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03:53 <Soopaman> is there a way to "default" an ObjectId referencing field?
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04:21 <trompstomp> I am getting back into using Mongo after not using it for a year or so and I am looking for recommendations on a good management tool. Previously I used Robomongo but just saw they were recently bought out by 3T (Formerly MOngoChef). I still plan on giving Robomongo a go but I was curious if anyone had any other recommendations. 3T looks nice but I'm not willing to pay that price.
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04:29 <Soopaman> robomongo still is free
04:30 <Soopaman> It "works", though I use it alongside shell
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04:35 <trompstomp> hmm. i'm ggona give it a go. I was just curious if there were other recommendtions. It doesn't seem like any of the options are that good. r I haven't fund them yet
04:36 <trompstomp> Or I haven't found them yet*
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06:29 <emil_k> Hi
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06:31 <emil_k> I am relatively new to mongodb and got the responsibility to administrate a mongodb setup which consists of one mongos instance on one server and a replica set with three servers each on it's own hardware.
06:31 <smokeysea> with connection with replica-set in mongodb, does one have to make/break before every read/write?
06:32 <smokeysea> emil_k: whats the question?
06:32 <emil_k> Now the disks on the replica servers are getting full and I have prepared three new servers which I would like to use and replace the current replica servers.
06:32 <emil_k> My current setup is in version 3.0 , while I have three new servers which have 3.2
06:32 <emil_k> My question is if I can simply run something like this:
06:33 <emil_k> One moment, please-
06:35 <emil_k> to add the new servers with rs.add("new_server_1:27017") rs.add("new_server_2:27017") and rs.add("new_server_3:27017") , next wait a day or two until they are in sync and then run rs.remove("old_server_1:27017") rs.remove("old_server_2:27017") and rs.remove("old_server_3:27017")
06:35 <emil_k> Is it as simple like that?
06:35 <smokeysea> experts need (beyond my scope ;))
06:35 <smokeysea> SOS please
06:36 <emil_k> Ok. :)
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06:43 <smokeysea> emil_k: from https://docs.mongodb.com/v3.2/tutorial/expand-replica-set/ it seems like you can stop the mongodb copy the data to new space and use that space as data in new instance. and rs.add()
06:43 <smokeysea> but wait till someone needs to confirm this. :|
06:44 <emil_k> smokeysea, thank you for taking a look at it, while I would prefer the described scenario above (if it is possible just to avoid a downtime of the services based on mongodb) :)
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06:46 <smokeysea> they say if you add directly without copying the data from old-instance then sync will take long time. Hence its better to copy from stopped instance. But if you think downtime is crucial then whatever you said might work.
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07:05 <emil_k> So I could stop the mongod on secondary server, copy the data to the new server, and then simply start the mongod on secondary server again and start the new servers mongod? But the file format on new server is wired tiger, on the old one it is not wired tiger and might create some more complexity.
07:06 <emil_k> Whatever works, I will be happy if someone could confirm so I can resolve this situation. :)
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07:26 <emil_k> Sorry, I might timeout sometimes. Hope I did not miss anything. :)
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07:49 <emil_k> In regards of my previous questions, is it save under any circumstance to run those commands on the primary and add only one server for testing? Or might it break something?
07:51 <emil_k> Can rs.add("new_server_1:27017") ever break things on the operational replica set or is it generally save to use?
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08:45 <emil_k> Hi, is anyone there who might help me out of this misery described above?
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08:54 <emil_k> I am just little concerned if I can add another member to the three member setup or is it a problem?
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09:06 <emil_k> Or is it better in our three member replication setup to remove one old mongod with rs.remove and add another new server with more disk space with rs.add ?*
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09:15 <neodarz> Hello, I have a little problem...I don't understand how to make a script like an sql script to create a database and add some rows in my tables. Somebody know please ?
09:25 <Derick> you don't need to create a database
09:26 <Derick> you just need to insert documents, and a database and collection will be created for you
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09:27 <neodarz> oh, ok but can I named my database ?
09:29 <Derick> sure
09:29 <Derick> how are you connecting to MongoDB?
