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00:56 <svm_invictvs> Hey
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00:58 <svm_invictvs> So, this may be more appropriately aimed at Docker, but I'm following these instructions on this page: https://hub.docker.com/_/mongo/
00:58 <svm_invictvs> When I run mongo I can't connect to the instance running in the docker container. The page says it exposes the port, but I'm guessing I need to configure something in MongoDB to actually bridge hte port? Or am I missing something.
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04:28 <guybrush> hey there! i am saving dzi-files (deep-zoom-image format) in GridFSBucket's, now i wonder if i should rather create a bucket for every image (results in ~hundrets of smaller files) or just store everything in the same bucket. is there some downside to create a lot of buckets instead of having only a small number of them?
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09:27 <waits_> hi
09:27 <waits_> How can I limit the results to a % of the total number of results?
09:27 <waits_> So I do some operations in aggregate, order them and want only % of them.
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09:30 <tibyke> moin
09:31 <tibyke> trying to sort by a full textual representation of a date/time eg.: Mon Feb 10 2014 18:31:31 GMT+0100 (CET). is there an easy way on that or should i just add another field with the unix timestamp and sort by that?
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09:39 <Derick> tibyke: there is no way to do that - you need the timestamp
09:40 <tibyke> Derick, maybe i can ``project`` a field with some sort of conversion on version 3.4?
09:43 <Derick> no, that's not planned
09:43 <Derick> we're working on a few things like that, but still not with any "random" date/time string
09:43 <Derick> although we could extend that later
09:45 <tibyke> mkay, thanks for the information, i'll make an extra field thank.
09:45 <tibyke> then*
09:46 <waits_> am I forced to use two queries for this?
09:50 <Derick> waits_: for a % of the result, maybe...
09:50 <Derick> not sure whether you can limit by an expression
09:50 <waits_> I'd need to know the total count
09:50 <waits_> after the aggregation
09:51 <Derick> waits_: I don't think you need two queries, just consume as many results in your app as you need, and then close the cursor/iterator
09:52 <waits_> oh right
09:53 <Derick> you might want to set the batch size to something lower than normal for that though
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10:05 <waits_> I will have to look into it, but thanks
10:06 <tibyke> Derick, sorry for being noob, but what is the function to convert "Mon Feb 10 2014 18:31:31 GMT+0100 (CET)" to unix timestamp? just cant find it.
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10:10 <tibyke> getTime() :)
10:10 <Derick> in which language?
10:13 <tibyke> db.foobar.find().limit(3).forEach(function(doc) { doc.createdAtInt = new Date(doc.createdAt).getTime() / 1000; db.foobar.save(doc); });
10:13 <tibyke> this was it
10:17 <Derick> what sort of data are yo ustoring in createdAt ?
10:18 <Derick> just a unix timestamp I hope, and not a Mongo timestamp type?
10:18 <Derick> oh right - Date is a javascript type
10:18 <Derick> tibyke: you know that the _id's object ID also contains a timestamp, right?
10:19 <tibyke> Derick: yes, sure, but it has nothing to do with the date of object creation, rather its a metadata and has nothing to do with the creation of the row/object itself.
10:22 <Derick> OK
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10:54 <tibyke> isnt really a better way of pagination (skip + limit) and getting number of found items than running 1 query without skip/limit to get the total and then run 1 query to get the items?
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12:20 <rafael_sisweb> hey guys.
12:20 <rafael_sisweb> Is there a way to dump a crashed mongod 3.4 wiredtiger database?
12:20 <rafael_sisweb> I'm with one tha does not startup because an acidentally "local" directory was deleted.
12:20 <rafael_sisweb> mongod with --repair works verifying and reindex all collections until get local database than crash.
12:20 <rafael_sisweb> Seems all my relevant data is ok but how to get that?
12:21 <xrated> rafael_sisweb: you _should_ be able to go into the directory where the db files are and nuke the local.* files
12:21 <xrated> obvs back this all up first
12:22 <* xrated> would rsync the files to a temp box and nuke the local.* files there and try to stand the db up as a test
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12:33 <rafael_sisweb> i've got this error:
12:33 <rafael_sisweb> 2017-04-26T09:26:41.120-0300 I STORAGE [initandlisten] Repairing collection local.me
12:33 <rafael_sisweb> 2017-04-26T09:26:41.120-0300 I STORAGE [initandlisten] Verify failed on uri table:local/collection/0-1570274486529406448. Running a salvage operation.
