks for the feedback everyone
02:28 <thang1> no problem
02:28 <thang1> jk I didn't help at all
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14:03 <seanparsons> Is there a "best" way to generate Haskell bindings from C headers?
14:04 <simendsjo> Haven't tried it myself, but inline-c looks pretty awesome: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/inline-c
14:05 <simendsjo> Perhaps not exactly what you had in mind though
14:06 <seanparsons> simendsjo: Yeah, that to me makes me think of it as a way what I'm wanting could be implemented.
14:07 <seanparsons> I'm kinda surprised that swig doesn't support Haskell.
14:07 <simendsjo> I have never had any luck with Swig. Has always broken down for me - but I haven't tried it between popular languages, which might work.
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18:02 <ebw> Hi
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18:02 <ebw> It seems I am wrong here
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18:44 <ebw> Hi there, finally from glirc2 ... what a journey
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19:39 <glguy> ebw: Glad to hear you made it
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21:44 <ebw> How can I make ghc use more than one cpu?
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