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13:28 <ebw> Hi! I read a bit about GC in GHC and Go. Would it be difficult to add concurrent GC to GHC? Maybe selectable via some RTS options? (Disclaimer: I don't have a background in these things, so don't be to harsh, if it is a silly idea.)
13:28 <sbrg> ebw: It's definitely not a "silly idea", but it would be difficult, yes
13:29 <sbrg> there's been a lot of talk regarding ghc's gc, and how it is better geared towards some types of workloads than others. and if I'm not mistaken, work is being done on improving it
13:29 <merijn> ebw: I'm guessing you read a specific blogpost about GHC vs Go GC, but that is a rather extremely specific scenario which doesn't happen a lot
13:30 <merijn> tbh, GHC's GC is pretty damn good
13:31 <ebw> I didn't want to suggest that GHC's GC isn't good.
13:31 <merijn> ebw: I'm guessing this is related to the blogpost(s) by Pusher?
13:32 <merijn> I remember an excellent rebuttal to that, but I can't find it right now
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13:32 <ebw> I thought it might be worth to have other options to select. And bounded stop-the-world pauses sounds good. I think it would also be a really easy marketing selling point.
13:33 <ebw> I read the paper the go team published, how they are doing it and thought, that the algorithm itself didn't sound that complicated, but I have no clue into which beast it would turn in a real world implementation.
13:34 <merijn> ebw: The problem with the Go GC, which they carefully don't mention in most of the talks is that it sacrifices basically *every* metric to the god of low latency
13:34 <merijn> ebw: Here's the post I was thinking off: https://blog.plan99.net/modern-garbage-collection-911ef4f8bd8e
13:40 <ebw> Hmm. If it runs concurrently (and parallel) most of the time, isn't it kind of moot, if it take some more CPU? (I need to read the post more thoroughly, yes.)
13:41 <merijn> ebw: Only if your actual workload isn't CPU bound
13:41 <merijn> ebw: If your workload *is* CPU bound you're wasting valuable time that could be spend doing more work
13:41 <ebw> Yeah, that's why I thought it should be an option, you can select, if you want to :)
13:41 <merijn> ebw: There's also issues like: how cheap is allocation?
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13:43 <merijn> ebw: Anyway, it's not impossible to write a different GC for GHC, but it will be a lot of work as it might impact the way code is generated in many ways
13:43 <merijn> It'd also impact how the scheduler works
13:43 <merijn> Overall it's a lot of tricky work
13:46 <ebw> Hmm, doesn't sound like it would be worth it. I just asked myself, why the Go team gets such a good reception with that.
13:46 <ebw> Is there an article, how haskell employs the stack? Like which values it places on the stack, if a function is called?
13:47 <merijn> ebw: A lot of the very loud and vocal people on the internet are not that well informed, tbh
13:47 <merijn> I wouldn't even call the Go implementors to be very competent at language design, let alone the people championing it
13:47 <merijn> ebw: Trick question: Haskell function calls don't use a call stack :)
13:49 <ebw> But certainly not every piece of memory needed in a haskell program will be allocated by malloc/brk or something like that?
13:49 <merijn> ebw: GHC maintains it's heap using mmap and then does allocation itself
13:50 <merijn> Allocating memory in GHC is *really* cheap. It's literally incrementing an int and doing a comparison
13:51 <ebw> I imagine, that is thank to compacting gc?
13:52 <merijn> ebw: So, the way it roughly works is: Every capability (read OS thread) has a private heap. If you want to allocate, you basically take the end of the current heap, increment by your allocation and that's what you use. The comparison is due to check whether your heap is too large, if it is, it triggers a local GC
13:52 <merijn> ebw: Yeah, the compacting GC lets you just keep everything in a dense region, so you can just allocate at the end without worrying about fragmentation
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13:55 <ebw> I feel silly now. I always thought, that you compact, to reduce fragmentation, but I never made the conclusion to how easy it would be to allocate new memory then. lol.