09:30 <neodarz> with the command line tool "mongo"
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09:32 <Derick> okay
09:32 <neodarz> My mogondb database is local and without password
09:32 <Derick> on the command line, you can use "use mydatabasename"
09:33 <Derick> or, you can start it with "mongo mydatabasename"
09:34 <neodarz> okay, this work. But I want to write this command in a file and execute this with mongo
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09:43 <emil_k> Derick, you have ops. Can you possibly provide me with some advise here?
09:43 <Derick> emil_k: I didn't see a question?
09:43 <emil_k> Oh
09:43 <emil_k> I will copy and paste to pastebin
09:43 <emil_k> Give me a minuute
09:43 <Derick> neodarz: you can pass a .js file as argument to mongo too
09:43 <Derick> do a "mongo --help" and it says so in the 2nd line of the output
09:44 <neodarz> Oh ! Derick It's ok finally, juste a typo error... Thank you for your help :)
09:45 <neodarz> Ah I dind't the second line of the --help ... But ok now it's work.
09:46 <emil_k> Derick, https://pastebin.com/wJ14h73P
09:47 <Derick> emil_k: you can do that - but I would recommend one at a time, and wait until it's synced
09:48 <emil_k> So there is no problem to add a fourth server to a three member setup?
09:48 <Derick> before you add the second new one
09:48 <Derick> emil_k: no
09:48 <emil_k> Ok, that sounds great. :)
09:48 <Derick> it wouldn't gain you any extra failover capability, but it's not making it worse either
09:49 <Derick> emil_k: please also make sure that before you do a "rs.remove", the primary is not one of the nodes you're removing
09:50 <emil_k> Derick, thank you , understood.
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09:52 <Derick> emil_k: it's the same as our recommended way of upgrading mongo versions really
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09:54 <emil_k> Derick, okay, good to know. I just wanted to verify with someone experienced that I am not on the wrong track here . :)
09:54 <emil_k> Thank you!
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10:00 <emil_k> Derick, I did that and can confirm now rs.status shows new member in "STARTUP2" state and syninc from existing member. Thanks again! :)
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11:47 <jeffreylevesque> am i supposed to create an explicit database for my config server?
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12:48 <huhu_> Hello, is there someone familiar with configuring an auditFilter for MongoDB?
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13:41 <emil_k> Derick, are you available? The state changed to secondary now for the recently added member. But one think makes me suspicious.
13:42 <emil_k> While checking on the primary the db size
13:42 <jeffreylevesque> i'm wondering if I should use postgres instead of mongo
13:42 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: definitely not
13:42 <jeffreylevesque> howcome?
13:42 <emil_k> show dbs is showing
13:42 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: why do you make the statement?
13:43 <jeffreylevesque> they both support json, and there's like 900+ people in #postgres. I'm working on personal hobby project. But, between coffee breaks / lunch i'm trying to figure out how to setup mongo, and it doesn't seem like a trivial process
13:44 <Derick> posgresql's JSONB datatype is nowhere near the same as MongoDB's native rich data structures
13:44 <Derick> setting up MongoDB is installing a package
13:44 <jeffreylevesque> i'm using the puppet module - https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-mongodb
13:44 <emil_k> Derick, https://pastebin.com/dUJgvugZ
13:45 <jeffreylevesque> and, i don't know if i need to create a database for my config server, explicitly
13:45 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: sorry, I don't know puppet. WHy do you need a config server?
13:45 <jeffreylevesque> for sharding
13:45 <emil_k> The size given by show dbs is significantly bigger compared to file system usage of the new member
13:45 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: are you needing sharding for a "hobby project" ?
13:45 <jeffreylevesque> sharding replica sets
13:45 <jeffreylevesque> i'm building a prototype for https://github.com/jeff1evesque/machine-learning
13:45 <Derick> emil_k: 3.2 with default wiredtiger uses compression
13:45 <jeffreylevesque> well, that repo is a prototype
13:46 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: how much data do you have?
13:46 <emil_k> Oh, aweseome. :)
13:46 <emil_k> Derick, thank you again.
13:46 <Derick> emil_k: also, new data has no missing holes (As it's not fragmented)
13:47 <jeffreylevesque> it's just development sandbox
13:48 <jeffreylevesque> one thing i'm stuck on, is whether I have to explicitly create databases, or setting the config server mode to true, implicitly creates the db
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13:48 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: start with something small - you don't need the replicasets and sharding
13:48 <Derick> I *believe* you need to have a database existing before you can shard it
13:48 <jeffreylevesque> it needs to be running to shard and replicated
13:49 <jeffreylevesque> but, i could probably write some kind of logic into puppet to check if it can connect
13:49 <jeffreylevesque> if all hosts can connect to each other, then i can link them
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13:53 <jeffreylevesque> Derick: you work on mongod on a regular basis?
