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17:06 <alex116> Hi there, I installed motion using the buildroot menuconfig to include it in my distro. I was playing around with the config file and realized that if I put custom width and height that weren't supported by my camera, motion would fail with a sigsegv.
17:07 <eduardotv> hi alex116
17:08 <alex116> hi eduardotv. I am just starting my orange pi zero v1.1 on which I experienced this issue to figure out the version number of motion
17:08 <eduardotv> i usualy run ffprobe command do figureout width and height . them i write it to the config file
17:09 <eduardotv> i usualy run ffprobe command TO figureout width and height . them i write it to the config file
17:09 <alex116> it's motion 4.0.1
17:24 <alex116> hmm, trying to reproduce but can't....
17:25 <eduardotv> sory i dont speed english very well to help you
17:29 <alex116> ok so I do get an "ERR" in the log that says 700 is not modulo 8
17:29 <alex116> as in the custom width that I set to 700 won't work
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19:21 <lupus> Hi there, i'm new to Motion. I'm trying to set it up on an old laptop of mine and have it use the built-in webcam. When i execute motion, it says Camera 0 is device /dev/video0. But it keeps repeating "You must setup netcam_url"
19:21 <lupus> I am using Gentoo as my OS.
19:22 <lupus> None of the tutorials i've watched mentions or has this error.
20:03 <lupus> nvm, i forgot to compile with v4l flag
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21:42 <Criggie> lupus: good stuff