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21:14 <cristian_c> hello
21:15 <cristian_c> I've got mplayer sources and I've extracted input.conf in my home, inside .mplayer directory
21:15 <cristian_c> unfortunately, I've not found a key related to xf86audioplay, but only to xf86stop, xf86pause, xf86next
21:15 <cristian_c> so, I don't know what to set in input.conf in order to associate pause action to xf86audioplay pressure
21:16 <cristian_c> mplayer -input conf=~/.mplayer/input.conf returns always command usage
21:17 <cristian_c> any ideas?
21:28 <Lobs> iirc when you play a file and press a key that has no binding MPlayer will report what key was pressed and give some no binding message, you may have to make it more verbose if it does not print that by default.
21:30 <cristian_c> I remember I tried that in past days
21:30 <cristian_c> I try again in order to confirm
21:31 <Lobs> it will confirm what the name of the key you want to add a binding for is, may help perhaps.
21:33 <cristian_c> Lobs: ok, no keypresses displayed
21:33 <cristian_c> (I do another test)
21:34 <Lobs> try making things more verbose `-v` or even `-vvv` for even more verbose, otherwise you may need to set the msglevel to some thing higher
21:35 <cristian_c> ok, thanks
21:40 <cristian_c> Lobs: only -v is accepted by mplayer
21:40 <cristian_c> -vvv returns a parsing error
21:41 <cristian_c> Lobs: where could I set msglevel?
21:42 <Lobs> ssory my bad, just ad more -v's so -v -v -v
21:42 <cristian_c> ok, thanks
21:43 <Lobs> for msglevel just `-msglevel all=6` will put in verbose mode, if you want debug modes go 7 through 9
21:50 <cristian_c> Lobs: ok, I've tried also msglevel from 6 to 9
21:50 <cristian_c> but fn keypresses are ignored by mplayer
21:51 <cristian_c> xf86audioplay, xf86audiostop, xf86audioprev, xf86audionext
21:52 <Lobs> you do see other keypress messages when you press other unbound keys?
21:52 <cristian_c> no
21:52 <* Lobs> shrugs
21:53 <Lobs> maybe that old code is gone now that used to give a message about unbound keys when you pressed them
21:53 <cristian_c> it looks like mplayer doesn't detect unbound keypresses
21:53 <cristian_c> when I press 'p' or space, === PAUSE === <ppears
21:53 <Lobs> just for curiosity sake, can you paste the output here of the following command, `mplayer |head -n1`
21:54 <cristian_c> but if I press again it disappears
21:54 <cristian_c> so, it looks like mplayer doesn't get keypresses, it shows only the status of some things
21:54 <cristian_c> Lobs: ok
21:55 <cristian_c> using ` ?
21:55 <Lobs> no, that just signifies it is a command to run,
21:55 <cristian_c> ` <- special quote
21:55 <cristian_c> ah, ok
21:55 <Lobs> so seperates it from my other text on here,
21:57 <cristian_c> Mplayer 1.2.1 (Debian), built with gcc-5.3.1 (C) 2000-2016 MPlayer Team
21:57 <Lobs> ok, so old, but not awful old.
21:57 <cristian_c> I usually use single quotes ' or double quotes "
21:57 <Lobs> and not super new.
21:58 <Lobs> if i was to quote some thing someone said i would use " or ' but for commands I use ` to souround it so it is seperated from my other text
21:58 <cristian_c> ok
21:58 <Lobs> probably I do it that way from shell scripting...
21:58 <* Lobs> shrugs
21:59 <cristian_c> strangely, xev and audacious detect fn keypresses, I don't know why mplayer not
21:59 <Lobs> when you say fn keypresses you mean like holding down a function key then pressing another key (like you have to do on some laptops)?
22:00 <cristian_c> Lobs: I don't know how to solve mplayer input.conf issue too
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22:00 <cristian_c> I've tried it on my laptop (pressing fn + special key)
22:01 <cristian_c> *media key
22:01 <Lobs> hmmm
22:01 <Lobs> maybe those keys are not supported.
22:01 <Lobs> have you checked the output of `mplayer -input keylist` to check?
22:01 <cristian_c> mplayer -input conf=~/.mplayer/input.conf returns always command usage <- btw, it's strange very much
22:02 <Lobs> psatebin the contents of your input.conf file
22:02 <cristian_c> Lobs: yeah, I typed mplayer -input kelist
22:02 <cristian_c> *keylist
22:02 <cristian_c> ok
22:02 <Lobs> cristian_c: were the keys you want to bind in the list?
22:03 <cristian_c> Lobs: I paste also output of mplayer -input keylist
22:03 <cristian_c> Lobs: I'd like to bind only xf86audioplay, but there are only the other ones
22:05 <cristian_c> Lobs: http://pastebin.com/aKgRKfrn
22:06 <cristian_c> I added the two lines some days ago
22:08 <cristian_c> Lobs: http://pastebin.com/mNn6yhcD
22:09 <Lobs> i dont see an XF86_PLAY in the keylist
22:09 <cristian_c> I see XF86_PAUSE, but not xf86_play
22:09 <cristian_c> Lobs: yeah, there is not
22:10 <cristian_c> Lobs: as I said I've added two lines to input.conf some days ago
22:10 <Lobs> maybe comment out or remove your line with XF86_PLAY in the input.conf and see what changes.
22:10 <cristian_c> Lobs: but I cannot set input.conf as config file
22:10 <Lobs> the location you have it it should be loaded by default.
22:11 <cristian_c> because mplayer -input conf=~/.mplayer/input.conf command is not accepted by mplayer
22:11 <cristian_c> ah, ok
22:11 <Lobs> are you sure?
22:11 <Lobs> maybe it does not like the fact you have a non exisitng key in it.