12:33 <rafael_sisweb> 2017-04-26T09:26:41.156-0300 I - [initandlisten] Invariant failure rs.get() src/mongo/db/catalog/database.cpp 195
12:33 <rafael_sisweb> 2017-04-26T09:26:41.162-0300 I - [initandlisten]
12:33 <rafael_sisweb> ***aborting after invariant() failure
12:34 <rafael_sisweb> before repairDatabase local, all others databases was repairing with success
12:36 <rafael_sisweb> Is there any way to manualy recreate local database?
12:36 <rafael_sisweb> seems that this database was not cointaining anything relevant.
12:36 <rafael_sisweb> Im saying that because repair process was able to read all my databases, collections, index metadata and data.
12:47 <rafael_sisweb> @xrated we had "--directoryperdb --wiredTigerDirectoryForIndexes" parameters so all files was inside a directory named with the DbName. In this case the local directory does not exists into my dbpath
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14:03 <cr0mulent> I am trying to connect to a mongodb atlas cluster using Jupyter using pymongo 3.3. I am able to connect successfully using the mongo client but when I try to connect using jupyter I get a timeout error: ServerSelectionTimeoutError: '$err'
14:04 <cr0mulent> Is this related to SSL?
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16:11 <rafael_sisweb> Is there a way to direct copy files to a new mongodb instalation?
16:13 <joshua> Something like this maybe https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/command/copydb/#dbcmd.copydb
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16:17 <rafael_sisweb> But in this case im not able to put my database online.
16:17 <rafael_sisweb> Tried with --repair but local database directory was accidentaly deleted. Starting mongodb with --repair identify all databases, repair all collections and indexes. But at then end of process start to repair local database and so crash.
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16:29 <joshua> Might depend on how the other instance was set up. Which version of mongo, storage engine and config options like directoryPerDB. If repair isn't working. Some docs here https://docs.mongodb.com/v3.0/administration/backup/
16:29 <joshua> If the versions and config match up usually it just works unless something got corrupt
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17:03 <rafael_sisweb> @joshua, I've trying this but no success to start my databse.
17:05 <gfidente> back later
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17:21 <byah> sup dudes,
17:23 <byah> i'm trying to keep my server.js file clean by keeping my db read function in a seperate file, how would i pass my connected db as a param?
17:23 <byah> to the db read module
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17:27 <byah> var dbConnect = MongoClient.connect(url, function(err, db){ if(err) throw err; console.log('db connected') });
17:27 <byah> https://pastebin.com/Xj3YqUYh would i be able to pass that as a param somehow?
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17:36 <jellycode> does anyone here use the C# driver that would be willing to try to help someone ?
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18:25 <jellycode_> I do not understand how the class map lambda works here: http://mongodb.github.io/mongo-csharp-driver/2.4/reference/bson/mapping/
18:26 <jellycode_> It looks simple and I understand the lambdas completely
18:28 <jellycode_> but we're sending one lambda to registerclassmap, and inside that, we're saying, when called, call the MapMember function with the lambda c.SomeProperty
18:28 <jellycode_> c => c.SomeProperty
18:28 <jellycode_> what is c?
18:30 <jellycode_> c is Class, ok, but what will this accomplish: c => c.SomeProperty
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19:06 <rafael_sisweb> anyone here has some idea how to recover a database when "local" directory was deleted manualy?
19:06 <rafael_sisweb> repair working fine all others databases but when process try to repair local database file does not exists en process crashout.
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19:55 <jellycode_> not i, sorry
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20:09 <jellycode_> It it actually impossible to create a custom deserializer of a generic type? I can't see how to do it because in the examples I've found, properties are read 1 by 1, and theres a custom reader for every type... for example: long zebra_stripes = context.Reader.ReadInt64();
20:11 <jellycode_> So, if you want to write a Serializer for Result<T> that can handle Result<Apples> and Result<Banana> and they have different properties, you'd have to build in a switch/case and have custom logic for each one
20:12 <jellycode_> I just wanted to define the default serialization steps for my "Result" class. But it has a member T Value, so I just want the AutoMapper to map as normal. Is that possible?
20:19 <rafael_sisweb> is there any way to remove a database or collection information from metadata?
20:19 <rafael_sisweb> _mdb_catalog.wt and WiredTiger.wt
20:19 <rafael_sisweb> If it was possible i could remove local database from the startup check..
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20:25 <joshua> rafael_sisweb: I have no experience recovering wiredtiger stuff but it looks like there is a wt command that might let you do some manipulations http://www.alexbevi.com/blog/2016/02/10/recovering-a-wiredtiger-collection-from-a-corrupt-mongodb-installation/
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21:15 <rafael_sisweb> thanks, i'm trying now with your tip.
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21:22 <rafael_sisweb> if somebody here has more wiredtiger experience i'll appreciatte any help.
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