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02:52 <jeffreylevesque> does it matter which configserver my mongodb node connects to - https://docs.mongodb.com/v3.4/tutorial/deploy-shard-cluster/#connect-to-one-of-the-config-servers?
02:54 <joannac> No, it's just for the purposes of initialising the replica set
02:57 <jeffreylevesque> is that saying connect each of your config server, to another config server?
02:57 <jeffreylevesque> or, connect each of your shard server to a config server?
03:13 <jeffreylevesque> is there a specific command to check the connection of a configserver?
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04:48 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: I have updated my paste with the datetimezone, this throws actually an error "Fatal error: Uncaught MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException: can't convert from BSON type missing to Date in " can you help me to get this working? https://gist.github.com/Bodenhaltung/34fb39dc458e1b81e15734866f8683a9
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06:42 <Bodenhaltung> If i try $add in $group i get the error: "The $add accumulator is a unary operator in ...."
06:43 <Bodenhaltung> Sounds like C? :D
06:43 <Bodenhaltung> Co-Worker told me i should rename my project to "fatal error generator"...what an *** :(
06:43 <Bodenhaltung> :D
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07:52 <Buzer> hey. Is there a best practice way to migrate MongoDB from CA1 to CA2? We are looking into enabling TLS in our cluster and the certificates would be issued by Hashicorp's Vault & plan is that the issuing CA would have somewhat short lifetime (thinking of 1 or 3 years), but there doesn't seem a documented path on how to migrate to new CA (as membership authentication requires certificates to be signed by same
07:52 <Buzer> CA). The only way I could think of was that I could migrate back to keyfile authentication and then back to TLS with new CA
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08:06 <ksa> Buzer: Just update cert on one node, restart it - continue to the rest. They don't need exactly same CA. Correct me if I'm wrong :-)
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08:13 <senaps> hi guys, i have a problem updating a collection using using pymongo https://beepaste.io/view/eZ2EC9
08:14 <senaps> any body to help me out with this?
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09:34 Topic for
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10:28 <* ssarah> hallo
10:30 <Derick> hi
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10:35 <Buzer> ksa: They don't? The documentation suggests otherwise: "A single Certificate Authority (CA) must issue all the x.509 certificates for the members of a sharded cluster or a replica set." @ https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/configure-x509-member-authentication/#x509-member-certificate
10:36 <Buzer> Of course if the they only need to share the same root CA, that simplifies things
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11:44 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: You are available?
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11:49 <mgracer48> i need help installing c++ drivers
11:50 <mgracer48> https://pastebin.com/XqViGSDm
11:51 <mgracer48> i have installed libbson source by following the instructions exactly
11:51 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: wassup?
11:52 <mgracer48> problems compiling with cmake
11:55 <Derick> mgracer48: can you share See also "/home/mgracer48/mongo-cxx-driver/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". ?
11:55 <mgracer48> ok
11:55 <mgracer48> let me get vnc viewer im using a vps
11:55 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: I have updated my paste with the datetimezone, this throws actually an error "Fatal error: Uncaught MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException: can't convert from BSON type missing to Date in " can you help me to get this working? https://gist.github.com/Bodenhaltung/34fb39dc458e1b81e15734866f8683a9
11:56 <Bodenhaltung> If i try $add in $group i get the error: "The $add accumulator is a unary operator in ...."
11:56 <Derick> mgracer48: please don't share as an image, but as text so search is possible
11:56 <mgracer48> yea
11:56 <Derick> ok :)
11:56 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: is $date an ISODate value?
11:56 <Bodenhaltung> Jubb
11:56 <jeffreylevesque> am I supposed to connect each of my config server to another config server, or each of my mongo instance to a config server - https://docs.mongodb.com/v3.4/tutorial/deploy-shard-cluster/#connect-to-one-of-the-config-servers?
11:57 <jeffreylevesque> not sure what what that link means
11:57 <mgracer48> https://pastebin.com/7kv0sGaz
11:58 <mgracer48> @Derick thanks for helping me :)
11:58 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: you need need to connect to one of the config servers
11:58 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: so that you can set up the config servers ReplicaSet
11:59 <jeffreylevesque> which servers need to connect
11:59 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: sorry?
12:00 <Derick> you mean for step 3?
12:00 <jeffreylevesque> step 2
12:00 <Derick> mgracer48: that doesn't show anything regarding libbson - you sure that's all that's in that file
12:00 <jeffreylevesque> each config server needs to connect to another config server?
12:00 <mgracer48> yes im sure thats what outputs in terminal when i run that command
12:00 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: you need to connect to one of the config servers, and you tell (through step 3), to combine all 3 config servers into a replicaset
12:01 <mgracer48> and yes i did hit select all
12:01 <mgracer48> and copy
12:01 <mgracer48> and pasted
12:01 <Derick> mgracer48: hmm - that log isn't helpful
12:01 <mgracer48> :(
12:01 <jeffreylevesque> what needs to connect to the config server?
12:01 <jeffreylevesque> each config server needs to connect to another config server?
12:02 <jeffreylevesque> or do i connect all servers to a config server
12:02 <jeffreylevesque> or do i connect a shardserver to a config server
12:02 <mgracer48> what should i do
12:02 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: all 3 config servers need to connect to each other. You do that from one config server by logging into it, and doing step 3
12:02 <Derick> mgracer48: out of ideas here where to look
12:03 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: and then later, the document describes how to connect the other things together
12:03 <jeffreylevesque> thanks you!