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13:53 <Derick> I work on the PHP driver
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13:55 <jeffreylevesque> ah really cool
13:55 <jeffreylevesque> i'm looking for people to help me
13:56 <jeffreylevesque> it's taking me too long to develop this app
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14:02 <Derick> i've enough side projects :D
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15:59 <jeansch> Hi, I've got a sharded setup, each shard have a replicaset.
15:59 <jeansch> I would like to add a new member to one of the replicaset (let call him sh_1).
15:59 <jeansch> I tried two ways:
15:59 <jeansch> - using rs.add() on the PRIMARY of sh_1 quickly fail and the new host remove itself.
15:59 <jeansch> - shuting down the SECONDARY, copying data to the new host, starting both, and using rs.reconfig(with update conf.members), that start and fail later.
15:59 <jeansch> In both case, the new host remove itself because he found he is not in the replicaset config.
15:59 <jeansch> The new host have the right replication settings (the name).
15:59 <jeansch> Do I have to mention the new host elsewhere ? (eg: in the mongos or config servers)
16:00 <jeansch> Mongo version is 3.0.4
16:01 <jeansch> mongos status says:
16:01 <jeansch> mongos> sh.status()
16:01 <jeansch> --- Sharding Status ---
16:01 <jeansch> [...]
16:01 <jeansch> shards:
16:01 <jeansch> { "_id" : "sh_0", "host" : "sh_0/mongors1.xxx:27010,mongors4.xxx:27011" }
16:01 <jeansch> { "_id" : "sh_1", "host" : "sh_1/mongors2.xxx:27010,mongors3.xxx:27010" }
16:01 <jeansch> [...]
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17:02 <wowz> Hi all, I got this error while importing a 40Mb json file that was previously exported. The largest document is 3MB. https://pastebin.com/rBkmWXdg
17:04 <wowz> export was done mongoexport --db dpp_Demo --collection workPeriodData --out workPeriodData.json
17:05 <wowz> and import mongoimport --db=dpp_Demo --collection=workPeriodData /tmp/dpp_Demo/workPeriodData.json
17:05 <wowz> but now I get this error?
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17:14 <Halidith> Hi, im having trouble filling this schema with documents. What am i doing wrong? This is the code: https://pastebin.com/8wunqvCD
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17:47 <omenius> I've read too many times that people don't like mongo because "you have to make it act like real database". Is this really the case?
17:52 <omenius> also many people say that "mongo is just cache database" :D
17:53 <omenius> forgive my ":D", it's just somewhat tragicomic that something so big/efforted software gets this kind of accusations
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18:04 <saml> hey, I have a string field that should be ISO8601. is there a way to do group by by date? dropping timestamp
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18:10 <saml> {$project:{t:{$substr: ['$field', 0, 10]
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18:29 <arussel> Is there a way to know how long does a query has to wait inside the server before being processed ?
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19:00 <gamespttr> hi -- if i add an index to a field, will the index be on all documents, old and new?
19:00 <gamespttr> i'm adding the index via the shell
19:02 <arussel> it will index all documents
19:08 <gamespttr> thank you
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19:53 <JohnsonAskot> If I'm using a query like: db.products.find({"variants": { $elemMatch: { "meta.group.code": "M10" } } }, {"globalTitle":1, "variants.$": 1}); is there a way to specify what fields in "variants.$" that I want to return?
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20:25 <gamespttr> JohnsonAskot, why not {variants.$.fieldToReturn:1}
20:25 <gamespttr> oh is variants.$ a complex doc hmm
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20:35 <JohnsonAskot> gamespttr Yeah I've tried that. It includes all the fields instead of just the one I selected
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20:54 <jeffreylevesque> anyone here can help me setup a sharding cluster?
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21:17 <jeffreylevesque> what is " got signal 15 (Terminated), will terminate after current cmd ends"
21:19 <jeffreylevesque> can anyone help me debug - https://bpaste.net/show/382eae4072f0?
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