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00:32 <zacts> is there a haskell equivalent to Ruby's Ruby on Rails, or Elixir-lang's Pheonix framework?
00:32 <zacts> I'm wondering if I should consider Haskell for web development, and why or why not?
00:32 <jle`> zacts: try asking on #haskell for more feedback
00:33 <zacts> jle`: ok thanks :-)
00:33 <zacts> I do actually have to go as my wifi hotspot is broken, but I'll ask in a few hours
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03:06 <Lokathor> Section "29.4 Sharing", in the IO chapter of the book
03:07 <Lokathor> this section has some strange ideas, let me tell you
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03:10 <MarcelineVQ> how strange, would you say?
03:10 <Lokathor> rather
03:10 <Lokathor> there's a use of the word "not" exactly where it should not be
03:11 <Lokathor> There's some strange assumptions too, about when you're guranteed to get a result back or not
03:13 <Lokathor> the sentence, it [GHC] couldn’t [disable all forms of sharing], because all Haskell programs have a main action with an obligatory IO type.
03:13 <Lokathor> is also suspect
03:15 <MarcelineVQ> Ah a concrete example :> Well if IO disabled all sharing and everything you do is in main :: IO _ (which in the end it is) then ghc haskell wouldn't have sharing.
03:17 <MarcelineVQ> where is the 'not' you referred to by the way, "A function of type IO String is not a computation that, if evaluated, will result in a String" ?
03:17 <Lokathor> no, next paragraph or so
03:17 <Lokathor> A function of type IO String is not a computation that, if evaluated,
03:17 <Lokathor> will result in a String; it’s a description of how you might get that
03:17 <Lokathor> String from the “real world,” possibly performing effects along the
03:17 <Lokathor> way.
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03:19 <MarcelineVQ> So yes? :>
03:19 <Lokathor> I would contend that the word "not" shouldn't be in that sentence
03:20 <Lokathor> oh, sorry
03:20 <Lokathor> yes, you were right the first time
03:20 <MarcelineVQ> consider evaluation and executation as seperate things, I can evaluate liftA2 (++) getLine getLine and get a new computation
03:20 <MarcelineVQ> but if I don't execute it I don't have the value that computation described how to make
03:21 <Lokathor> well i suppose it breaks down to how you label evaluate vs execute
03:24 <MarcelineVQ> "Describing IO actions does not perform them" is the meat of the section
03:25 <MarcelineVQ> I can evaluate (piece together) different recipe combinations but that doesn't bake the pie.
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03:46 <Lokathor> MarcelineVQ, That part I agree with
03:47 <Lokathor> it's all the sentences leading up to that which don't sit right :P
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04:27 <gnusosa> Any Parsec experts in the room? :)
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05:16 <glguy> gnusosa: Unless you're taking a survey on the number of experts you should ask your actual question
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06:05 <ebw> Those stack lts version numbers get a new minor every (subjectively) hour or so ... I thought it would mean Long Term Support. How is that supposed to work?
06:11 <ebw> 3 Months ... that is not pretty long ..
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06:17 <MarcelineVQ> lts numbers don't change that fast, even the nightly releases are once a day. regardless, long term support doens't mean things change slowly, it means that things that work should continue to work for a long time.
06:19 <MarcelineVQ> more info here https://github.com/fpco/lts-haskell#readme
06:21 <ebw> Fair enough, but there is nothing written, how long a snapshot will be available? (In contrast to being maintained.)
06:22 <MarcelineVQ> well there isn't exactly a maintaining to do since version of packages lock in
06:23 <MarcelineVQ> so far, afaik, stack isn't old enough to have snapshots too old to be worth keeping around
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06:25 <MarcelineVQ> even the oldest nightlies are still around https://www.stackage.org/snapshots?page=17
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06:29 <ebw> nice so far
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06:48 <ebw> Is it good practice for a library author to provide Arbitrary instances for the types the library provides?
06:52 <glguy> no
06:52 <glguy> or at least certainly not common
06:53 <glguy> it would probably depends on the kind of library you were making
07:02 <ebw> I was simply thinking about that, as I got orphan instances in my toy projects (for learning), when I placed types in lib/whatever.hs and arbitrary instances in tests/tests.hs. Maybe I should look at some libs that come with a testsuite, how they do it.
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11:54 <colt44> What is the best way to handle sql exceptions when trying to execute a query with persistent and esqueleto?
11:54 <colt44> I tried to use insertUnique to avoid exceptions caused by violation of unique constraints.
11:54 <colt44> But I keep getting the exception back. Using insert or insertUnique made no difference.
11:54 <colt44> Also, according to persistent's documentation - there is some fragility to trying to catch the correct exception and determing the column of failure;.
11:54 <colt44> So, I wonder, how does one handle such cases in a more robust way?Y
11:54 <colt44> bitemyapp: any suggestions?
