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00:29 <pmartin> I have noticed that: I have had issues with several players. However the player I use seems to have no problem at the beginning with my FPS (3), and the progress bar has almost reached the end when the skip occurs.
00:30 <pmartin> BTW, the player I use is Parole.
00:33 <pmartin> Another (might be related?) issue I have is that the web streaming is delayed by a few (~5-10) seconds. Is this to be expected, or is this the sign of an issue with the v4l2 driver? (I use analog camera.) Issues with frame rate and synchronization with the driver when CPU use is high could be a cause too.
00:39 <pmartin> Because of that I am looking at making the encoding (compression) of video execute in a separate thread. I think the existing video ring is a good candidate as a buffer between the two threads: to make the ring much larger, I only would have to change how to calculate the first frame to encode (pre-recording), which is a very small change, and then stop moving the "in" cursor if the next frame was not saved yet (obviously losing frames at that point). Thi
00:39 <pmartin> s would make the main "camera" thread only busy with grabbing frames and detecting motions. Still wondering where is the web streaming code..
00:40 <pmartin> Correction: "if the next frame _is pending encoding_", which might require a new flag.
00:44 <pmartin> Thanks for merging my %{host} change. I have starting upgrading armbian on all my ARM boards, but this is a major upgrade and I have to reformat the SD: being able to copy the motion.conf file as-is is a great simplication.
01:50 <MrDave20161> pmartin: I think I have identified the issue with the "skip" but not the solution. The very last frame takes significantly longer to arrive for encoding. Seems like the timestamp on the image is being added after end of event processing. The streaming is within the stream.c module and I've also seen delays even on my server. I really think we need to profile the app to see the encoding, streaming, detection, latency and other componen
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02:04 <pmartin> Regarding the skip, please note that I mean that there seems to be a gap, both in the timestamp and in the image. I see myself walking toward the door, and then (suddently) I am at the door. I did not meant that just the timestamp skipped. Regarding the streaming, I did not notice significan skips, which makes me think that it could be the fault of the MPEG4 encoding. (The delay might be caused by the web browser.) Otherwise, regarding my skipped framesit
02:04 <pmartin> looks like I have two avenues to improve performances: separate thread (changing motion code) and/or hardware encoding (converting the raw data to a larger width). I am looking at the first one, as I am uncomfortable working with a H3-patched old version of FFmpeg.
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02:55 <MrDave20161> I would recommend testing the ext_pipe to see if that addresses the problem. If the ext_pipe doesn't lower the cpu, then making another thread within Motion isn't going to help either.
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03:19 <MrDave20161> pmartin: Last item, if the ultimate goal is to address the skips, I really think the issue is with the time attached to the images. Bad times->bad pts on frames->bad movies.
03:43 <pmartin> One thing that makes me uncomfortable with ext_pipe, is the dependence on a kernel module. There is a standard Linux kernel module for video loopback: is this one compatible, or should I install the one coming with motion?
03:45 <pmartin> Regarding the skips, I will try with a software that can play frame by frame (video editor?) to see what frames were really stored. Or do you think ffmpeg would react to bad time and jump frames on its own?
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04:07 <MrDave20161> the ext_pipe does not require a kernel module. It is only the videoloopback that needs the module.
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06:27 <pmartin> Humm, I missed the explicit note. Sorry.
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