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06:43 <sujeet> is there any way to monitor the progress of an aggregation?
06:43 <sujeet> currentOp just says that its' running for this long
06:43 <sujeet> if there's an $out, i can look at how many docs are there
06:44 <sujeet> anything mroe useful than that?
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08:12 <Derick> I don't think so
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11:27 <christophler> hello #mongodb . What I really want is to have the mongo API interface over a filesystem type storage. Is there any such thing in the ecosystem?
11:27 <Derick> gridfs
11:27 <Derick> most drivers implement that API
11:28 <christophler> any chance I can store data in raw JSON rather than BSON format?
11:29 <Derick> you can store files in gridfs
11:29 <Derick> it doesn't care which datatype
11:29 <Derick> for normal data, why would you care how it is stored?
11:29 <christophler> must be abnormal! but what I actually want is to be able to track document changes with git. perhaps there is another way?
11:30 <Derick> use git as the database?
11:31 <christophler> I cant tell exactly what that means. Are you implying that I can do that, or asking if I want to?
11:31 <christophler> (thanks :) )
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11:31 <Derick> if you want to use git to keep track of changes, use git
11:31 <Derick> I don't see how MongoDB comes into play then
11:32 <christophler> because I want the mongodb API to manipulate the JSON documents on the disk
11:32 <christophler> and to load the data from the JSON documents into memory
11:32 <Derick> MongoDB does not store JSON documents...
11:32 <christophler> this i know
11:32 <Derick> it stores data
11:34 <christophler> thank you for your insight and information. I will go and do some more research :) :) xx
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13:26 <boughtly> Hello. I am relatively new to MongoDB and I am wondering if I could get advice on a query strategy for a particular situation. Is this an appropriate place for that?
13:34 <Derick> yup
13:35 <boughtly> okay cool.
13:37 <boughtly> I have two collections. One is a primary collection where each document has two fields, an id and a group. thousands of documents have the same group so I am storing group properties in another collection so my documents don't become huge. The second collection has those properties, one of which is an array. I would like to query the first collection with a regular query ($match or find), then for each result look up the propertie
13:37 <boughtly> perform a $setIntersection to decide whether it should be included in the result
13:38 <boughtly> I've tried doing this with $project or $addFields and a second $match
13:38 <boughtly> but it gets very ugly very quickly. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing?
13:41 <Derick> Can you show: an example set of documents, and what you want as output? I can tell much easier with an example
13:41 <Derick> but, unless you use $lookup, you can't really use two collections in one A/F pipeline
13:42 <Derick> it also usually hints at a "Relational" database design
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13:48 <boughtly> Derick: here you go https://bpaste.net/show/03585a277936
13:48 <boughtly> I was using $lookup as well
13:50 <boughtly> I essentially want to run a simple regular query (lookup by an indexed field et cetera) but then do a sort of last filter by the intersection of those tags in the other collection before returning.
13:50 <Derick> so, a $match to match id:0, then a $lookup to tie the groups together, and then you can do a $match to do the intersection test (with $any, I suppose)
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13:53 <boughtly> Derick: can I then remove the lookup field?
13:53 <Derick> sure, stick a $project at the end
13:54 <boughtly> Derick: maybe I'm not reading the docs right, but it seems $project would require me to list all the fields that I want. Is the only way to replicate every field name (there are lots of them) or can I keep all but remove 1?
13:55 <Derick> andyou can use { fieldName: 0 } to exclude that one
13:55 <boughtly> Derick: but then I have to do {fieldName: 1} for all the ones i have to keep? Can I keep by default and then only specify the 0?
13:56 <Derick> no
13:56 <Derick> just the fieldname: 0 will work, as long as you don't add a :1 one too
13:56 <boughtly> okay, cool. I will try it. Thank you
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13:57 <HasanAtizaz> hi guys i have a problem wrt to bi connector. i am enbaled the mongo and bi authorization while authenticaating via tableau am having the below error in the log.
13:57 <HasanAtizaz> ] handshake error: ERROR 1759 (HY000): ssl is required when using cleartext authentication
13:57 <HasanAtizaz> have enabled*
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