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04:55 <uglyfigurine> hi im new to haskell and tryin to write a method unsucessfully
04:55 <uglyfigurine> the compiler is not being very helpful
04:55 <uglyfigurine> module Cipher where
04:55 <uglyfigurine> import Data.Char
04:55 <uglyfigurine> caesar :: Int -> [Char] -> [Char]
04:55 <uglyfigurine> caesar n [] = []
04:55 <uglyfigurine> caesar 0 xs = xs
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04:55 <uglyfigurine> caesar n x:[] = shift n x : []
04:55 <uglyfigurine> caesar n (x:xs') = shift n x : ceasar n xs'
04:55 <uglyfigurine> shift :: Int -> Char -> Char
04:55 <uglyfigurine> shift n x = chr $ ord x + n
04:55 <uglyfigurine> whoops sorry i thoughti had the pastebin link
04:55 <Cale> caesar n x:[]
04:55 <uglyfigurine> https://hastebin.com/wovuhepaqa.hs
04:56 <Cale> This parses as (caesar n x) : []
04:56 <uglyfigurine> yeah thats the line its complaining abt
04:56 <jle`> looks like you got (x:xs') right
04:56 <Cale> You wanted to write caesar n (x:[])
04:56 <jle`> so you understand how parsing works
04:56 <jle`> but for some reason you wrote x:[]
04:56 <Cale> or simply caesar n [x]
04:56 <glguy> or even better: caesar n []
04:56 <uglyfigurine> oh rip
04:56 <uglyfigurine> ty
04:56 <Cale> oh, and indeed, handle the empty list case instead
04:57 <Cale> caesar n [] = []
04:57 <Cale> and then you don't need a special case for lists of length 1
04:57 <Cale> ah, but you already are
04:58 <Cale> So that case for lists of length 1 is just totally unnecessary, you can delete it
04:58 <uglyfigurine> oh yea.
04:58 <uglyfigurine> now i am gettgin an error saying not in scope caesar perhaps u meant caesar
04:58 <Cale> uhh
04:59 <Cale> I'm pretty sure GHC doesn't use 'u' ;)
04:59 <Cale> ceasar
04:59 <uglyfigurine> u?
04:59 <Cale> ^^
04:59 <Cale> "perhaps u meant caesar"
04:59 <uglyfigurine> ohhh
04:59 <glguy> uglyfigurine: When you retype instead of paste the error message about a typo
04:59 <glguy> and then make the same typo...
05:00 <uglyfigurine> So imagine if i hadnt deleted that x:[] case
05:00 <uglyfigurine> glguy: sorry.XD
05:00 <uglyfigurine> i read it just fine which is why i didnt make it
05:01 <uglyfigurine> so yeah if i hadnt deleted the case x:[] and the body of that case was "shift x n : []"
05:01 <uglyfigurine> and the main body had a shift too. could i define shift in the where clause of the method?
05:01 <uglyfigurine> and have it share among the two cases?
05:02 <uglyfigurine> coz right now i had to write shift as its own method that got exposed too. but i dont want to expose it
05:03 <Cale> If you wanted to put the definition of shift in a where clause and use it from more than one pattern match, you'd have to switch to using a case expression to do the pattern matching
05:03 <Cale> Where clauses scope only over a single pattern match
05:03 <geekosaur> also consider just not exporting shift
05:03 <Cale> (but all of its guards)
05:03 <Cale> Yeah, you can also just add a module declaration which doesn't export it
05:04 <Cale> module Cipher (caesar) where
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05:04 <uglyfigurine> oh
05:04 <uglyfigurine> how do i decide which format to use for pattern matching?
05:04 <uglyfigurine> are there any conventions?
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05:09 <glguy> uglyfigurine: What alternatives are you considering?
05:10 <uglyfigurine> I am wondering whats the convention to pick between guards, function pattern matching , case pattern matching
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05:25 <uglyfigurine> Since i cant put multiple modules in the same file, Main always has to be its own module?
