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06:14 <pagios> hi , what is the password for mongodb user on linux?
06:14 <pagios> if i want to ssh to ti
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07:06 <KekSi> pagios: check /etc/passwd, i'm quite sure its login-shell is /usr/sbin/nologin or /bin/false so you're not allowed to open a shell
07:06 <pagios> it is /bin/sh
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10:25 <tundebadmus> Hello
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10:54 <tundebadmus> hello
10:55 <tundebadmus> mongod and mongo is working fine but mongorestore is not working
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10:56 <tundebadmus> Please what could be the problem, I have already set the PATH in my bin folder
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10:58 <ren0v0> Hi, my mongo instance died, and the last log was this > I COMMAND [ftdc] serverStatus was very slow: < How can i tell why the process died?
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11:00 <ren0v0> process just shows mongodb.service: Failed with result 'signal'.
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11:02 <Derick> ren0v0: what's in the log?
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11:03 <ren0v0> 2017-02-21T17:38:53.375+0000 I COMMAND [ftdc] serverStatus was very slow: { after basic: 0, after asserts: 0, after connections: 0, after extra_info: 0, after globalLock: 0, after locks: 110, after network: 110, after opcounters: 110, after opcountersRepl: 110, after repl: 600, after storageEngine: 1150, after tcmalloc: 1370, after wiredTiger: 1380, at end: 1770 }
11:04 <Derick> ren0v0: put the last 50 lines up in a pastebin.com
11:04 <ren0v0> Derick, ok give me a minute
11:05 <tundebadmus> Derick: Please what could be the source of my problem. Only mongo and mongod works on my computer, all the other daemons don't
11:06 <Derick> tundebadmus: what does "not working" mean? Doesn't it start, can't you find the binaries, etc etc
11:07 <tundebadmus> Yes it doesn't start at all.
11:07 <ren0v0> Derick, http://pastebin.com/RnhWnbTR
11:08 <Derick> tundebadmus: with which error?
11:08 <tundebadmus> says command not found, though am in the bin folder
11:09 <Derick> tundebadmus: on a unix?
11:09 <tundebadmus> mac osx
11:09 <Derick> the current directory isn't part of your path
11:09 <Derick> you need: ./mongorestore (with the ./)
11:09 <Derick> ren0v0: that doesn't show that mongod *isn't* running. What does netstat -a -n | grep 27017 show?
11:09 <tundebadmus> I have set the PATH a number of times
11:10 <Derick> tundebadmus: not correctly then... what does "echo $PATH" show (in the same shell)?
11:10 <tundebadmus> Derick: /usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin
11:11 <ren0v0> Derick, weird, yes ports are open but no mongo process is running http://pastebin.com/APF8F6r5
11:11 <Derick> ren0v0: so ports are open?
11:11 <ren0v0> sorry i dont mean ports are open, i mean it says "established" on them, let me paste it
11:11 <ren0v0> Derick, this is a replica-set
11:11 <ren0v0> the netstat output just shows a secondary trying to heartbeat it
11:12 <Derick> tundebadmus: that doesn't show tha tthe current path is in there, does it?
11:12 <ren0v0> thats the odd thing is the mongo log doesn't show anything helpful, doesn't show that it crashed or anything
11:12 <Derick> ren0v0: can you start it without services? By hand, with the right config file?
11:12 <tundebadmus> how do I do it the right way
11:12 <tundebadmus> but mongo and mongod runs
11:13 <Derick> tundebadmus: I don't know how to set system wide paths on OSX
11:13 <tundebadmus> ok
11:13 <Derick> but ./mongorestore, with "mongorestore" in the current folder should work
11:13 <Derick> export PATH=/my-current-path:$PATH in the same shell should also work
11:13 <tundebadmus> with the ./
11:13 <Derick> yes, with the ./
11:13 <tundebadmus> ok
11:14 <Derick> the . means "current directory"
11:14 <Derick> unlike windows, the current directory is not part of the path
11:14 <tundebadmus> wow, it worked
11:14 <tundebadmus> but why
11:14 <Derick> I don't know why, that's how Unices work
11:15 <tundebadmus> Thanks a lot, I have taken note of this.