13:55 <merijn> ebw: And if most of your allocations are garbage (see, generational hypothesis, most young values die fast) you only need to copy/compact a small amount
13:56 <merijn> The downside is, if you have a large live-set you need to copy a lot every time
13:57 <merijn> It's a bit more high tech, since there's multiple generations and the older, the less frequently they get GCed (since the older something is, the less likely it suddenly becomes garbage)
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13:58 <ebw> Hmm, so if you want to have long life large objects, you should place them on a heap which is gced by a different algorithm? Are that, what those compacts (I don't recall the correct term atm, but I thought it was called compact.) are for?
13:58 <merijn> compact regions
13:58 <merijn> Yes
13:58 <Geekingfrog> Using cryptonite, is there a way to compare a (Digest MD5) to a text or a bytestring? I want to compare md5 for file integrity.
13:59 <merijn> Normally if you have, e.g. a large Map, if the map is alive you have to copy the entire Map every GC
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13:59 <merijn> ebw: The idea behind compact regions is: Copy something to a special heap once, and then never touch it again, until it gets GCed
14:00 <merijn> ebw: So you copy your huge map to a compact region and you never have to copy/check the map until you lose all references to the region at which point you GC the entire thing in one go
14:02 <ebw> hmm nice, I think you managed to dispel my concerns.
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14:03 <merijn> The pusher blog post was written by people who wanted to keep a several GB set of live data AND maintain microsecond latency. If you only have either a small live set OR care about throughput (instead of latency), GHC does just fine
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14:17 <ebw> Couldn't have the pusher guys justs used those compact regions?
14:18 <merijn> ebw: Well they didn't exist when they wrote it, I think?
14:18 <merijn> Additionally compact regions are for read-only data, I think they updated their data a lot
14:21 <Geekingfrog> merijn: correct, they moved to go about a year ago, and at that time, compact region didn't exist (I'm just learning they are usable now, I thought it was for later)
14:22 <Cale> The version of GHC which has support for compact regions hasn't even been properly released yet. :P
14:23 <Cale> (but it's on rc2, so should be soon :)
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15:18 <WarmCookie> I learned recently that any stable pointer slows down garbage collection because they're managed in a seperated list that needs to be traversed on every collection to be marked and not sweeped.
15:18 <WarmCookie> I reworked an application that was using a ton of IORef for every entity to one IORef and a Hashmap; huge difference.
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15:20 <WarmCookie> Apparently you're expected to have a handful of IORefs only, not thousands :P
15:23 <geekosaur> generally yes
15:23 <geekosaur> but I don;t think this has anything to do with StablePtr
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15:36 <Boarders> as an exercise I wrote a program that does a high-low guessing game where the user keeps inputting a number and it tells you if it is high or low
15:37 <Boarders> if the user inputs something that is not a integer then I want it to re-ask for a guess
15:37 <Boarders> I am a bit unsure how to do that
15:38 <WarmCookie> Boarders: all isDigit xs
15:38 <Iceland_jack> Boarders: Do you know how to test if something is an integer?
15:38 <Iceland_jack> :t readMaybe
15:38 <lambdabot> error: Variable not in scope: readMaybe
15:38 <Iceland_jack> It's in Text.Read.readMaybe
15:38 <WarmCookie> > all isDigit "1234"
15:38 <lambdabot> True
15:38 <WarmCookie> > all isDigit "12n34"
15:38 <lambdabot> False
15:39 <Iceland_jack> :t Text.Read.readMaybe "123" :: Maybe Int
15:39 <lambdabot> Maybe Int
15:39 <Boarders> ah ok
15:39 <Iceland_jack> > Text.Read.readMaybe "123" :: Maybe Int
15:39 <lambdabot> error:
15:39 <lambdabot> Not in scope: ‘Text.Read.readMaybe’
15:39 <lambdabot> No module named ‘Text.Read’ is imported.
15:39 <Boarders> thank you
15:39 <Iceland_jack> ugh that worked in PM
15:39 <WarmCookie> It doesn't handle the empty string case, but you probably want to handle that case independently anyway.
