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03:43 <mantazer> hi
03:44 <mantazer> what is the best way of converting my document back into a python object?
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09:21 <keph> hi
09:22 <keph> if I wanted to index two fields in a collection I'm aggregating, where both fields are used but on different aggregation stages, am I better off having two indices, or one compound?
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10:23 <keph> so... anyone? ;)
10:23 <kcjpop> hi guys, my db instance couldn't start because of full disk space and am thinking to manually delete the .wt file in dbpath folder. Is it somehow...safe to do?
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10:33 <Derick> kcjpop: do you still need the data?
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10:34 <kcjpop> partly yes, but it's scheduled to delete later
10:34 <Derick> then you can't touch the .wt files savely
10:35 <kcjpop> I see
10:35 <kcjpop> but if I just delete the .wt, can the instance start again? I hope yes
10:35 <Derick> yes, but you lose your data
10:35 <kcjpop> *I can ask the decision from upper manager
10:36 <kcjpop> okay I guess that's our option at the moment
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10:36 <kcjpop> because we can collect those data again, it just takes time :(
10:36 <Derick> you might need to empty out the whole dbpath - it's best not to mess with the files
10:38 <kcjpop> hmm, it's tricky because there are collections that we definitely want to keep
10:38 <keph> btw on the off chance my question got lost in all those quits and joins: if I wanted to index two fields in a collection I'm aggregating, where both fields are used but on different aggregation stages, am I better off having two indices, or one compound?
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13:40 <* ssarah> says hi
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16:12 <jaraco> this has got to be an easy one - how do I create a document if it doesn’t exist, return the new or existing document, but not modify it? The findOneAndUpdate seems to do what I want except that it wants me to modify the document. Passing an empty update is rejected because findOneAndUpdate _insists_ on at least one atomic operator.
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17:51 <KamiRathAlt> i'm trying to run the following on node.js and it fails, but it works successfully in shell
17:51 <KamiRathAlt> can someone please elaborate?
17:51 <KamiRathAlt> https://hastebin.com/evipizupav.coffeescript
17:51 <KamiRathAlt> it's just a simple updateMany call
17:55 <gitgud> dont know why it wont work :P
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17:55 <gitgud> i have used node with native mongodb and it works on mine
17:57 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, i think you needs to learn async code
17:57 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, ?
17:57 <KamiRathAlt> whats wrong with the code snippet i pasted lol
17:57 <KamiRathAlt> i'm using promises correctly
17:58 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, can you paste the error?
17:58 <gitgud> if you are getting any?
17:59 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, there is no error, it's just breaking implicit contracts. I.e result.matchedCount should equal 1 and result.modifiedCount should equal 1
17:59 <KamiRathAlt> but both are 0
17:59 <KamiRathAlt> everything else works, inserts etc
18:00 <gitgud> if both are 0 then that means it failed to match, no?
18:00 <KamiRathAlt> i'm so confused, it just started working out of nowhere... now i am scared I have a race-time error
18:01 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, yea it failed to match but then shell works
18:01 <KamiRathAlt> the same exact command
18:01 <gitgud> its working on coffescript now?
18:01 <KamiRathAlt> yea...
18:01 <KamiRathAlt> this is fucking weird
18:01 <KamiRathAlt> I didnt change a single line of code
18:01 <gitgud> well test like 10 more times
18:01 <gitgud> to see if its viable
18:01 <gitgud> lol
18:02 <gitgud> make sure you edit the thing back after each test lol
18:02 <gitgud> cause u need to have it match right
18:02 <KamiRathAlt> yea
18:04 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, tested like 20 times it works
18:04 <KamiRathAlt> what in the world...
18:04 <KamiRathAlt> i dont feel satisfied lol, i ran into this error during production
18:04 <gitgud> yeah maybe you forgot to change it back at a time
18:04 <gitgud> so this happened
18:05 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, yea maybe, thanks anyways!
18:05 <KamiRathAlt> will just have to see if this happens again
18:05 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, btw question for you
18:05 <gitgud> why do you like coffeescript?
18:06 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, i'm not using coffeescript haha
18:06 <KamiRathAlt> hastebin just auto inferred it was
18:06 <gitgud> ok
18:06 <gitgud> lol
18:06 <gitgud> what the fuck hastebin
18:06 <KamiRathAlt> personally I hate cs, I feel like it strips away too much meaning
18:06 <gitgud> CS?
