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01:21 <zro> ive learned that multiple USB cameras seemsimply not the way to go. anyone got some alternative solutions?
01:25 <genius3000> A massive network of top shelf IP cams? :D Seriously though, without having a clue in regards to your use case...I may still recommend looking into IP cams, cheaper ones can be Good Enough (TM).
01:29 <zro> ya? ip cams, huh? ive got to set up a few locations, so ill keep that in mind. this project they got me on right now, i think i gotta set up 3 cam system, and they already got some analog cams
01:44 <Criggie> zro: I've got 6 h264 network cameras all powered by POE
01:44 <Criggie> all these run on a single VM running Motion
01:44 <Criggie> works great
01:49 <genius3000> Criggie: out of curiosity, what's the specs on that VM?
01:54 <zro> right on, so IP cams, then, right?
01:56 <zro> see, I got these three cams that have rca connectors. i stupidly thought I could just plug em into 3 easycam usb devices, but as i understand it, that's not gunna fly.
02:03 <Criggie> genius3000: one mo
02:03 <Criggie> zro: no that's still analogue video over USB
02:03 <Criggie> so not great
02:03 <Criggie> might be okay if you have cameras to reuse, but you only get one or maybe two low res cams per USB controller
02:06 <Criggie> genius3000: its running on a hp dl380G6 with 6 vCPUs allocated and 4 GB ram. Network usage is a solid ~3-4 Mbit, but some of that is the monitor feeding images back the other way.
02:06 <Criggie> genius3000: CPU usage is a solid 35-40% on all cores
02:06 <Criggie> However I can live-migrate this VM between pool members and it goes fine
02:07 <Criggie> probably a 4-5 second hiccough when doing the final move
02:07 <Criggie> but it works for me.
02:24 <zro> right, Criggie thats the issue im hitting. my USB plans are foiled. How about a suggestion for a capture card?
02:47 <Criggie> yeah nah I had one for years
02:47 <Criggie> based on saa7134 chipset
02:48 <Criggie> it worked okay but as soon as I got an IP camera, then the older stuff was awful.
02:48 <Criggie> a good IP camera with IR is your answer, and should be fine for abnother decade
02:48 <Criggie> analogue cameras are gone, I would not spend money on them
02:49 <genius3000> Criggie: ah that's pretty decent specs. I run 5 mid-quality mjpeg netcams through a VM with 3 vCore and 1GB ram. Solid so far.
02:50 <genius3000> I'll have to agree with those statements regarding camera
02:50 <genius3000> cameras.*
02:50 <Criggie> genius3000: if you can swing your cameras to h264 then network usage will drop.
02:52 <genius3000> I think one of those 5 could...the rest not. Fairly low use anyways, for now.
03:13 <zro> right on. IP camera suggestions then?
04:12 <Criggie> OK
04:13 <Criggie> I got a bunch from dx in the past and some were great, some were crap
04:13 <Criggie> I wanted POE and IR cameras.
04:13 <Criggie> so the range wasn't huge.
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09:03 <MonkOfCity> i installed motion on orangepi, but it only accept 1 connection, what is the problem?
09:04 <MonkOfCity> only one connection is accepted
09:04 <MonkOfCity> on config localhost false
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12:47 <doek_> hi !
12:49 <doek_> I have a question about after effects... I'm writing a script and I can't set a property in a effect, though I can set almost all of them... ( ...property("Motion Blur").setValue(2) seems not to be working on the video copilot's saber plugin...)
13:28 <doek_> In fact it seems like there are two parameters called "Motion Blur" and I want to choose the one in the right submenu... any idea how to do that ?
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14:29 <zro> anyone use a Hauppauge ImpactVCB card?
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