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05:37 <uglyfigurine_> whoops i did not notice i got disconnected. ty if u answered my questions
05:38 <glguy> Yes, the Main module is always a separate module and a separate file from any other module. One module per file
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15:58 <benzrf> trying to build nixos on top of unix is like trying to build lens on top of javascript
15:58 <benzrf> imho
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16:14 <benzrf> oops wrong channel
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16:52 <evilmaid> hi. if i wanted to do something like filtering values of a arbitrary type, i keep thinking i'd need something like a getter where i could specify the name of a field, or some form of reflection. am i right to assume that i should throw that idea out and look at lenses (full disclosure, i've never used lenses)
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16:58 <evilmaid> sorry, i'll do a proper example of what i'm trying to do. that question made no sense, please disregard
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17:03 <Xion_> Well there is
17:03 <Xion_> :t filter
17:03 <lambdabot> (a -> Bool) -> [a] -> [a]
17:03 <Xion_> You can put whatever you want in the first argument :)
17:06 <evilmaid> hehe, true. there's also Data.Map filter, or filterWithKey which is something along the lines of what i'm trying to do (if I make the type a map, or transform it when filtering)
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17:12 <Akii> evilmaid: a bit more info would be nice
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17:25 <evilmaid> right. i don't have any actual code yet, as i'm just pondering how i'd go about doing it. given a list of [{"name": "john"}, {"parent": "john"}] i'd like to be able to filter the two (different types) if a given key matches a predicate, e.g. filter $ fn "parent" "john" $ list. we actually talked about a different issue a while back, where we used HashMap lookup on an Aeson Object
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17:27 <Akii> the weird json, I think I remember :D
17:27 <evilmaid> i'm thinking that'd be the most normal way to do it, but would i have an alternative to using a HashMap instead of distinct types, or could i make my types instances of hashmap (or something similar)?
17:27 <evilmaid> indeed :)
17:29 <evilmaid> it doesn't have to be json or anything, that's just the first example i could think of. overall the question is, short of accessing fields by an argument (key) in a hashmap, can i do anything else? in records the getter is a function, and that might do
17:30 <evilmaid> i.e. get_val "key" = key; get_val that_type
17:30 <Akii> :t lookup
17:30 <lambdabot> Eq a => a -> [(a, b)] -> Maybe b
17:30 <Akii> hmpf
17:31 <Akii> the answer is likely to be lenses
17:31 <Akii> but then again, everything can be done with lenses
17:32 <evilmaid> oh, neat. i'll try that for the --hell-- thrill of it. i'm a bit wary of lenses still
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17:33 <Akii> my take on lenses is this: if you have a deeply nested kinda random data structure and you want to get/set -> might be something for lenses
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17:33 <Akii> not saying random as in actually random
17:33 <Akii> but like few well known sets of structure
17:34 <Akii> (although I'm pretty sure this lense stuff can also handle random structure.. somehow)
17:34 <evilmaid> you do have a good point, i've just never looked at lenses
17:35 <Akii> just check out lenses :D if they're not solving the thing you know lenses, if it does you know lenses
17:35 <Akii> win win
17:36 <evilmaid> with the chance of ending up not knowing lenses :D
17:36 <evilmaid> but yeah, you're right. thanks
17:36 <Akii> nah, they're not so hard
17:36 <Akii> I got proof for that
17:36 <Akii> I kinda used them, so they can't be too hard
17:36 <Akii> just did very basic stuff with them though
17:36 <evilmaid> mathematical proof? :)
17:37 <Akii> you can go apeshit crazy with lenses and generic programming
17:37 <Akii> like "append 'your mom' to every string in an arbitrary datastructure"
17:38 <evilmaid> ok, you figured me out
17:38 <Akii> ha that's what you wanted to do all along, huh? :D
17:39 <evilmaid> i mean, i'm sure there are *other* uses of generic programming, but... :)
17:41 <Akii> let's just say, there are practical uses and not so practical
17:41 <Akii> can't find the talk but it's possible
17:41 <Akii> and I don't think you need that anyway xD
17:42 <Akii> everytime I thought "this is the time, this time you need generics" I ended up not needing them
17:42 <Akii> wait, that's the wrong word
17:42 <Akii> not generics; generic programming
17:42 <Akii> generics is this Java thing in brakets
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17:54 <Cale> Well, people use the word "Generics" for this in Haskell.
17:55 <Cale> Java's idea of "generics" is basically just parametric polymorphism.
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21:02 <coredump> hah, the haskell book said to not skip Lambda Calculus chapter and I as like I should skip this chapter.
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21:11 <Cale> coredump: tbh, it probably can wait until later -- you can learn about lambda in the context of Haskell as a whole. However, the thing which probably can't wait is the ability to think in terms of equations and substitution of variables.
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21:16 <coredump> Man this book is putting some pressure on me
21:16 <coredump> as in
21:16 <coredump> if I don't learn it's probably because I am dumb :P
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22:02 <MarcelineVQ> coredump: there's more than a couple exercises I spent multiple hours on that were simple in hindsight. don't feel dumb, it's new stuff, you'll get it
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