15:39 <Iceland_jack> no nvm, only :t works — odd
15:40 <WarmCookie> Iceland_jack: Correct :)
15:42 <Iceland_jack> readMaybe @Int "" ==> Nothing
15:42 <Iceland_jack> readMaybe @Int "242" ==> Just 242
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15:46 <WarmCookie> Boarders: Iceland_jack I just realised the readMaybe is more correct. Consider negative numbers.
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20:49 <Squarism> say i have : "filterOpt :: Maybe Int" and "aList:[Int]" - is there a nice way of writing the operation "Filter aList if filterOpt is Just otherwise just return list" - wo using "case .."?
20:50 <Squarism> ok.. its "maybe" i guess
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21:29 <jle`> Squarism: note that 'maybe' is more or less just a first-class case statement/branch
21:30 <jle`> the only thing you're really avoiding is the syntactical case construct
21:32 <Squarism> jle`, i guess its more clear with case.. but getting tired of writing : Nothing ->
21:32 <Squarism> =D
21:32 <jle`> Squarism: i guess my point is that there might be a clearer way, in a big picture kind of way
21:32 <jle`> do you use the Int inside the Maybe Int at all?
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21:33 <Squarism> let lstFiltered = maybe lst (\toAndIncluding -> filter (\(id, _) -> id <= toAndIncluding) lst) toAndIncludingOpt
21:33 <jle`> ah
21:33 <Squarism> (dunno if that compiles yet though)
21:33 <jle`> well, assuming it does, another common thing people do is 'maybe id'
21:34 <Squarism> ah ok
21:34 <Squarism> nice
21:34 <jle`> lstFiltered = maybe id (\t -> filter ((< t) . fst)) lst
21:36 <jle`> er, instead of (< t) (t <=)
21:36 <Squarism> that is arguably alot nicer
21:36 <Squarism> or atleast alot shorter
21:36 <Squarism> =D
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21:38 <Squarism> jle`, id love to learn more such useful tricks. Are there any listing somewhere?
21:38 <jle`> i'm not sure if there's a list, these are just kind of small random things that you see from reading a lot of code heh
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22:00 <Gurkenglas> Squarism, "filter $ (< fromMaybe maxBound lst) . fst"? It's less efficient but you may not care
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22:39 <Squarism> Gurkenglas, oh - thats even shorter.
22:39 <Squarism> imperative brainwash stops one from thinking of functions as values
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22:42 <Squarism> I have yet another question - i wanna pass a "generic" function to a function - but stumbles into problems. http://lpaste.net/355632
22:46 <geekosaur> you can make it work with an explicit forall inside the parens --- but you had better not ever need to know what "a" is outside that function
22:47 <glguy> Squarism: The simple solution is to fix the type signature to take the actual type you needed
22:47 <glguy> the complicated solution is to enable RankNTypes
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22:49 <Squarism> the function is supposed to be generic - independent of "a"
22:49 <Squarism> geekosaur, glguy - ok - so "forall a " do require RankNTypes right?
22:50 <geekosaur> yes, what I said is the same as glguy's "complicated solution". (problem being, I can't tell if the simpler one is possible here)
22:51 <geekosaur> (at leats not at a quick glance and a mildly addled head because who ordered this damn weather anyway...)
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22:55 <Squarism> geekosaur, where you at?
22:55 <Squarism> Here its like the first mild summer evening
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22:59 <geekosaur> Ohio. we just flipped from an unusually cool May to weather we'd normally (past 2 decades) start to get only at the end of the month. (and we're going to spend the next week flip-flopping between them)
22:59 <geekosaur> (there seems to be a general rule around here that memorial day weekend is an early taste of midsummer, then back to normal)
23:01 <Squarism> Fair to say, we had an abnormally cool may too - in Sweden
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23:32 <Squarism> So what is the trick to hide anything type parameterized behind some plain interface that doesnt need to deal with these parameters? Say i have function loadThing :: Int -> (Thing -> b ) -> b ; loadThing id workWithThing = ...
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23:33 <Squarism> how do i pack my type parameterized stuff in "Thing"
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23:52 <Squarism> ok.. i can just wrapp it in some type that does that