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00:05 <MrDave20161> zoff: Since we are different timezones, maybe just post the question.
00:08 <MrDave20161> TheJester: That is a very old question/Issue. Make sure you are using 4.01 preferably installed via the deb packages which will ensure you have all the needed items.
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05:49 <FrancisUK1989> Hi, francisuk1989 from github here with the Arch issue.
05:49 <MrDave20161> yep
05:50 <MrDave20161> so just go to a command line and start it with motion -l /home/whereever/motionlog and then post that.
05:50 <MrDave20161> and for clarity, it is the rtsp that is failing correct?
05:51 <FrancisUK1989> both HTTP and RSTP
05:52 <MrDave20161> the posted log appear to indicate that the http was opening fine (I didn't see anything being reported as an error)
05:52 <FrancisUK1989> just driving me nuts.....all works great on Ubuntu but come to Arch is a no no
05:52 <FrancisUK1989> yeah just booting my laptop now
05:53 <MrDave20161> one thing is that the first log posted in the github was using motion.conf the other one is using a different file.
05:54 <FrancisUK1989> would this be ok
05:54 <FrancisUK1989> cd /etc motion -n -d 9 -c motion.conf
05:54 <FrancisUK1989> but /cd first
05:54 <FrancisUK1989> then motion -n -d 9 -c motion.conf
05:54 <MrDave20161> open up that motion.conf and see what it looks like ....
05:55 <MrDave20161> also probably want to put a path on that to validate it is opening the one you think it is
05:55 <FrancisUK1989> ok thanks
05:56 <MrDave20161> and if you add to the end of that a -l /home/francis/motionlog it will output everything to that file so I can then see what is happening
05:57 <FrancisUK1989> lovely :) give me 10 minutes just making the misses a cup of coffee before she heads to work.
05:57 <MrDave20161> ok
05:58 <FrancisUK1989> sorry Dave.
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06:09 <FrancisUK1989> https://paste.ubuntu.com/24156080/ /var/log/motion.log the motion -n -d 9 commands is coming as follow....
06:13 <MrDave20161> when you get a bit more then post that....also, something looks strange. run just motion -h and tell me the version
06:15 <MrDave20161> never mind..got the version.
06:15 <FrancisUK1989> https://paste.ubuntu.com/24156114/
06:16 <MrDave20161> add that -l option on the command line and specify a file somewhere. It is putting most of the information currently into the syslog.
06:19 <FrancisUK1989> this is what i did
06:19 <FrancisUK1989> motion -n -d 9 -c motion.conf -l /home/francis/motionlog
06:19 <FrancisUK1989> and it turns out like.... ^^^
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08:48 <Perk> Evenin! I upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, and I'm having trouble with some linking... I'm tryign to start motioneye, and it appears to be trying to link against some old versions of libav. I've done a force reinstall to try to get motioneye to pick up on the newer objects, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas on clearing these links out / getting this
08:48 <Perk> working? http://paste.ubuntu.com/24156344/
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