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02:07 <pie_> hi guys, noob here
02:07 <pie_> im trying to write a parser for the SWF specification
02:07 <pie_> using attoparsec
02:08 <pie_> (terrible idea for a beginner probably but hey)
02:08 <pie_> so i see there are unsigned integral types in Data.Word
02:09 <pie_> but those have nothing to do with endianness....so, xy problem, what i really want to do is, how do i tell the parser i want an x byte big endian integer?
02:09 <pie_> for something like data SWFIntU64 = Word64 deriving Show
02:13 <LiaoTao> pie_: System.Endian?
02:14 <pie_> LiaoTao, ok but can i express this in the type or is thie a ...how do you say it? code thing?
02:14 <pie_> *or is this
02:15 <monochrom> pie_: attoparsec has anyWord8 so you can read 8 bytes and merge them.
02:16 <pie_> this is what i have so far xD https://pastebin.com/pPfzxVmY
02:16 <pie_> also you guys know anything more recent than https://www.schoolofhaskell.com/school/starting-with-haskell/libraries-and-frameworks/text-manipulation/attoparsec, most of the stuff it uses is marked depracated
02:17 <pie_> monochrom, hmmmmm ok
02:17 <pie_> monochrom, and data.word appears to have endianness conversion
02:17 <pie_> but uh...well i guess ill just have to think about it
02:18 <pie_> this is what i have so far xD https://pastebin.com/pPfzxVmY
02:18 <pie_> "The SWF file format uses 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit, signed, and unsigned integer types. All integer values are
02:18 <pie_> stored in the SWF file by using little-endian byte order: the least significant byte is stored first, and the most
02:18 <pie_> significant byte is stored last, in the same way as the Intel x86 architecture. The bit order within bytes in the
02:18 <pie_> SWF file format is big-endian: the most significant bit is stored first, and the least significant bit is stored last."
02:18 <pie_> ugh, pdf copy pasting
02:22 <pie_> if anyone cares, swf format spec is at https://wwwimages2.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/swf/pdf/swf-file-format-spec.pdf
02:22 <pie_> im at the beginning on page 14 :P
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02:28 <pie_> do i just stick deriving show on the end of everything
02:30 <pie_> yeah i totally messed up the type signatures
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02:40 <pie_> uh not supposed to be any {} in ther
02:43 <pie_> oh wait there are im just bad at recognizing patterns :P
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02:47 <glguy> pie_: it seems like you might be confusing these data type declarations
02:48 <pie_> glguy, basically i have nothing to do with types at the moment :C
02:48 <pie_> any they are lik 70% of the whole point
02:48 <glguy> what is the SWFIntS08 type supposed to be for, for example?
02:49 <pie_> well really its just supposed to be a 8bit integer
02:50 <pie_> SWFIntS16 is a 16bit big little endian integer
02:50 <glguy> ok, it's not
02:50 <pie_> *bit
02:50 <glguy> right now or only has one value
02:50 <glguy> i think you meant to provide a different constructor
02:51 <pie_> thats easily possible
02:51 <glguy> and for the constructor to have a Word8 field
02:51 <pie_> yeah probably
02:51 <pie_> this didnt really make sense to me either as is, then again a lot of things dont yet
02:52 <pie_> glguy, well theres this https://hackage.haskell.org/package/attoparsec-binary-0.2/docs/Data-Attoparsec-Binary.html
02:53 <pie_> but i cant tell how that helps with my types
02:53 <pie_> glguy, should i be using Parser Word8 and such?
02:54 <glguy> yeah, you'll need to use those
02:55 <pie_> ok
02:55 <pie_> one sec
02:56 <pie_> ok now it doesnt error on deriving xD
02:57 <pie_> on the keyword
02:57 <pie_> which makes sense i think
02:57 <pie_> having looked up what that kinda means
02:57 <pie_> glguy, heres what i have now https://pastebin.com/Ee5NS5c6
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03:02 <pie_> "All EncodedU32's
03:02 <pie_> are encoded as 1-5 bytes depending on the value (larger values need more space). The encoding method is if the
03:02 <pie_> hi bit in the current byte is set, then the next byte is also part of the value. Each bit in a byte contributes 7 bits to
03:02 <pie_> the value, with the hi bit telling us whether to use the next byte, or if this is the last byte for the value."
03:02 <* pie_> mumbles about dependent types
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03:06 <pie_> glguy, wait, the parser isnt supposed to take an integer, its supposed to parse one out of the bytestream...does Parse Word8 do that?
03:06 <pie_> i mean youre more likely to be right than i am... :P
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03:10 <glguy> yes the Parser is parameterized by the type of thing it parses out of in source
03:10 <glguy> the source*
03:13 <pie_> ok thanks
03:13 <pie_> so im already getting in over my head with some ideas
03:14 <pie_> glguy, would it be possible to do something like Parser Aligned Word8? so that it wont work unless the parser is byte aligned?
03:14 <pie_> swf does a lot of bit-level stuff
03:14 <pie_> the aligned belongs to the word8, idk if i need to parenthesize?
