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23:02 <kieppie> mic check
23:02 <kieppie> hello folks
23:02 <kieppie> anyone online/awake?
23:11 <at0m> we're all sleeping
23:13 <kieppie> yea - NZ timezone sux
23:14 <at0m> if you want a real answer, ask the real question
23:23 <Criggie> kieppie: does not
23:23 <Criggie> kieppie: its almost lunch time
23:23 <Criggie> nothing wrong with that
23:24 <kieppie> hi folks
23:24 <kieppie> cool - got motion/motioneye set up withing co-working space, tweaked & working VERY well
23:24 <kieppie> so far so good :)
23:24 <Criggie> yeah - it is good
23:25 <Criggie> what cameras did you use?
23:25 <kieppie> Using a Logitech C615 IINM (1080p)
23:26 <kieppie> use it to get timelapse of activity, not really for security, since I never get around to taking cool pix when running workshops
23:26 <kieppie> so automating a solution for that problem :)
23:27 <kieppie> anyhow, we have a screen that serves as notice-board running yodeck, frequently turning over images, causing "movement" in the space, even when nobody's present
23:27 <kieppie> I've set up a cron job to turn off TV after-hours, but there are still large stretched where there's no people present that I want to exclude
23:28 <kieppie> for the most part the tweaking for selecting person movememnts works OK
23:28 <kieppie> so, how can I exclude "the boring bits"
23:28 <Criggie> ok that's easy fixed
23:29 <Criggie> You need to make a mask file
23:29 <Criggie> From memory White is noted and Black is ignored
23:29 <Criggie> So grap a still and paint the visible TV screen black and the rest white.
23:29 <Criggie> then save a pnm (?) file, and reference it in the config.
23:29 <kieppie> yea... tried that.
23:29 <kieppie> unfortunately that works well for the window/door - exluding people walking by - but the issue is that the entire room lights up
23:30 <Criggie> Can't do much with that.
23:30 <kieppie> camera faces the same direction as TV
23:30 <Criggie> there are lightswitch options for "quick changes of brightness"
23:30 <kieppie> yea... that's the tricky one, right?
23:30 <kieppie> I'll add a PIR sensor to the RPi driving the TV, so that TV is off when nobody present
23:31 <Criggie> but for me I would rather have a bunch of pointless saved photos than losing potential security footage
23:31 <kieppie> yea - I saw that.... wondered re that threshold...
23:31 <Criggie> tree branches with sunlight shining through are a bane for me
23:31 <kieppie> well, I was thinkning re diffs
23:31 <Criggie> I can record 20-40 GB of that a day per camera
23:32 <kieppie> yea - at present I'm manually going through images
23:32 <Criggie> I only go back if there's a reason
23:32 <Criggie> We have an old PC displaying the streams all the time
23:33 <kieppie> well, I wanna save space. My use-case is more documentation. end-of day I plan on running a cronjob to take images & squishing them into a webm video/animation
23:34 <kieppie> got that working well too, amble to get a busy day into under 30 min vid
23:34 <Criggie> for security purposes ?
23:34 <kieppie> so obviously I want to drop the dead air
23:34 <Criggie> do you want to keep this footage indefinintely ?
23:34 <kieppie> documentation - we run workshops & the like & the activity looks great
23:35 <Criggie> Thing is - this is motion, and one of its prime purposes is motion-detection.
23:35 <kieppie> wanna keep the vids indefinately, yea
23:35 <Criggie> Sounds like you've avoided that and are simply grabbing stills.
23:35 <Criggie> like a timelapse cam
23:35 <kieppie> the motion works very well, grabbing 'action'/activity well
23:36 <Criggie> So there are options for "detect motion" and save a video file, and a single JPG of the "best" motion frame
23:36 <kieppie> my next step is that I want to use the OpenCV to obviscate faces (due to privacy issues). operating in a public space, but still...
23:37 <kieppie> supoerimpose emoji over faces
23:37 <kieppie> but that's a worry for later
23:37 <kieppie> (got that kinda working, but broke the RPi in the process)
23:38 <kieppie> getting 'action' still squite well, but ambient changes get picked up as motion.....
23:38 <kieppie> may try the light change option - have not great luck with that yet
23:43 <Criggie> wow that's seriously hard core
23:44 <Criggie> I'd simply not publish any of that in a public place, solves the privacy issue.
23:45 <kieppie> the footage is taken in public space, with plenty of notices put up all round
23:46 <kieppie> we're not planning on putting it up on the TV/display, but reserve the right to (obviscated). the idea is to capture the buzz around activities, but not individuals per-se
23:51 <Criggie> yah fair enough
23:51 <Criggie> I used to work in a school - thinking of these things is hard