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17:29 <dantedevil> hi i have an error with motion
17:29 <dantedevil> u can help me???
17:32 <theBear> you probly have to tell us what it is or we got no chance
17:36 <dantedevil> yes now i take the log file
17:37 <dantedevil> [ERR] [ENC] [May 29 19:36:37] ffmpeg_avcodec_log: cabac decode of qscale diff failed at 21 21
17:37 <dantedevil> [ERR] [ENC] [May 29 19:36:37] ffmpeg_avcodec_log: error while decoding MB 21 21, bytestream 5013
17:37 <theBear> hmmm... does yer ffmpeg work/exist ?
17:39 <dantedevil> how i can check??
17:40 <theBear> erm.. i spose ask yer distros package system, if i had to guess i might say you gonna type apt-something ffmpeg and see what you see
17:40 <dantedevil> yes exuse me
17:40 <dantedevil> i ve a raspberry pi 3
17:42 <dantedevil> ffmpeg2theora ffmpegthumbnailer ffmpegthumbnailer-dbg ffmpegthumbs
17:42 <theBear> erm, i never used a pi, and i dunno what the standard or even publically available distros are on pi's
17:42 <dantedevil> this is the only packet of my apt
17:42 <theBear> if yer type apt and hit tab once or twice do you get a list of things
17:42 <theBear> oh ok, ignore that
17:44 <dantedevil> u have any idea to install it???
17:44 <theBear> umm, that kinda looks like it doesn't have the ffmpeg full thinger which provides all the good stuff including encodey/decodey bits... erm, maybe ask the wide world of web about getting ffmpeg or avcodec on a pi3, see what yer see
17:45 <theBear> until you said just now i didn't even know if pi's had an apt based pacakge system, and i haven't used apt for maybe 15 years, and even then it was only fer a couple days while i was having a peek at debian or something apt-ey ... i got no idea how to install uninstal search or really do anything with apt
17:46 <theBear> didn't know there was a pi v3 even :)
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17:50 <dantedevil> yes pi3 have max 1 year old
17:50 <theBear> mmm.. something new every day
17:50 <dantedevil> i've check on the internet, but i don't fount nothing that help me
17:51 <dantedevil> i 'm searching along time the ast 4 month
17:51 <dantedevil> the last 4 month
17:52 <theBear> mmmm, maybe wait/hang around a bit, i seen people with pi related questions here before, so even if none of the regulars got their own, someone will probably know the general what you might need to install or whatever
17:52 <theBear> does that error happen straight away when you try to start motion, or after some time working maybe ?
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18:52 <at0m> dantedevil: i'd check with #raspbian for your issue if it's related to their ffmpeg
18:55 <dantedevil> this erro happen after 2/3 minutes after working maybe, infact the video is corrupt.
18:56 <dantedevil> thanks at0m now i check same information to #raspian
21:08 <Criggie> dantedevil: rasbian is debian-based, right ?
21:15 <Criggie> there's a 4.0 deb package I use in pure debian that works perfectly.
21:15 <Criggie> dunno what raspbian would do with it.
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22:45 <dantedevil> Criggie: Yes raspian in debian based, but raspberry have an ARM processor and in don't know if the same package work correctly . Now I can test it. U have a link where i can download tha package?
22:45 <Criggie> nah that won't work then.
23:23 <at0m> Criggie: raspbian's repo's have some different packages from debian's armhf repo's, optimized for the rpi. i switch my rpi's to debian repo's after the raspbian kernel is installed, and continue installation using debian repo's.