03:15 <pie_> or do i need to make a completely new type for this
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04:34 <LiaoTao> Sigh
04:34 <LiaoTao> After all that learning I still can't write a symbol parser
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06:18 <arpanetus> hi!
06:19 <arpanetus> @ChanServ
06:19 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
06:19 <arpanetus> @list
06:19 <lambdabot> What module? Try @listmodules for some ideas.
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06:20 <arpanetus> @takle
06:20 <lambdabot> Unknown command, try @list
06:20 <arpanetus> takle
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11:41 <pie_> hi guys, i installed binary-bits but for import qualified Data.Binary.Bits.Get as Bits ( getBool, getWord8, runBitGet, getWord16be ) im getting
11:41 <pie_> Failed to load interface for ‘Data.Binary.Bits.Get’
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13:32 <jle`> pie_: are you in a project?
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13:33 <pie_> maybe? :/
13:33 <pie_> im in a dir with a stack.yaml
13:37 <jle`> do you have a cabal file?
13:37 <jle`> you'd need to add binary-bits to build-depends
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14:00 <juanpaucar> Hi, since aeson 1.2 now doesn't use C FFIs by default would this mean that it would impact on the performance?
14:00 <juanpaucar> i was trying to look at benchmarks
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15:40 <bram_> I think the PCRE package is broken, where can I file a bug?
15:40 <bram_> Should I just e-mail the maintainer?
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16:26 <bram_> I'm lost, what is a good default regex library to use? I have UTF-8 input and would like to do subgroup matches
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16:32 <bram_> I'll just keep bashing at PCRE and see if UTF-8 support can get in there somehow
16:33 <bram_> bye
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17:48 <geekosaur> meh, bram_'s gone. they should know that whether a haskell pcre binding handles utf8 or not depends on whether the system pcre lib does... not all systems ship a pcre with utf8 support, and some that do require you to configure/select it (notably, debian)
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18:00 <ebw> /windows
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19:59 <Squarism> is there some simple single level "lenslike" mutation in base?
19:59 <Squarism> ..or in haskell
20:00 <Squarism> like elm has { rec | field = ... }
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20:08 <srhb> Squarism: As in change the value of some field?
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20:08 <Squarism> srhb, yep
20:09 <srhb> Squarism: value { fieldname = newvalue }
20:09 <Squarism> ah
20:09 <Squarism> thats it
20:09 <srhb> I believe it's called record update syntax, and that explanation was unclear, but I guess you got it anyway ;-)
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20:24 <ebw> #join #haskell-irc
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21:10 <thang1> what's the difference between #haskell_irc and #haskell?
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21:10 <jle`> thang1: haskell_irc is about haskell and the IRC protocol
21:10 <jle`> most discussion is about a haskell IRC client
21:10 <jle`> but i guess making irc bots in haskell is still within on-topic discussion
21:10 <jle`> #haskell is for general discussion about the haskell language
21:11 <thang1> ooh interesting, got it.
21:11 <jle`> thang1: in the future you can also look at the topics of the channels
21:11 <jle`> they're usually at the top of the screen on most clients when you enter a channel
21:11 <glguy> Yeah, using Haskell to do IRC related things
21:11 <thang1> Any way to do that without actually joining it?
21:12 <jle`> some clients might offer it
21:12 <MarcelineVQ> any stand-alone client I've used have a channel list you can search through which typically also has the topic
21:12 <MarcelineVQ> it might even be /list for you if you're lucky
21:13 <glguy> On Freenode it's: /msg alis list #haskell-irc
21:14 <thang1> /list doesn't work for me
21:14 <jle`> it might show up on a different window
21:14 <thang1> oh whoops
21:15 <mengu> thang1: you are using weechat with bnc
21:15 <thang1> yeah /list works, it gives me literally every single channel on Freenode
21:15 <thang1> Weechat with znc, yeah.
21:15 <glguy> thang1: did you see my message?
21:15 <jle`> so /list #haskell-irc
21:16 <thang1> neat, thanks. I'll keep that in mind
21:16 <thang1> glguy: which one? the /msg alis list #haskell-irc one?
21:16 <glguy> yeah
21:17 <thang1> Yeah that one works too. I was expecting it to pop up in a new window instead of in the Freenode server window (which doesn't notify me of any new output) so I didn't see anything happen at first
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21:43 <lpaste> nickager pasted “counting usage of `rem` in various FizzBuzz solutions using State monad” at http://lpaste.net/3293703882638622720
21:44 <nickager> My state solutions appear to work, but I’m sure there is a less verbose way to code them.
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21:45 <nickager> I’d be greatful for any pointers for improvement …
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21:55 <hexagoxel> nickager: but "rem" is used even if the guard returns false. you just count divisible numbers.
21:56 <hexagoxel> also you can replace `state` with `modify` and ($>) (or (>>)/(>>=))
21:56 <nickager> oh yes
21:56 <hexagoxel> :t \x -> modify (+1) $> x
21:56 <lambdabot> (Num s, MonadState s f) => a -> f a
21:57 <hexagoxel> :t modify (+1) $> "foo"
21:57 <lambdabot> (Num s, MonadState s f) => f [Char]
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21:58 <nickager> :t ($>)
21:58 <lambdabot> Functor f => f b -> a -> f a
21:59 <hexagoxel> :t modify (+1) $> "foo" :: State Integer String
21:59 <lambdabot> State Integer String
21:59 <hexagoxel> well or State Int
22:00 <hexagoxel> you cannot execute an action in the guard, so if you want to count, the easiest way might be to do +1, +2, +3 in the different cases.
