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01:40 <duckduckgo> What is the right way to store an entire dataframe (~300kb) into a single Mongodb document? Is it a good idea?
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02:01 <duckduckgo> What is the right way to store an entire dataframe (~300kb) into a single Mongodb document? Is it a good idea?
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03:28 <duckduckgo> What is the right way to store an entire dataframe (~300kb) into a single Mongodb document? Is it a good idea?
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03:56 <BlueProtoman> I'm interested in making a query that only returns one value per object. How can I just get this data back as a plain Array?
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04:21 <Platyp> i have a collection with documents containing an array field where the elements of the array are of the form "Day-Hour:Customers", and i need to extract the customers for Fri-21. how would i go about doing this?
04:22 <Platyp> my goal is to get the documents with the lowest nonzero Fri-21 customer count
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09:27 <RxMcDonald> Hello, is there a clever way to avoid more lines of code if the variable is undefined? i.e. $set: { var1: value, var2 is undefined so no, etc } ?
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09:50 <nalum> hello all. I'm running mongodb on kubernetes and I've started getting timeout errors from the nodes. I'm not sure where to start looking, any pointers?
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10:29 <synthmeat> is it possible to instruct mongodb (or more likely the driver) to compress data _in transfer_ (don't care about storage)
10:29 <synthmeat> like, driver: "gimme entire collection but gzip it before you send it". mongod: "sure, here's gzipped json"
10:31 <Derick> synthmeat: we're looking at adding driver to server compression for the next release
10:32 <Derick> but mongod won't sell gzipped json... it would still just be bson as part of the wire protocol, but then compressed
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10:32 <Derick> sell? no, send
10:32 <Jimeno> hey. When I'm trying to insert a document if it doesn't exist yet, how do I generate the _id of the object I want to check if exists or not? Thx
10:33 <Derick> Can you try to phrase that again? I am not quite understanding that
10:33 <Jimeno> I've a python object, let's call it City
10:33 <Jimeno> I want to insert it into the mongo db but I want to check it it already exists before inserting it
10:34 <Jimeno> To just update the fields that have changed in case that the object already existed in the db
10:34 <Derick> which field in City is unique?
10:34 <Jimeno> for example the name
10:35 <Derick> then you need to make the _id field the name of City
10:35 <Derick> you shouldn't need to have to check whether a document already exists, as that causes race conditions
10:35 <Jimeno> hm... how? isn't _id a hash generated by mongo's engine?
10:36 <Derick> no
10:36 <synthmeat> Derick: oh, ok. interesting and useful. thank you! i'll then skip ad-hoc implementation of mine for now. it'll cut, for my use case, bandwidth/latency almost 2 orders of magnitude then, if the compression ratio is close to what gzip does to json
10:37 <Derick> _id is auto generated by the driver for new documents, unless you have set it yourself
10:38 <Jimeno> so, if I've a City object with name and many other attributes, should I set the name as _id and then create a field called name with it?
10:39 <Derick> maybe? I don't know what "should I set the name as _id" means
10:39 <Derick> are you using some sort of ODM?
10:42 <synthmeat> Jimeno: i frequently use replaceOne with upsert to similar effect, if i already know for a fact that those would be fairly infrequent
10:44 <Jimeno> synthmeat: absolute noob with mongo, a link will be absolutely welcome
10:44 <Jimeno> Derick: reading a json file, creating City objects with contents and then inserting them into the DB
10:46 <Derick> if you want to have the City name unique, assign the _id field of the document that you're inserting to the value of the name from the JSON file then
10:48 <Jimeno> Derick: thx, will give it a try
10:49 <synthmeat> Jimeno: https://docs.mongodb.com/v3.2/reference/method/db.collection.replaceOne/
10:50 <Jimeno> synthmeat: thanks!
10:51 <synthmeat> Jimeno: basically, you tell it to find one according to some filter (probably _id in your case, which is city name), new document you will replace it with, and set upsert to true so it creates it if it doesn't find it
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12:21 <jeffreylevesque> hey anyone here use puppet to install mongodb?
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12:27 <artok> jeffreylevesque: no but ansible playbooks on their way
12:27 <jeffreylevesque> playbooks?
12:28 <artok> yeah, ansible uses yml "playbooks" to do provisioning
12:28 <jeffreylevesque> ah, yeah i just semi google it
12:28 <jeffreylevesque> never used ansible before
12:29 <artok> best thing after sliced bread
12:30 <artok> as it has also modules for AWS, DigitalOcean etc
12:34 <jeffreylevesque> ansible has modules for aws?