22:12 <Lobs> hence I suggest you remove that line and try again.
22:12 <cristian_c> Lobs: but 'p' and 'space', and 'q' keypresses were detected also before placing input.conf into .mplayer directory
22:12 <Lobs> mplayer has default bindings built into it,
22:13 <Lobs> so in theory the default input.conf that is in the source tree is actually built in as the defaults.
22:13 <cristian_c> I was suggested to get input.conf from sources
22:13 <cristian_c> and setting it
22:13 <Lobs> yes, that is how you can change keys to customise things
22:13 <cristian_c> ok, I remove the two lines in input.conf
22:15 <Lobs> just remove the one thet does not exist (or disable it with a #)
22:15 <cristian_c> I get always command usage
22:15 <Lobs> then you can test if the one that does exist works.
22:16 <cristian_c> Lobs: the pause line is not existing in the original inlut.conf
22:16 <Lobs> are you specifiying a file to play?
22:16 <Lobs> i.e `mplayer -input conf=blah/blah.conf fileiwanttoplay.mov`
22:18 <cristian_c> :O
22:18 <cristian_c> ok, i'vemunderstood the issue
22:18 <cristian_c> *figured out
22:21 <cristian_c> Lobs: unfortunately, error parsing option
22:22 <cristian_c> ah, ok, my bad
22:23 <cristian_c> Lobs: it plays but no keypresses displayed
22:23 <cristian_c> and play media key is not working
22:23 <Lobs> did you leave the pause key in?
22:24 <Lobs> and does that work if you did?
22:24 <cristian_c> Lobs: btw, I've not a xf86audiopause on my keyboard
22:24 <cristian_c> I leaved the XF86_PAUSE pause line
22:25 <cristian_c> I've only a mediamkey for play/pause
22:25 <cristian_c> and xev detects it as xf86audioplay
22:25 <Lobs> hrm,
22:25 <* Lobs> shrugs
22:25 <Lobs> maybe that key needs to be added to MPlayer somehow, I have no idea on how to add support to unknown keys.
22:26 <cristian_c> I think mplayer detects it if there was a xf86audioplause on my keybosrd, but there is not such one
22:26 <cristian_c> Lobs: ah, ok, thank for the help, btw
22:26 <cristian_c> :)
22:27 <Compn> iive told him how to add it
22:28 <Compn> just add the key into input.c
22:28 <Lobs> Compn may know more about adding new keys
22:28 <Lobs> oh look, his ears must have been burning
22:28 <Compn> look at the old input.c commits where keys were added
22:28 <Compn> ez pz
22:28 <* Compn> afk
22:28 <Compn> copy pasta
22:28 <cristian_c> input.c?
22:28 <Lobs> MMMMMMM PASTA!!!
22:28 <* Lobs> hungry
22:29 <cristian_c> ahm ok, in C code
22:29 <Lobs> cristian_c: that is a file within the source code.
22:29 <Lobs> cristian_c: if you add your missing keys to that (by copying exsiting keys and modifying them) you may have some thing that works when you compile that source into a binary.
22:30 <cristian_c> I've found input.c
22:30 <Lobs> cristian_c: you can run the binary you compile without installing it by running it within the source tree, I.E you are currently in the root directory of your source, and run `./mplayer <your optuions here> /path/to/fileiwanttoplay.mov`
22:31 <cristian_c> yeah, I've already built mplayer from sources some years ago
22:31 <Lobs> (that way you can test if your changes did work)
22:31 <cristian_c> yeah
22:32 <Lobs> if they do work, submit a patch and then it can be added into the main code base so people dont have issues like your have in the future.
22:33 <Lobs> (you can then have bragging rights that you have worked on the code of MPlayer)
22:33 <cristian_c> :O
22:33 <cristian_c> // These are kept for backward compatibility <- :O
22:34 <cristian_c> Lobs: I make a test adding
22:34 <Lobs> so it looks like they are bound by default then
22:34 <cristian_c> Lobs: I make a test adding XF86_STOP into input.conf
22:34 <cristian_c> in order to see if stop works
22:36 <Lobs> you may find your key naming could be different, hence you have audiopause or audioplay or whatever it was, you may need to add them in perhaps... (earlier in the file from the part about backward compatability)
22:36 <cristian_c> uhm
22:38 <cristian_c> maybe, I've figured out
22:38 <cristian_c> PLAYPAUSE
22:40 <Lobs> yeah, i guess that makes sense,
22:48 <cristian_c> Lobs: ok, I've made some tests
22:48 <cristian_c> I've tried xf86stop and playpause, they don't work
22:48 <cristian_c> then I've commented (with ##) p pause line
22:49 <cristian_c> so, I exptected p was notmworking
22:49 <cristian_c> but it's strange, it works again
22:49 <cristian_c> O.o
22:49 <cristian_c> *still works
22:51 <cristian_c> Lobs: btw, if I use -v I can see: Input config file /my/path/to/input.conf parsed: 93 binds
22:51 <cristian_c> before commenting p pause line, it said parsed 94 binds
22:52 <cristian_c> so, I don't understand keys in input
22:52 <cristian_c> so, I don't understand keys in input.conf are not used by mplyer
22:52 <cristian_c> *mplayer
22:53 <cristian_c> Lobs: I can try to build mplayer from sources, in order to see if something changes
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23:41 <Compn> cristian_c : input.conf is not input.c ....
23:41 <cristian_c> yeah, I know, Compn
23:41 <Compn> k
23:42 <cristian_c> I'vemmade a test in order to see if commenting p pause affected mplayer
23:42 <cristian_c> and it didn't affect it :O
23:42 <cristian_c> I don't understand why
23:42 <cristian_c> p key continues to work though I've commented it in input.conf
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