18:06 <KamiRathAlt> JS is already flexible AF
18:06 <KamiRathAlt> coffeescript
18:06 <gitgud> oh coffeescript lol
18:06 <gitgud> i thought u said "comp sci"
18:06 <gitgud> see im stupid like that lol
18:07 <gitgud> oh so you're a js fan. cool
18:07 <gitgud> i like node
18:07 <gitgud> i use the native mongodb thing as i feel it doesnt take away too much
18:07 <gitgud> from shell format
18:08 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, yea, mongo can use some extra frameworks and stuff though
18:08 <KamiRathAlt> mongoose imo is trash
18:08 <gitgud> extra frameworks?
18:08 <KamiRathAlt> maybe something to track state
18:08 <gitgud> i dont like mongoose
18:08 <gitgud> i heard that mongoose is slower
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18:09 <KamiRathAlt> eh, I just think mongoose strips away from mongo a lot of the flexibility it offers
18:09 <KamiRathAlt> you might as well use a RDBMS
18:09 <gitgud> oh yes def
18:09 <gitgud> mongoose makes you use a forced schema
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18:09 <gitgud> on a db that is supposed to be schemaless
18:09 <KamiRathAlt> mongo to me is what dbs should be, but I really hate how its not ACID compliant
18:10 <KamiRathAlt> what dbs should be: global application memory basically
18:10 <gitgud> well there are places where a rdbms is useful too no?
18:10 <KamiRathAlt> the way I see it, nosql can potentially mimic rdbms so what is the use case for rdbms?
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18:11 <gitgud> yeah i was thinking that too
18:11 <gitgud> schemas can be enforced on a schemaless but not other way around
18:12 <gitgud> so in a way, this json based stuff is more flexible
18:12 <KamiRathAlt> yea, so definitely some sort of framework that allows for easier way to "identify" implicit schema on schemaless data
18:12 <KamiRathAlt> cause in the end you can say it is schemaless but data still has relationships and such you know
18:13 <KamiRathAlt> management of variable usage and other stuff
18:13 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, not sure why a framework needs to exist to identify schema?
18:13 <gitgud> the user can just use varialbes he needs throughout the program
18:13 <gitgud> and keep it in his mind
18:13 <gitgud> a framework doesnt need to be there to force you
18:13 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, well if the project gets complex enough you may lose track of where variables are
18:14 <KamiRathAlt> the biggest issue with a schemaless design is that it is more up to the user to make sure the db does not get corrupted
18:14 <gitgud> well if you are so inclined you can keep a file open with the schemas in there lol
18:14 <KamiRathAlt> add schemaless to non-acid complaint and you have a mess, but the philosophy behind mongodb is good
18:14 <gitgud> like what variables are in your schema you can just remember
18:15 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, right but then that would require two sets of documentation
18:15 <gitgud> you can use tools like robomongo to see it visually too
18:15 <KamiRathAlt> I prefer my code to be my documentation
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18:15 <gitgud> so you need build an entire framework just for that one thing?
18:15 <gitgud> i dunno man
18:15 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, well it wouldn't be a large framework it would be a pretty light framework
18:16 <KamiRathAlt> robomongo looks interesting though, maybe you can do it through mongo natively
18:16 <KamiRathAlt> but it would only probably be through mongo events or etc
18:16 <gitgud> robomongo just shows you what data you have in your thing
18:16 <gitgud> one quick look at your existing set and you know what your schema variables are :p
18:16 <gitgud> if you know you're schema based
18:16 <KamiRathAlt> i'm talking about adding mongo db logic to a framework which you can then request for that db logic back later
18:16 <gitgud> but if not, then that also works
18:17 <KamiRathAlt> keeps logic all in one place, allows for you to pre-emptively see a birds eye view of what logic pieces would change what variables
18:17 <KamiRathAlt> without actually needing the code to execute
18:17 <KamiRathAlt> but maybe i'm doing/seeing it wrong
18:17 <gitgud> idk
18:17 <gitgud> if you need it then you need it LOL
18:18 <gitgud> for me i just look at my routes and i can understand what kind of insert/update i need or am doing in there
18:18 <gitgud> its a big project too
18:18 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, maybe I have a shitty memory hahaha
18:18 <gitgud> but if others need such a framework
18:18 <gitgud> then i cant say no
18:18 <gitgud> just make sure ya use the framework lol
18:18 <gitgud> if it exists
18:18 <KamiRathAlt> yea, my biggest worry though is that it makes designing less flexible
18:18 <gitgud> and not just import it because someone told u tho
18:19 <KamiRathAlt> which is okay if the framework is a good framework but, heh.
