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00:03 <jellycode> Anybody know how to do upsert with .NET client version 2.4
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02:42 <jellycode> Do any of the mongo methods provide a way to do an Idempotent upsert on the document without replacing the document ID?
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07:07 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Hmm, crash: https://gist.github.com/Bodenhaltung/3410231a33a408512322d96ca0bec0ec Do you see any hint for the cause?
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07:29 <greengreen> hi
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07:31 <greengreen> is it possible to pull out only some subdocuments of collection, by filtering subdocument by part of the name ?
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08:45 <Derick> Bodenhaltung: please report that ASAP to jira.mongodb.org/browser/SERVER
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08:48 <BadHorsie> I have a replicaset with one member removed (server rebooted), the prompt reads "rs:OTHER", how should I recover it? I tried rs.syncFrom("myprimary") but says that removed members cannot syncfrom...
09:04 <KekSi> BadHorsie: check the rs.conf() on the primary whether it's actually removed
09:05 <KekSi> or maybe the rs.status()
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09:11 <BadHorsie> KekSi: From the primary: lastHeartbeatMessage: "Our replica set configuration is invalid or does not include us"
09:12 <BadHorsie> I'm playing with kubernetes, I wonder if the IP of the container that held the previous replicaSet member changed and the IP is still cached on the primary
09:13 <KekSi> did you restart the pod then and its hostname changed?
09:14 <BadHorsie> The node was rebooted and the pods went down with it...
09:22 <BadHorsie> I ran rs.reconfig(rs.conf()) on the primary, went back to the removed container, and it went into "SECONDARY"
09:22 <BadHorsie> Would there be data loss in this case?
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09:38 <Bodenhaltung> Derick: Oh, ok, done https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-28877
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09:43 <Derick> +1
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11:41 <livesawyr> .
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12:02 <greengreen> hi
12:03 <greengreen> I've trying a while fetching datas from collections which are in subdocuments
12:03 <greengreen> but, it looks like the sorting by subdocuments or filtering isn't the right approach
12:03 <greengreen> I suppose that I need to change the structure of mongodb
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12:05 <greengreen> it would be nice if someone could help me out with advice :)
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13:39 <veyron2> hey!
13:39 <veyron2> anyone here that can help me with some questions i have about replication and the oplog?
13:44 <Derick> veyron2: only if you ask the questions :)
13:46 <veyron2> sure :)
13:47 <veyron2> so, what i need to know is: how does mongodb keeps the order/sequence of the documents when replicating?
13:48 <veyron2> imagine that the "slave" server receives a delete before an insert for the same document
13:49 <veyron2> it will try to delete a non existing document and then will insert it, but that's obviously wrong
13:51 <Derick> the same order is used as it was on the primary server
13:51 <Derick> every operation is put in the oplog, and secondaries run every operation in this oplog in order
13:53 <veyron2> right, that i know
13:53 <veyron2> :)
13:53 <veyron2> but i'm getting the documents from the opllo
13:53 <veyron2> *oplog
13:54 <veyron2> and i'm sending them (1 at a time) via a socket
13:54 <veyron2> (not sure if that's the same way that replication does it)
13:55 <veyron2> now, imagine that, for some reason, the socket does not deliver the document for some reason (is that even possible?)
13:55 <veyron2> what will happen?
13:56 <Derick> that can't happen with normal replication
13:56 <Derick> they are done in one connection, in order
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13:56 <veyron2> so it uses some kind of sockets?
13:56 <Derick> it uses a single TCP connection
13:57 <veyron2> and sends a document at a time, right?
13:57 <Derick> (per replica node)
13:57 <Derick> it sends an operation (doesn't have to be a full document) at a time, yes
13:57 <veyron2> yes, it does not need to be a full document
13:58 <veyron2> ok, tyvm
13:58 <veyron2> and the sequence is controlled by the ts, right?
13:58 <Derick> rather by the insertion order into the oplog
13:59 <Derick> an oplog is a special collection (a capped collection) that provides that as an extra property
13:59 <veyron2> cool, thanks for your help! :)
14:00 <veyron2> btw, have you considered moving this channel to a slack channel? i think it would be better...
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14:07 <diegows> hi, question, is there a way to export/import the shard keys?
14:08 <Derick> veyron2: we have no considered a slack channel.
14:08 <Derick> (which I also personally think is a bad idea for an open community group)
14:12 <diegows> I moved all the production data to a new cluster, but I need to set the same shard keys I'm using in prod
14:12 <diegows> I haven't found an easy method to do it
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14:21 <veyron2> Derick, ok :)
14:22 <veyron2> again, thanks for your help!
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14:46 <mmoreno80> hello. I need some help with mongodb. I have enabled the auth and it works, as you can see here http://pastebin.ca/3799981, but the mongodb accepts the connection even when I am not authenticated; I just want mongodb to reject connections that don't provide user/password. I mean, I want to enforce the use of `mongo --user USER --password PASSWORD'. Any idea about how to accomplish this?
14:51 <Derick> authentication is only done after a connection has been established through a server command
14:53 <mmoreno80> so, Derick, then I cannot prevent anyone from connecting to the server?
14:54 <Derick> I don't think *anything* supports that
14:55 <Derick> even with mysql it connects and then authenticates - it's just more hidden through their client libraries
14:55 <Derick> so no, you can't do that with auth, but of course you can block connections with OS level firewalls
14:55 <mmoreno80> good point.
14:56 <mmoreno80> thanks for the help, man. I appreciate it.
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15:05 <Waheedi> while trying to install mongo 2.4.1 on ubuntu 16.04 I got this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/24420661/
15:05 <Waheedi> I have got few errors before that one and I made few changes to SConstruct and Sconscript removing the -Werror ccflag
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15:37 <cpama> hi all. having a hard time displaying a mongo date in human readable format. found out about the $dateToString option but I'm not sure how to implement it. I am using php7 and mongo 3.4
15:37 <cpama> Here's what I have so far: https://pastebin.com/HqP4w062
15:43 <cpama> cpama my bad, the collection name is location_history
15:50 <Waheedi> :)
15:53 <Derick> cpama: in PHP, use PHP's DateTime's methods - don't try to do it directly in the database query
15:54 <Derick> cpama: if you do foreach( get_document(...) as $doc ) { echo $doc['pb_run_rate']->toDateTime()->format( "Y-m-d ..." ); } should do the trick
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16:25 <Waheedi> alright i passed through that error, by removing errnoWith.. call from print err
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16:32 <Waheedi> sed 's/" << errnoWithDescription(err) << "/' /usr/local/src/mongo/src/mongo/util/stacktrace.cpp :)
16:32 <Waheedi> the whole thing looks differently in current version :)
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17:05 <cpama> @Derick, I've been trying via php but had some problems. I posted question on stackoverflow and they suggested that i used the db query
17:05 <cpama> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43504327/how-to-extract-timestamp-from-mongodb-object
17:06 <cpama> that was my original question
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17:13 <JohnsonAskot> So I'm doing paging on the server's side, is there a way to get the count of the number of documents matched while limiting the returned results to a specific number?
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18:40 <akalaj> Does anyone know how to clone a user in mongo?
18:40 <akalaj> I have a mongo user on serverA that I need to have on ServerB
18:41 <akalaj> I've tried to restore the admin.system.user collection but they have different auth types.
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19:28 <cpama> can someone here help me answer this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/43528140/mongodb-query-by-id-is-not-returning-data
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