12:34 <artok> yeah, I've got playbooks to start AWS instances and then provisions them
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13:58 <coalado> can I project a query to return of fields exist?
13:59 <coalado> I do not want to return the value of fields, but a boolean if the field exists or not
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16:30 <Danielv123> I have a database with items. They are {ID:"string", amount:36083} + some other data I am interested in reading. I want to get all entries with a specific ID and amount is in a selected range but I have been unable to get the selector to work. Can anyone help me? http://pastebin.com/bR3pn7zr
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16:34 <Mmike> Hi, lads. How would one check if replicaset communcation is taking place over ssl?
16:36 <Bizkit> hey i am currently trying to find the best way to store json data in a mongodb document via php, but can't find any resources on what the best format would be, i don't need to iterate or search the json data while it's in mongodb, i tried to convert it to bson with MongoDB/BSON/fromJSON but that throws an exception (i checked my json data and it's valid) so should i store it as a json string or key value pairs or is there a way
16:36 <Bizkit> to make the conversion to bson work?
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16:55 <Jeroen__> HI there!
16:55 <Jeroen__> I have a question about protecting my MongoDB installation.
16:56 <Jeroen__> I will be running multiple Raspberry Pi units that will send and receive data to my database.
16:56 <Jeroen__> My mongodb installation is running on a linux Ubuntu 16 installation.
16:57 <Jeroen__> However, to make sure the incomming connections are from computers I actually trust, I can use IP filtering/whitelisting in order to kick out any connections that are from an unknown IP address.
16:57 <Jeroen__> However, because the building I’m making this for uses dynamic IP addressing (DHCP), I can’t rely on IP addresses. Therefor, I would like to filter by MAC address.
16:58 <Jeroen__> Does anyone know how I can reliably filter on MAC addresses in this manner?
16:58 <artok> or use authentication ?
16:58 <Jeroen__> I’m already using a log-in system to make sure I know what rights every one.
16:59 <Jeroen__> Right, I’m doing that, but the problem is that the source on the Raspberry Pi will be open, so if anyone can get the source, they also know the log-in detauls.
16:59 <artok> ok
16:59 <Jeroen__> to make sure I know what rights every one has*. (Managers, have R/U, admins have R/W, RPIs have R/W, etc.)
17:00 <Jeroen__> So I would like to check incomming connections for log-in details to check for permissions, and MAC addresses for connecting at all.
17:01 <artok> and you aren't able to add dhcp table that every client would get always same ip?
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17:02 <Jeroen_> That is outside my permissions I believe.
17:02 <Jeroen_> I’m making this for my school, together with some other teammates.
17:02 <Jeroen_> However, since this is starting to look like a serious project, I may be able to make that happen.
17:02 <Jeroen_> But MAC addresses would be more reliable. That’s why.
17:02 <Jeroen_> robom
17:03 <artok> ok
17:03 <Jeroen_> oops, ‘robom’ was a mistake
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17:06 <artok> there is still possibility to fake mac addresses
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17:30 <Danielv123> Jeroen_, mac addresses can be faked. If you want security, just use a non hardcoded password.
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17:46 <Jeroen_> @Danielv123 I understand, but I was just wondering. I’m planning to utilize other security measures as well, but I just wanted to know if MAC address whitelisting was possible.
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19:50 <Sasazuka> :q
19:50 <Sasazuka> sorry wrong window
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20:31 <nicole_pygirls> Morning
20:31 <nicole_pygirls> derick
20:31 <nicole_pygirls> im still fighting with that , now using a new scheme
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20:34 <nicole_pygirls> Who can help me to aggregate this ?
20:34 <nicole_pygirls> https://paste.ubuntu.com/24147839/
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22:50 <nicole_pygirls> hi
22:50 <nicole_pygirls> anyone online?
22:51 <nicole_pygirls> this is a botnet channel?
22:51 <nicole_pygirls> :p
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22:56 <artok> about
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> about
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> lol
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> do you know mongodb?
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> i need to sort this
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> https://paste.ubuntu.com/24147839/
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> aggregate
22:57 <nicole_pygirls> for each hour
22:58 <nicole_pygirls> $stats.2017.3.9.0.sum for example
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23:13 <jeffreylevesque> is anyone here?
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