18:19 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, well i'd probably code this framework from scratch lol
18:19 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, like for example in nodejs so many people import express just because someone told them to
18:19 <KamiRathAlt> eh, express isn't horrible though
18:19 <gitgud> even tho it doesnt get used in that particular project
18:19 <gitgud> every framework isnt horrible if you use its features
18:19 <gitgud> but if you import it and dont use it
18:20 <gitgud> then thats another abstraction thats just there for nothing
18:20 <KamiRathAlt> why would someone import express and not use it though O.o
18:20 <KamiRathAlt> they just use `http`?
18:20 <gitgud> because they are usually noobs
18:20 <gitgud> i just use 'http'
18:20 <gitgud> i have no use for express
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18:20 <gitgud> but there are people who dont know what express even is or does
18:20 <gitgud> and import it anyway
18:20 <gitgud> because its the popular thing
18:20 <gitgud> MEAN stack or whatever
18:20 <KamiRathAlt> express is a nice pretty nice framework though
18:21 <KamiRathAlt> middlewares and all
18:21 <KamiRathAlt> it's a good design
18:21 <gitgud> that router feature is something i have created in my program in 20 minutes lol
18:21 <gitgud> i mean i dont mean to put people down btw
18:21 <KamiRathAlt> well is it closed source?
18:21 <gitgud> currently yea
18:21 <gitgud> dude
18:21 <KamiRathAlt> i'd still trust express more then haha
18:21 <KamiRathAlt> more testing
18:21 <gitgud> sure i guess
18:21 <gitgud> express is just taking those routes
18:22 <gitgud> then attaching functions to it
18:22 <gitgud> like a map
18:22 <KamiRathAlt> yup
18:22 <KamiRathAlt> it's a framework afterall
18:22 <gitgud> you can do that yourself?
18:22 <gitgud> lol
18:22 <KamiRathAlt> you can
18:22 <KamiRathAlt> but why should I?
18:22 <gitgud> you have to look at benchmarked performance too
18:22 <gitgud> express takes up more performance on every http call
18:22 <gitgud> than your http module
18:22 <gitgud> because it copies values
18:22 <gitgud> into other object
18:22 <gitgud> needlessly
18:22 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, but that would be a micro-op wouldn't it?
18:23 <KamiRathAlt> e.g node.js likes to scale horizontally not vertically
18:23 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, if you can throw hardware at it, go ahead haha
18:24 <gitgud> me personally i also like to optimize
18:24 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, why waste time writing/debugging/maintaining a more performant framework if I can just throw up another cheap node :D
18:24 <gitgud> and it took me 20 minutes
18:24 <gitgud> so i have no use for express
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18:24 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, have you checked out koa?
18:24 <gitgud> no
18:24 <gitgud> camping?
18:24 <KamiRathAlt> gitgud, no koajs
18:25 <KamiRathAlt> designed by team behind express, more performance, uses generators
18:25 <gitgud> nah never used it
18:25 <KamiRathAlt> got an example site I can visit to see your work gitgud ?
18:25 <gitgud> KamiRathAlt, no we have not released yet :)
18:25 <KamiRathAlt> first project? gitgud
18:25 <gitgud> first project of this type yeas
18:26 <gitgud> before this i worked on backend stuff
18:26 <gitgud> data processing
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20:03 <Bodenhaltung> I try to migrate my application to php7 and the new php-driver, how can i "adapt" the datetime? At the moment, i use "$date->sec", is there a way to keep this format with less overhead? May i am not sure but this is the "new" way? $date->toDateTime()->format('U')
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20:27 <Bodenhaltung> Hmm and if $date is empty...i get "Uncaught Error: Call to a member function toDateTime() on null", so i cannot check "$date->sec != ''"? Or is there a Workarround wich i dont see?
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21:33 <mortal1> howdy folks, I've tried to save a function in mongo with db.sytem.js.save
21:33 <mortal1> i do a db.loadServerScripts();
21:33 <mortal1> and try to execute my function, and it doesn't work
21:34 <mortal1> any way i can confirm my function is there?
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21:37 <mortal1> http://pastebin.com/sRggLYGD
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