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04:58 <thecha> hi my camera is /dev/bus/usb/001/004 how to put this in motion conf?
06:48 <at0m> thecha: it does not show as /dev/video0 or ?
06:51 <Criggie> thecha: your kernel has v4l support?
06:51 <Criggie> thecha: run dmesg | grep video
06:52 <at0m> Criggie: i guess it has, since #raspbian
06:53 <Criggie> Never used it sorry, no idea.
06:53 <thecha> at0m→ sorry just saw your messages hang on let me check
06:53 <at0m> debian-based rpi kernel 4.x
06:53 <thecha> didnt find anything
06:54 <thecha> i tried early to look for video4lx
06:54 <thecha> but didnt find anything either
06:54 <thecha> at0m→ it does when you run motion says it looks for vidoe 0 but it comes up missing
06:54 <thecha> my device is at /dev/bus/usb/001/004
06:54 <at0m> v4l is video for linux. like alsa does audio, v4l does video on linux.
06:55 <thecha> that is a legit way to describe a decvice int he motion conf?
06:55 <at0m> no, that is a usb location, not a driver recognised thing
06:56 <thecha> libv4l is installed according to aptitude search
06:56 <thecha> no good?
06:56 <thecha> maybe some thing i can run?
06:56 <thecha> maybe liek lusb but for devices?
06:58 <at0m> lsdvb shows /dev/dvb/adapter* devices, not sure about usb cams. what usb ID does lsusb output? should be something like abcd:0123
06:59 <thecha> hang on
07:00 <thecha> yes
07:00 <thecha> it has exactly such code
07:00 <thecha> i use that code?
07:01 <thecha> btw lsdvb is not a recognized comand in my sysgtem
07:01 <thecha> raspian jessie style debian
07:01 <at0m> you would web search that code to see if it's supported by v4l
07:01 <thecha> ok ty
07:02 <at0m> as in "abcd:1234 v4l"
07:03 <thecha> yes works out of the box
07:03 <thecha> maybe i left it in the box
07:03 <thecha> no wonder it wasnt working
07:03 <at0m> lol. then where is the /dev/video*
07:05 <thecha> lol
07:05 <thecha> yeah
07:05 <thecha> maybe i need to configure the cam differently
07:05 <thecha> it says to put ntsc and channel 0 for the usa sadly i am not int h usa
07:07 <at0m> then skip that part. if you do not know, motion should revert to sensible defaults. or, here it does.
07:07 <at0m> #mute it out, or do not set to ntsc eh
07:08 <thecha> ok
07:08 <thecha> hang on
07:27 <thecha> didint have any effect
07:28 <thecha> sitllt he same erro tha it cant obep the deive
07:29 <at0m> cat on your keyboard?
08:41 <thecha> lol
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