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17:29 <gnusosa> Hi, I'm trying to match only uppercase words in parsec but I can't seem to find a way to combine `many1 letter` with `upper`, I was wishing for something like `many1 letter . many1 upper` or similar. I just want to parse uppercase words. Is there a correct way to do this?
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17:50 <kadoban> gnusosa: Probably: many1 (satisfy isUpper) or something like that
17:50 <kadoban> Not sure if there's a more concise way, didn't see one on a quick scan of parsec docs.
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17:53 <gnusosa> kadoban: that's correct, you can simplify that to `many1 upper`. But that satisfies one or more cases of an uppercase letter.
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18:23 <kadoban> gnusosa: Oh, what do you want instead?
18:23 <kadoban> You want to match 'Blah' and not 'BLAH' and not 'blah' ?
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18:38 <gnusosa> I want to match "BLAH BAH", but it seems "Teem Toady" is also match, I only want uppercase words.
18:38 <gnusosa> I assume `many1` is matching against the two uppercase Ts in `Teem Toady`.
18:38 <gnusosa> kadoban: ^^^
18:38 <kadoban> What's your current try exactly?
18:39 <gnusosa> (Text.Parsec.try $ many1 upper <* eof)
18:40 <kadoban> That should match exactly one UPPERCASEWORD and then nothing else after it. But it'll backtrack if it doesn't match
18:41 <kadoban> If you want to match "BLAH BAH", that would be something like: (many1 upper) `sepBy` space
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18:43 <gnusosa> oh I see.
18:44 <kadoban> Depending on context it might need a bit more around it. If there is any context.
18:45 <gnusosa> that's what it needed the spaces
18:45 <gnusosa> Thanks so much kadoban
18:46 <kadoban> Anytime
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19:37 <ebw> Why can't I write a Semigroup instance for something that is already a Monoid? Like 'instance Monoid a => S.Semigroup a where ...' if I imported Data.Semigroup qualified as S?
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19:38 <kadoban> ebw: What's the error? But in general you can't do that because then what happens with anything that already has both a Monoid instance and a Semigroup instance? Which instance is used, yours or the already existing one? Haskell generally doesn't allow this inconsistency.
19:40 <ebw> It says something about needing a type like (T a1 .. an) with distinct type variables a1 to an.
19:43 <MarcelineVQ> ah, it'll also propose a solution to that in the error, give it a try and see if it helps
19:43 <MarcelineVQ> in the not too distant future Semigroup will be a superclass of Monoid so when possible it's better to write Monoid in terms of Semigroup instead of Semigroup in terms of Monoid
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19:48 <MarcelineVQ> I think that's FlexibleInstances, which is :seti -XFlexibleInstances in ghci or {-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-} at the top of your source file, if it suggests something else in the error try that
19:50 <ebw> yes it suggests FlexibleInstances but at the moment I try to google what that is and if there are caveats I need to take care of, if I use that.
19:50 <MarcelineVQ> good plan
19:50 <MarcelineVQ> https://downloads.haskell.org/~ghc/latest/docs/html/users_guide/search.html?q=-XFlexibleInstances&check_keywords=yes&area=default
19:51 <kadoban> It's certainly not in my "known okay to turn on always" set of extensions.
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19:57 <geekosaur> it's in my list of "safe but often inappropriately suggested" list
19:57 <geekosaur> er s:2nd/list/extensions/
19:59 <Akii> it's in my "had that once and fixed it by adding a type signature" list
20:00 <kadoban> Oh is it? I thought it was in the not-all-that-safe-or-sane list. I'll have to take another peek at it sometime.
20:01 <MarcelineVQ> Undecidable is closer to that description, depending on what you're making
20:01 <geekosaur> yeh, it's no UndecidableInstances pragma, its main "problem" is ghc often suggests it when something else is wrong
20:02 <geekosaur> and turning it on mya or may not unconfuse ghc
20:02 <kadoban> Ah
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20:02 <geekosaur> but having it on always won't mean all your programs are unsafe
20:02 <geekosaur> (or potentially unsafe)
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20:15 <colt44> anyone willing to enlighten me on how to catch an error thrown by persistent/esqueleto?
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20:39 <dmj`> colt44: what have you tried so far
20:42 <colt44> dmj`: I tried to use insertUnique to get a maybe in case of unique constraint violation but I kept getting the exception back when executing the query. then I used `try` to get an Either in case of exceptions. but whenever I try to work with the Either I get this error message Could not deduce (Exception t0) arising from a use of ‘catch’ from the context: (MonadHandler m, MonadCatch m)
20:42 <colt44> I ran out of ideas.