11:15 <tundebadmus> Really gratefull
11:15 <ren0v0> Derick, i'm sure it will start, i haven't even tried to as wanted to find out why it crashed
11:16 <Derick> tundebadmus: http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/254715
11:17 <Derick> ren0v0: oh right - "dmesg" sometimes shows crashes, with a reason
11:17 <Derick> are you out of diskspace?
11:18 <ren0v0> nope, plenty of space
11:18 <ren0v0> there is no dmesg log
11:18 <ren0v0> syslog is too full, log has been rotated :(
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11:20 <ren0v0> Derick, sorry to waste your time, found it OOM
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11:20 <Derick> ren0v0: OOM :-/
11:20 <Derick> that's odd though
11:23 <ren0v0> its ok, it could be anything so i'll find it :)
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11:29 <ren0v0> Derick, i'm getting Index rebuilding did not complete: 11000 E11000 duplicate key error collection: on one of my members, what are the common reasons for that happening? and is it safe to run > note: restart the server with --noIndexBuildRetry to skip index rebuilds
11:37 <Derick> ren0v0: common reasons is that you have a duplicate key :)
11:37 <ren0v0> tehe
11:37 <Derick> you can do the noindexbuildretry, but that's hiding the problem
11:37 <Derick> and it would be strange, as if the primary has no duplicate keys, the secondary shouldn't have it either
11:37 <ren0v0> its a replica member, it should be sync'ing from primary or whatever so how is that possible
11:38 <Derick> so I would try to figure out whether the primary has the same duplicate
11:38 <ren0v0> primary is down to be fair, but dont see why that would matter
11:38 <ren0v0> i'll restart them all now, just wanted to get records of the issues in case we needed to fix
11:38 <Derick> In that case, find out which document causes the issue and fix it. If the primary is down, there is a new primary....
11:40 <ren0v0> Derick, there isn't, 2 of 3 are down so its failed
11:40 <ren0v0> i started it with nobuildindex and someone else is now primary
11:41 <ren0v0> but then if i stop and start without the flag its back
11:41 <Derick> I'd expect that
11:41 <Derick> you need to figure out whether the same indexes are on both hosts, and why there is a duplicate
11:42 <ren0v0> ok
11:42 <ren0v0> 2017-03-03T11:41:09.182+0000 E STORAGE [initandlisten] WiredTiger (13) [1488541269:182508][9711:0x7f90291a5c80], file:WiredTiger.wt, connection: /var/lib/mongodb/WiredTiger.turtle: handle-open: open: Permission denied
11:42 <ren0v0> errors everywhere!
11:42 <Derick> that's likely because you started something as root while the service doesn't do that
11:43 <ren0v0> :O
11:43 <ren0v0> so i'm making a huge mess now
11:43 <Derick> yes :-)
11:43 <ren0v0> lucky this is staging servers :D
11:44 <ren0v0> so yes i did run it as root, now i have to manually delete storage to get it running again under service ?
11:46 <Derick> no, you can change it to the right user with chown
11:49 <ren0v0> well its running now
11:49 <ren0v0> frmo service, no errors about indexes
11:49 <ren0v0> and other primary is also running
11:52 <ren0v0> primary is constantly building an index on that same collection though, every say 5-10 seconds. no errors but is that normal? says background:false so maybe thats why its logging it
11:52 <Derick> it's possible when you have lots of inserts going
11:52 <Derick> otherwise it sounds fishy
11:53 <ren0v0> ah the duplicate key is on primary now
11:54 <ren0v0> but its not crashing
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15:39 <tt55> Hi. Our app makes extensive use collection renames. We have used mongo 2.7, 3.0, and now we're trying to upgrade to 3.2. I have performed many inital syncs, but the sync is crashing with "Applying renameCollection not supported in initial sync". I'm really surprised by this. What are my options? Thank you.
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18:48 <michaeldgagnon> on a (non production) mongo 3.2 sharded cluster with 2 shard repsets... we took ebs snapshots from each shard, then tried to restore them. 1 shard repset comes up with its data, but the other doesn't (though its all on disk). The 'bad' one behaves as if it has no data and logs no errors. What is this telling me...?
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20:09 <jrmg> Anyone has any experiende with VPC peering? How's like handling large number of connections?
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