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02:08 <attemptedfruit> hello, quick question im trying to access the stream url threw an ios app to allow for remote monitoring if i enter the into my phones browser the cameras come up but all the apps iv tried fail to connect am i missing something?
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02:12 <theBear> attemptedfruit, probly depends what the apps expect.... if they p2p cam apps for example, they aren't likely to work with motion.. i never looked for generic cam apps on ios, but from memory you'll want one able to view a streaming jpeg (jpeg format stream) served via http(aka web server) and that allows you to specify the port ... if you've got a webserver like apache on the motion machine you might do better "re-packaging" the stream via one of the
02:12 <theBear> methods mentioned on the website/guide somewhere, or doing the same via mjpeg streamer or similar (basically a linux app designed to reformat things like motion output to different maybe more supported style output for such apps)
02:14 <attemptedfruit> thebear, i have tried so many apps from several big ones to several generic apps, i guess i will keep looking i was just hoping someone here might be using one
02:14 <theBear> if you gave up and switched to a droid device, i can strongly recommend tinycam monitor (actually it's worth checking if there's an ios version.. it's been around a LONG time and is popular, it may well exist in ios land, and will happily handle motion and just about any other cam streams that exist) and while i paid for it several years ago now, the free version is still VERY usable and free of annoying upgrade-encouragement
02:16 <attemptedfruit> thank you for the info i was aware of the streaming format, but i guess ill haft to keep trying the endless apps
02:17 <attemptedfruit> ps i will only give up my iphone if jailbreaking becomes a thing of the past, which it slowly is...
03:29 <Criggie> theBear: why would tinycam want to use the phone's camera ?
03:29 <Criggie> Screams out dodgy to me
03:29 <Criggie> Doesn't need access to files/photos/media on the device either
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03:36 <Criggie> theBear: why would tinycam want to use the phone's camera ?
03:36 <Criggie> Screams out dodgy to me
03:36 <Criggie> Doesn't need access to files/photos/media on the device either
03:41 <theBear> umm, from memory a very recent update added a local/fone cam server/input option that hallegedly works on droid v5+ or so, and media access is probly so it got write access to the sdcard/similar incase you doing on-motion-detect or timelapse or similar save option... i should probly watch these things harder, but i been using the thing for probly close to 10 years now, bcak when it was very basic, and
03:41 <theBear> it been good to me... i'm the kinda guy that's paid maybe $2 or less for a total of 3 or 4 apps ever, and doesn't believe in paying for software, and i chose to pay for it... it's been that good to me
03:47 <theBear> pretty sure they got a nice honest-dude style list of why permissions somewhere, of maybe it been in changelog as they updated.... i trust em for sure, and while i don't watch permissions on apps i used forever like it, i have been periodically checking the fone with ip sniffey kinda apps, you know, watch for any outgoing data and optionally geo-ip/detail up a given stream/connection for yer, and not
03:47 <theBear> seen anything unexpected... but you don't gotta trust my lax security approach or even use it <grin> i just like mostly the handy layout stuff, realtime fps count (in the old days i used to have disconnect/pause issues on my server, hard to notice if yer not looking too close,) zoom stuff, homepage widget (pick a cam per resizable widget) options, and more recently in-app motion detect -> screen on
03:47 <theBear> and/or sound alarm, and in-app motion auto-zoom/track stuff has been handy for things like watching for a visitor when i'm running late and in the shower <grin> all this technology and i use it to fake being on time :)
03:54 <theBear> now for something completely different... don't spose you got a handy trick fer slightly unsquashing cheap ally/soft-metal lens err, cylinder-bits that been crushed by a grub-screw causing zoom/focus stuff to be all stiff and crappy ? cos that's what this one i just fixed fer a big-handed buddy is doin... i thinking maybe find a pen/texta about the right size and ever so carefully and gently angle it
03:54 <theBear> while the moving bit is out of the way from the inside of the crushed section... it's so slight it's hard to see the problem, JUST crushed enough that it's a bit too firm for comfort, not so it jams
04:10 <Criggie> I'd possibly lubricate it, but the danger is getting the oil or grease in the wrong places.
04:13 <theBear> yeah, and it seems to have a sensible sheen of lube there already.. kinda strikes me as silly having 2 or 3 grubscrews into such a tiny fragile cylinder, specially when you consider that same/threaded section supports the ENTIRE zoom/focus assembly and all the lenses going 2" or more further and getting fatter at each stage... surprised i havent' seen the same thing before
04:14 <Criggie> Someone probably overtorqued it thinking more is better.
04:16 <theBear> probly be easier to do it with all the other bits removed, but i ain't gonna rebuild a full 2-moving-sections lens assy for a buddy, already tiny-soldered where he managed to tear off the internal header/connector socket, and even if i wanted to, the little holes for circlip-pliers or similar to screw out either end of the assy are WAY smaller than my circlip pliers, teeny weeeny little suckers
04:17 <theBear> and yeah, i think it's safe to assume someone did think that, or didn't even consider there was more than one tightness they could do ... i gotta remind myself, don't try to workout what they were thinking, you would have gone insane long ago, just hack things back together, return, enjoy rewards
05:34 <theBear> incase it ever comes up, there was a small pile of various rca and F/tv antenna kinda connectors on the workbench from a very inefficient search the other day, one of them was VERY close to the exact inside dia of the bit that needed a bit of pushing, a layer of the wax-paper-esque stuff that seperates double-sided-tape from itself (just happened to be nearby, and seemed gentle-ish) rolled into a tube
05:34 <theBear> and half inserted/poking out of the lens/tube and gentle wiggling in the plug that was real close seemed to do an almost perfect job without any potentially more-bad-than-good wiggling or levering at all... spose the softness of the alu/whatever metal can be both an invitation for trouble, and an free pass for easy un-trouble
05:34 <theBear> now to get it all back in without smudging up the freshly polished exposed bits again :)
05:35 <theBear> hmm, and hopefully spotting my head-mountey little torch that i seem to have lost mid wander somewhere around here
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