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20:44 <colt44> dmj`: being able to work with the either is enough for me. but I don't understand what I need to do to make the compiler happy in this case
20:45 <dmj`> colt44: can you paste code (lpaste.net)
20:45 <colt44> sure
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20:51 <lpaste> colt44 pasted “Handle Persistent Exception” at http://lpaste.net/355740
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20:52 <colt44> dmj`: here it goes
20:53 <dmj`> :t putStrLn “test"
20:53 <lambdabot> error: lexical error at character '\8220'
20:53 <colt44> dmj` line 11 is the one that throws the exception
20:56 <dmj`> colt44: have you tried to use `catch` (the method of MonadCatch)
20:56 <dmj`> also, slight nit, line 12
20:56 <dmj`> :t ($) forM xs
20:56 <lambdabot> error:
20:56 <lambdabot> • Variable not in scope: xs :: t a
20:56 <lambdabot> • Perhaps you meant one of these:
20:56 <dmj`> :t \xs -> ($) forM xs
20:56 <lambdabot> (Monad m, Traversable t) => t a -> (a -> m b) -> m (t b)
20:56 <dmj`> :t \xs -> forM xs
20:56 <lambdabot> (Monad m, Traversable t) => t a -> (a -> m b) -> m (t b)
20:56 <dmj`> you can drop the ($)
20:57 <dmj`> https://hackage.haskell.org/package/exceptions-0.8.3/docs/Control-Monad-Catch.html#v:catch
21:02 <colt44> dmj`: just wrap the whole query ? -> catch (query)(something else)
21:03 <dmj`> colt44: sure
21:03 <dmj`> the monad you’re in is type SqlPersistT = ReaderT SqlBackend
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21:04 <dmj`> ReaderT is an instance of MonadError, so catchError might works as well
21:05 <dmj`> colt44: you could do this in Handler though.
21:05 <dmj`> newIdE <- runDB $ saveEntry authId audioFileInfo category now entry
21:05 <dmj`> what if you put a try here instead
21:05 <dmj`> result <- try $ runDB (saveEntry authId audioFileInfo category now entry)
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21:17 <colt44> dmj`: not sure how to use the catch in this context.
21:17 <dmj`> :t catchError
21:17 <lambdabot> MonadError e m => m a -> (e -> m a) -> m a
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21:19 <dmj`> x <- (runDB $ saveEntry authId audioFileInfo category now entry) `catchError` (\(e :: SomeException) -> liftIO (print e))
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21:21 <dmj`> colt44: you’ll have to comment out returning entryId in saveEntry
21:21 <dmj`> SqlPersistT m () ~ ReaderT r IO ()
21:22 <dmj`> where m ~ IO, I’m unsure what r is in SqlPersistT
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21:32 <colt44> dmj`: but I need to know what the inserted key is. omiting it would be of no use to me
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21:38 <dmj`> colt44: right, what is the type of Handler? I’ve never used Yesod
21:39 <colt44> `postEntriesR :: EntryCategory -> Handler ()` where EntryCategory is a value extracted from the URL.
21:43 <dmj`> colt44: try something like this, http://lpaste.net/3982074629224136704
21:44 <dmj`> colt44: where Int is your Key Entry
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21:50 <colt44> dmj`: I got a Illegal type signature: ‘Either SomeException EntryId’ Type signatures are only allowed in patterns with ScopedTypeVariables, do I need to enable anything to be able?
21:51 <dmj`> put {-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-} at the top
21:51 <dmj`> of the file
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21:56 <colt44> dmj`: thank you so much. it worked. I was on the rigth path with the entry thing. What I was missing was the language extension to give the proper type for the compiler.
21:56 <dmj`> colt44: sweet!
21:57 <dmj`> colt44: happy hacking
21:57 <colt44> dmj`: I pretty much appreciate your help
21:57 <colt44> thanks
21:57 <dmj`> colt44: np
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22:38 <moly> Is this the place to ask for help about using stack to install a package?
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22:40 <kadoban> moly: It's an acceptable place
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22:41 <moly> I'm trying to install HaskellR using stack and nix, as the documentation says to do, using the command "stack --nix build".
22:42 <kadoban> Never heard of it. I don't really know nix either. What trouble are you running into though?
22:42 <moly> some of the packages fail to install because stack cannot find a C compiler, but I have gcc installed and in my $PATH
22:46 <moly> Configuring network-
22:46 <moly> configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-compiler, --with-gcc
22:46 <moly> checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
22:46 <moly> checking host system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
22:46 <moly> checking for gcc... no
22:46 <moly> checking for cc... no
22:46 <moly> checking for cl.exe... no
22:46 <moly> configure: error: in `/run/user/1000/stack11595/network-':
22:46 <moly> configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
22:46 <moly> See `config.log' for more details
22:48 <moly> but "which gcc" returns "/usr/bin/gcc", and "echo $PATH" returns a string that includes /usr/bin
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23:17 <moly> Is there a better forum to ask the above question?
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23:19 <glguy> moly: #haskell is more active than this channel. It's probably worth bundling up all the output from the terminal and from config.log and putting it on http://lpaste.net and asking there
23:20 <glguy> You shouldn't be pasting so many lines to IRC
23:21 <glguy> moly: Using nix to build will limit the set of people who can help you, but perhaps someone will notice something from the log
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23:28 <moly> OK, thanks
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