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01:10 <BlueProtoman> If I have a lot of identical strings inside a MongoDB collection (say, from a finite set), does MongoDB store every single string? Or just pointers to some string table?
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06:52 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: If you have time, can you please take a look at my question yesterday?
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08:54 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: I thought I had replied to your question too?
08:55 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: No. :(
08:56 <Bodenhaltung> Should i send the link again to gistfile?
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09:11 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: I have updated my paste with the datetimezone, this throws actually an error "Fatal error: Uncaught MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException: can't convert from BSON type missing to Date in " can you help me to get this working? https://gist.github.com/Bodenhaltung/34fb39dc458e1b81e15734866f8683a9
09:11 <Bodenhaltung> If i try $add in $group i get the error: "The $add accumulator is a unary operator in ...."
09:13 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: I replied to that:
09:14 <Derick> you should do the project before the group though
09:17 <Bodenhaltung> Hmm, no error but also no result.
09:19 <Derick> you need to show what you're doing... I can't guess
09:22 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Good point, looks now:
09:22 <Bodenhaltung> https://nopaste.me/view/b6c261bf
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09:24 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: you know PHP supports [ ... ] for array( ... ), right?
09:25 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: what types of values do you have in the date field? Is it ISODate, or a unix timestamp as integer?
09:25 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: It is ISODate
09:26 <Derick> OK, I think this should work then
09:26 <Derick> but you left out the first bit now... where you construct $dateStartQ
09:28 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: you might also want to watch https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-28611 as that would make this much easier
09:35 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Thanks for the hint with [ and the LInk to Watch, i get still no result, if i use the date in find() i get a few results: https://nopaste.me/view/9432451e
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09:40 <sieve> Hi, Is it active in herE?
09:40 <Derick> sortof
09:41 <sieve> Surprised there isnt a slack
09:41 <sieve> All the new kids like slack
09:41 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: you will get the documents from today
09:42 <sieve> for post in posts.find({'timestamp': {'$gte': start, '$lt': end}}):
09:42 <sieve> ….post['server'] = servers.find_one( {'_id': {'$eq': post['server'] }})
09:42 <Derick> sieve: please use a pastebin for code
09:42 <sieve> I'm struggling to understand how I join
09:43 <Derick> MongoDB does not have joins
09:43 <sieve> Derick: well, indeed but you can resolve a ref or something no?
09:43 <sieve> Or is what I am doing the most efficient way?
09:44 <Derick> you need to do multiple queries. What you do, is probably not. As you will do a query for each of your originally found documents. It's better to construct an array of the IDs you found, and run a query with that as second query
09:45 <sieve> Derick: so I need a mechanism to check if something exists in my array and if not, query it.
09:46 <sieve> Derick: that was my line of thinking.
09:46 <sieve> Ok, cool. That will be an interesting programming challenge.
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09:56 <jhonnyRV> hello guys
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09:59 <jhonnyRV> i`m trying to use a script to insert some entries into mongoDB. (i`m using robomongo ATM). thing is that, regardless of number of entries i choose to insert, i only get only 127 entries per run (of script).
09:59 <jhonnyRV> is there some limit set in mongo for this?
10:05 <Derick> not at 127 - there are limits in the amount of data in a package, or items in a bulkwrite, but nowhere near 127
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10:09 <jhonnyRV> Derick: the very 1st run of script i do with robomongo it works fine (most of the times). like, i can insert some 10K entries. all next runs only add 127 entries per run
10:09 <jhonnyRV> its really weird
10:15 <Derick> could be a bug in robomongo? do you not get an error anywhere?
10:15 <Derick> log files?
10:15 <jhonnyRV> no, no errors
10:17 <jhonnyRV> anyway i can run the script from cli ?
10:17 <jhonnyRV> it's a .js file
10:17 <jhonnyRV> maybe it's robomongo's fault
10:18 <Derick> mongo --help will tell you how
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12:08 <Bodenhaltung> re
12:09 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Ah, it worked but now i get no value for the "average", it is still empty: https://nopaste.me/view/9432451e
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13:08 <ngmvit> iam trying to make a query but finding it difficult to do,
13:09 <ngmvit> 1) fetch all documents , 2) fetch more docs from same collection based on different match but the id should be same as the last step
13:10 <ngmvit> how can i do this, i was thinking of fetching all the docs and extracting ids and then i can use $in when making the 2nd query but i dont think its the correct way to do
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13:35 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: can you show one document in full?
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17:57 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Sure; https://nopaste.me/view/ec192256
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18:00 <Bodenhaltung> Ignore "[31/4670]" doesnt belongs to the document, tmux output.
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18:05 <MDesigner> hey all. I'm seeing some weird stuff with indices, namely, no performance gain from using them. I'm doing regex searches.
18:05 <MDesigner> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43235793/mongodb-regex-search-best-practices-dont-seem-to-make-a-difference
18:05 <MDesigner> I'm not experienced enough with MongoDB to see what's going on here
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18:06 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: can't see anything wrong :-/
18:06 <Derick> MDesigner: indexes can only be used with regexes if they're anchored to the beginning of the string with ^
18:07 <MDesigner> @Derick I did anchoring too. anchored search with index was considerably slower than anchored search without index.
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18:08 <Derick> that makes no sense
18:09 <MDesigner> exactly
18:09 <MDesigner> and yet the numbers I show in my post are accurate, according to Compass
18:09 <MDesigner> on the 'Explain' tab
18:10 <Derick> but it also could depend on whether docs/indexes have been loaded into memory, or the machine was doing other things. Just a single try/benchmark is not a good trial.
18:10 <dougquaid> My server experienced an unclean shutdown and now mongod won't start. I get the following error. How can I fix it? file:WiredTiger.wt, WT_CURSOR.next: read checksum error for 32768B block at offset 62736:317137][1212:0x7fb240ffbc80], file:WiredTiger.wt, WT_CURSOR.next: read checksum error for 32768B block at offset 626688: block header checksum of 1237709813 doesn't match expected checksum of 1291255085
18:10 <Derick> MDesigner: oh! case-insensitive
18:10 <Derick> that also means no index is used...
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18:10 <MDesigner> Derick: but Compass is telling me in the explain results that the index *was* used
18:13 <brutuz> hi all..
18:14 <brutuz> i was wondering if anyone can provide me inputs on how to efficiently manage a big mongodb in a system's perspective
18:15 <MDesigner> Derick: http://imgur.com/a/YsVvp
18:15 <MDesigner> { "name": { $regex: "^do", $options: "i" } }
18:15 <MDesigner> it claims it used the `name` index
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18:16 <MDesigner> 280ms total execution.. and when I delete the index, it's a whopping 90ms for just a collection scan
18:23 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Ok, thanks for help. :) Maybe i ask the audience joker, stackoverflow.
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19:50 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: wow, i really didn't see that to add this to $project, brb, screaming....
19:50 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: But $addFields looks like a smarter way: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43239600/mongodb-php-add-tz-offset-to-aggregate-query-and-average-output
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19:53 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: I didn't know about addFields!
19:54 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: you should accept the answer that usese $addFields
19:54 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: it's also better if you don't add links (in your question) to information, but directly include the information in the question
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20:36 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Yeah, i accept the answer with addFields, nice. :D
20:37 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: The sample document seems to be a little to large for a post, next time i will trim the document to the relevant parts.
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21:01 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: yeah... you can still do that though ;-)
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