22:00 <nickager> yes I see that
22:01 <nickager> whoops, not only too verbose, but wrong!
22:01 <hexagoxel> if you really want to count evaluation, you could add some Debug.Trace stuff around `rem`. But that would lead to stderr output only
22:01 <nickager> it was an experiment to see if I understood the State monad
22:02 <nickager> it felt like the kind of thing State is used for … at least that’s my understanding
22:03 <nickager> Ok thanks for your help
22:03 <hexagoxel> yeah, just for State learning, the exact semantics don't matter too much i guess :)
22:04 <nickager> :t (*>)
22:04 <lambdabot> Applicative f => f a -> f b -> f b
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22:08 <argent0> nickager: maybe a Writer monad is more specific to your case (counting uses of rem)
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22:09 <nickager> I thought Writer was problematic
22:10 <argent0> how so?
22:12 <nickager> I thought I read that it was easy to create space-leaks with Writer so use State instead, but now I search I can’t find a reference, so I’ve probably muddled it up with something else
22:13 <hexagoxel> nah, you remember correctly.
22:13 <nickager> How would the Writer work in this context?
22:13 <monochrom> FSVO "easy".
22:13 <monochrom> More precisely, naïve use does. But naïve use of a lazy language already does.
22:14 <monochrom> In particular, space leak with State is just as easy.
22:14 <nickager> hmm looking my Haskell code feels fairly naive at the moment :-(
22:14 <argent0> nickager: I don't know yet, but i was thinking about using the Sum monoid
22:15 <monochrom> Even more precisely, my "naïve" means you pretend that the language is still eager.
22:20 <hexagoxel> monochrom: does that extend to WriterT?
22:20 <monochrom> I think yes.
22:21 <hexagoxel> because the first things i find on the mailing list are "Stricter WriterT" with examples where only StateT has the desired performance, and WriterT does not.
22:23 <monochrom> It is easier to increase eagerness of State. You can just issue a "get" and seq the answer. You don't have a similar handle on the log Writer keeps.
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22:26 <nickager> and doesn’t “Control.Monad.Writer.Strict” help as well?
22:26 <hexagoxel> .. sounds like a good argument to avoid Writer.
22:26 <monochrom> How do you know that it helps, apart from presuming you know what that "Strict" means?
22:27 <hexagoxel> how does using Writer help?
22:27 <monochrom> Having said that, I think you are supposed to stick to execWriter(T) and consume the log lazily. That will be an impedence match with how Writer(T) produces the log.
22:28 <nickager> monochrom: I don’t, I was asking
22:29 <monochrom> No, it doesn't.
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22:30 <hexagoxel> you could argue that until you can distinguish the cases where State is appropriate and where Writer is, just using State might be the easier approach, just from a learning perspective.
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22:31 <monochrom> Well, you will also find an argument to not use a lazy language altogether. let x=[1..100000000000000] in sum x `div` length x.
22:32 <hexagoxel> my argument aligns with learning haskell, yours does not.
22:32 <lpaste> argent0 annotated “counting usage of `rem` in various FizzBuzz solutions using State monad” with “counting usage of `rem` in various FizzBuzz solutions using State monad (annotation)” at http://lpaste.net/3293703882638622720#a511198213139595264
22:32 <nickager> http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/#writer-monad - “This implementation is lazy, so some care must be taken that one actually wants to only generate a stream of thunks. Most often the lazy writer is not suitable for use, instead implement the equivalent structure by embedding some monomial object inside a StateT monad, or using the strict version.
22:32 <nickager> import Control.Monad.Writer.Strict”
22:32 <glguy> "Strict" (WriterT e) isn't strict in the values of type 'e'
22:33 <nickager> is this bad information
22:33 <nickager> ?
22:33 <monochrom> Eh? People will encounter my example during learning. In fact my example 2 months earlier than any Writer example.
22:34 <glguy> I think think of good uses of the lazy writerT, I can't think of any particularly good uses of the strict one
22:38 <glguy> I suppose if you're going to use WriterT on top of another Monad instance witha strict >>= you might as well use the strict writer
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22:46 <lpaste> glguy annotated “counting usage of `rem` in various FizzBuzz solutions using State monad” with “Instead of half-monoid with Writer, how about full monoid?” at http://lpaste.net/3293703882638622720#a355560
22:48 <glguy> nickager: also if you're counting rems, then lines 11 and 12 should count 2 and 3 uses (depending on what you had in mind)
22:49 <glguy> oh, and 3 for otherwise, too
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22:50 <nickager> indeed, poor code in many ways :-)
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23:03 <lpaste> argent0 annotated “counting usage of `rem` in various FizzBuzz solutions using State monad” with “Imperative style” at http://lpaste.net/3293703882638622720#a355561
23:18 <nickager> argent0: neat
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