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04:38 <senaps> hi, i'm sending the result of a collection.find() data to an android app. how can i neglect data sent last time and send new data every time? i want to have a check so that the data is sent just one. and then later on, i could be able to find what data has been sent and show them on a website! :)
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04:39 <senaps> i think i should use a is_sent field in my document, but how can i add it after using find() method?
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05:57 <jellycode> Is there a way to use a custom serializer that doesn't require using the registry?
05:57 <jellycode> This is in C# / .NET
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06:06 <jellycode> We're using Azure Functions and cannot use IOC containers or DI. I don't know of an elegant way to add things to the registry
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06:35 <jellycode> Ok, I've added this just before I do a FindOneAndReplaceAsync....
06:35 <jellycode> BsonSerializer.RegisterSerializer(typeof(Result), new BasicStructSerializer<Result>());
06:35 <jellycode> I'm using the BasicStructSerializer provided here (the adapted one)...
06:35 <jellycode> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26788855/how-do-you-serialize-value-types-with-mongodb-c-sharp-serializer
06:36 <jellycode> The "Result" struct can be seen here...
06:36 <jellycode> https://github.com/vkhorikov/CSharpFunctionalExtensions/blob/master/CSharpFunctionalExtensions/Result.cs
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06:55 <jellycode> I did not have trouble serializing this struct to JSON using newtonsoft. Is there perhaps an indirect path where I can convert my documents to JObjects and then pass that to the FindOneAndReplaceAsync method?
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10:22 <hybridark> Hi guys
10:22 <hybridark> is there a way to unite aggregations from different collections, so I don't need to run one and then another?
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11:38 <Sircle> Hi
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11:39 <Sircle> If I have 1 primary and 3 slave instances replicating data (slaves cannot write). If primary goes down, how will the backend servers (node/php) know the next Primary elected?
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12:05 <alexi5> hello ladies and gentlemen
12:14 <Derick> Sircle: the language drivers will figure it out
12:19 <alexi5> I am using freeradius for an access gateway and I am thinking of using mongodb as the backend database fro free radius to store login details and other device credentials. Would Mongodb be a good suit for such a use case ?
12:21 <Sircle> Derick: hm
12:22 <Sircle> Derick: what if the master goes down, new master is assigned and then the old master comes back but at this point the user is connected to new master (which is not a master anymore and will throw error)
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12:31 <Derick> Sircle: it will find out when you do one operation
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12:58 <Sircle> Derick: is it automatic and seamless? I am using node and mongose
12:58 <Sircle> Derick: lastly, surprisingly it seems that mongo does not have master-master replication facility. It only can have one master
12:58 <Sircle> ?
13:00 <Derick> it's automatic and seamless, although it is possible that a write operation may fail if mongodb is switching over primary at that moment, so you need to handle the exceptions (on the PHP side, not sure how node does that)
13:00 <Derick> and indeed, MongoDB is single-master only
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13:17 <Number6> RickDeckard: It’s your birthday. Someone gives you a calfskin wallet. How do you react?
13:17 <Sircle> Derick: handly exception on EVERY query?
13:17 <Sircle> handle*
13:17 <Sircle> every query code/function?
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14:22 <mmoreno80> Need some help with mongodb. I have built a shard cluster (1 config, 2 shards, and 1 arbiter) and I am trying to enable authorization for security reasons. I was able to do it on config (added the user admin, stopped the daemon, edited mongod.conf to enable authorization, and finally restarted the daemon) and it worked properly.
14:22 <mmoreno80> The same procedure worked on the primary shard server. But when I did the same on the third server, the other shard server, I got the following errors: https://pastebin.ca/3800572 Any idea?
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14:28 <mmoreno80> mmm ... looks like it didn't work on the first shard ... I am getting the same errors ...
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14:45 <RickDeckard> Number6, report them of course
14:45 <RickDeckard> :)
14:47 <Number6> :-)
14:48 <Derick> Sircle: yes
14:53 <edrocks> Is there a list of the big features for 3.6?
14:56 <mmoreno80> got the answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37078771/sharded-cluster-authentication-in-mongodb-3-2-4
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18:43 <jellycode_> Am I correct in my understanding that I cannot store an object to MongoDB unless it can be successfully serialized to BSON? The fact that I can serialize it to JSON is not sufficient?
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20:28 <jellycode> I've posted something in the mongo user group but do not see it. Is that because it's awaiting approval / moderation?
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20:50 <jellycode> LOL, I can't get anyone to touch this MongoDB serialization issue to save my life. I've asked in a dozen places, nobody even responds.
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