12:04 <Derick> mgracer48: I am not sure now.
12:04 <jeffreylevesque> what's the best way to check if another config server is available
12:04 <jeffreylevesque> should i just ping the address of the config server?
12:04 <mgracer48> i ran it again this time in vnc viewer
12:05 <mgracer48> not sure if this would change output
12:06 <mgracer48> is it different now? https://pastebin.com/gNxein2C
12:06 <Derick> jeffreylevesque: I'd try "mongo --host ip" and see what it says on the prompt - AFAIK, it should say whether it's a config server or not
12:06 <Derick> mgracer48: doesn't look like it
12:06 <mgracer48> sigh
12:09 <mgracer48> find_package(LibBSON ${LIBBSON_REQUIRED_VERSION} REQUIRED)
12:09 <mgracer48> this is the code where it fails
12:09 <mgracer48> the terminal points to it
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12:11 <Derick> mgracer48: how did you install libbson? maybe something went wrong? I don't understand this cmake stuff much.
12:11 <mgracer48> http://mongoc.org/libbson/current/installing.html
12:11 <mgracer48> installing from source
12:13 <mgracer48> libbson is installed in lib64
12:13 <Derick> why in lib64? that sounds non standard
12:13 <Derick> did you use a package, or compile from source?
12:13 <mgracer48> oh thats wrong i followed the instructions
12:13 <mgracer48> source
12:14 <Derick> i would use: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
12:14 <Derick> instead of /usr with libdir=usr/lib64
12:14 <Derick> which distribution are you on?
12:15 <mgracer48> Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial
12:16 <Derick> yeah, Ubuntu does that differently
12:17 <mgracer48> <@Derick> thanks for helping me :D
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12:17 <Derick> that's all right - thank me when it works ;-)
12:18 <mgracer48> CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.5/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:367 (message): A required package was not found Call Stack (most recent call first): /usr/share/cmake-3.5/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:532 (_pkg_check_modules_internal) cmake/FindLibMongoC.cmake:33 (pkg_check_modules) src/mongocxx/CMakeLists.txt:23 (find_package)
12:18 <mgracer48> ugh
12:18 <mgracer48> i installed libmongoc via the package
12:18 <mgracer48> apt-get
12:18 <Derick> and also libmongoc-dev ?
12:18 <mgracer48> ohhh
12:18 <mgracer48> that didnt fix it
12:18 <mgracer48> sadly
12:18 <Derick> you might have to remove the CMake cache file
12:19 <mgracer48> ok
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12:19 <Derick> CMakeCache.txt is the file
12:19 <mgracer48> nope
12:19 <mgracer48> should i try building from source?
12:20 <Derick> not sure whether that'd help
12:20 <mgracer48> idk installing to usr/local helped libbson
12:20 <mgracer48> instead of using apt-get
12:21 <Derick> apt-get would have put it in /usr I think
12:23 <Derick> I'd try it myself if I'd be at home.
12:24 <mgracer48> and c driver automatically installs to local?
12:24 <Derick> i would hope so
12:24 <mgracer48> lol
12:25 <Derick> oh, did you install libbson-dev ?
12:25 <Derick> the c++ driver build needs that
12:25 <mgracer48> um
12:25 <Derick> do you want the c, or c++ driver?
12:25 <mgracer48> c++
12:25 <mgracer48> i need c driver for c++
12:26 <Derick> oh, right
12:26 <Derick> the *old* c++ driver doesnt
12:27 <Derick> anyway, installing libbson-dev might work
12:27 <Derick> I got to go though, have actualy work to do :)
12:28 <mgracer48> libbson-dev is installed
12:31 <mgracer48> DUDE THANK YOU
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13:45 <fatninja> somehow the WiredTiger.wt file gone missing
13:45 <fatninja> I can't recover it with extundelete it seems, what can I do to make my db work ?
13:45 <fatninja> I have no backups :(
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14:10 <fatninja> anyone ?
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15:07 <mddeff1> working with mongo 3.4 on Cent 7.3, having issues with x509 auth in a sharded cluster, getting the "SSL peer certificate validation failed: unsupported certificate purpose" error, but i've double and triple checked the extended key usage fields, and they are correct ("TLS Web Client Authentication"), has anybody run into this before?
15:08 <mddeff1> the config server, and my two shards all have the "TLS Web Client Authentication" set, should one of them be "Server Authentication"?
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18:58 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: If you have time, can you please take a look at my question earlier this day?
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22:08 <neodarz> Hello, I'm confused. I don't understand the documentation. I followed this http://symfony.com/doc/master/bundles/DoctrineMongoDBBundle/index.html but I have an error about the primary key of my document. My $id variable has as mapping this @MongoDB\Id(strategy="AUTO", type="string") . So somebody have an idea to resolve this ?
22:09 <neodarz> The error message is :
22:09 <neodarz> No identifier/primary key specified for Document 'AppBundle\Document\Video'. Every Document must have an identifier/primary key.
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22:59 <jeffreylevesque> does https://bpaste.net/show/c528a4ef6e3a mean i've successfully connected to another mongodb host?
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