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01:04 <SideFX> Nothing shows up after command prompt
02:00 <Compn> SideFX : whered you get it from ?
02:00 <Compn> i wonder if you have some kind of mplayer config thats trying to play h264 through your hwaccel video card... causing problems
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04:55 <radial> when i watch a video that doesn't take up the full width of the screen, but is zoomed in to take in the full height of the screen, i see a lot of garbage, static, or graphics that were on the screen before i started mplayer
04:55 <radial> here's an example screenshot: https://b30.imgup.net/mplayer-ga70cb.png
04:55 <radial> notice all the garbage in the lower right-hand corner
04:56 <radial> is there any easy way to fix this? or is this an mplayer bug?
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06:33 <Lobs_> radial: that looks like a bug with your display driver to me.
06:33 <Lobs_> radial: if you use `-vo x11` (which is an old slow video output) do you have the same issue?
06:34 <Lobs_> note you may need to add `-zoom` to allow the x11 vo to do fullscreen
06:35 <* gnarface> would recommend -vo sdl first
06:36 <Lobs_> x11 is known to work even in broken systems, sdl may not
06:36 <gnarface> yes, but most the time it does, and is occasionally faster
06:36 <gnarface> worth trying, anyway
06:36 <Lobs_> yes but only because it will use a xv mode rather than x11,
06:37 <gnarface> well sometimes it can benefit from 2d or 3d acceleration in cases where x11 cannot too
06:37 <Lobs_> the reason to use x11 is to force software scaling etc so the graphics driver is not doing anything that may create the garbage seen in it's overlays etc
06:38 <Lobs_> i am not suggesting x11 as a solution, but as a test to see if the display driver/card is at fault here.
06:38 <gnarface> oh, i just assumed it's at fault and suggested sdl as a temporary workaround
06:39 <Lobs_> when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.....
06:39 <gnarface> i've observed it to do a surprisingly good job at recovering from broken setups, that's all
06:39 <gnarface> it's based on empirical observation
06:40 <Lobs_> yeah, just because it tries various versions of display output till it finds a "working" one.
06:40 <gnarface> and sometimes on older hardware x11 isn't fast enough to play the video in software mode, this could cause a red-herring type of situation with troubleshooting
06:40 <gnarface> maybe it's worth it to say just to try both
06:40 <gnarface> and probably also try the opengl one too
06:40 <Lobs_> again, even if x11 isnt fast enough it will just skip frames for this test, not an issue IMO as we are just seeing if he see's the same fault.
06:40 <gnarface> (just to see how they behave differently)
06:42 <* Lobs_> passes radial's query over to gnarface as he/she/it obviously knows more about MPlayer than I.
06:42 <Lobs> ;-P
06:43 <gnarface> don't get all upset, i merely suggested to try more -vo options besides just x11
06:44 <gnarface> far from intending to override your advice i was trying to reinforce it
06:44 <Lobs> I am not upset ;-)
06:44 <Lobs> but there is some thing called problem solving, which you do step by step, start at the basics (x11) then move up...
06:44 <Lobs> is you just go with things you cant control (such as SDL) then you cant be sure what you are doing/seeing.
06:45 <gnarface> i guess i just know a bit more about SDL than that, is really the thing
06:45 <gnarface> it's not quite as unpredictable behavior to me as x11
06:46 <Lobs> in this instance of problem solving I would say SDI is more unpredictable.
06:46 <gnarface> i admit i don't know for sure what will actually happen
06:46 <Lobs> as you cant say what it is using to display the video.
06:46 <gnarface> but in all likelyhood it's a driver issue with the compositor and none of them will work
06:46 <Lobs> x11 is a known, it will use software rendering regardless.
06:46 <Lobs> hence it will rule out hardware issues (in general)
06:49 <radial> Lobs: i have the same problem with -vo x11
06:50 <radial> -vo sdl seemed to help, kind of
06:50 <radial> but looks like it permanently changed my screen resolution to a lower resolution
06:51 <radial> and did not restore it after mplayer exited :(
06:51 <radial> also it made both my internal and external monitors mirror each other
06:51 <radial> whereas before i ran mplayer with -vo sdl, they were independent
06:53 <Lobs> radial: are you forcing the video fullscreen when you play? (with x11)
06:54 <radial> i did
06:54 <radial> without fullscreen, it's just in a window, and then there's no issue
06:54 <radial> the problem only occurs in fullscreen
06:54 <Lobs> ok,
06:54 <Lobs> what OS?
06:56 <radial> gentoo linux, amd64
06:56 <Lobs> can you paste the output of `mplayer |head -n1`
06:57 <Lobs> do you know what graphics card you have? (hopefully not an intel one)
06:58 <radial> MPlayer 1.3.0-4.9.4 (C) 2000-2016 MPlayer Team
06:58 <radial> i have a Radeon HD 7310
06:58 <Lobs> ok, so it isnt a super old version, but not super latest, thats ok.
07:00 <Lobs> if you use `-vo gl` or `-vo gl2` is there any change?
07:00 <radial> both look good
07:01 <radial> is there any reason to use xv over either of those?
07:02 <Lobs> yes, and no. It really depends on what works for you.
07:02 <Lobs> that GPU is quite old and slow, so you may find the gl output works better,
07:02 <radial> should i use gl or gl2?
07:03 <Lobs> from what it sounds I would suspect the the displayer driver you have may be a bit buggy with how it works with xv and your desktop display, gl and gl2 use opengl (so the 3d system to render and overlay) so work in a different way.
07:04 <Lobs> radial: rule of thumb used to be (and this is going back a while) just use whichever works best for you, I.E looks better, has better frame rate etc for a file that uses a lot of resources)
07:05 <radial> ok, cool
07:05 <radial> thank you
07:07 <Lobs> radial: it may pay at some stage to assess the version of graphics driver you are using and see if you can upgrade it, or find another version (i seem to recall there being multiple options for AMD based graphics cards)
07:07 <Lobs> but if you are just happy with how everything is currently, and `-vo gl` gets you going, then just leave it be.
07:07 <Lobs> up to you really.
07:07 <* Lobs> goes off to do some work now.
07:08 <radial> thanks again
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