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06:01 <veek> can you apply two filters to a mp4 -vf crop -vf scale - it doesn't work? can I pipe
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10:24 <SillyKitten> hi all! please, tell me, how to add parmetres into gnome-mplayer; I add "--vf=eq2=1.0:1.0:0.0:1.0:1.0:1.0:2.0" in many-many variations, but either get message "can not open file: .", or message "can not open file: "--vf=eq2=1.0:1.0:0.0:1.0:1.0:1.0:2.0""...
10:25 <SillyKitten> in commandline mplayer works perfectly, with -vf eq2=1.0:1.0:0.0:1.0:1.0:1.0:2.0
10:30 <SillyKitten> -vf screenshot,eq2=1.0:1.0:0.0:1.0:1.0:1.0:2.0 works perfectly! thanks! (why, in the hell, "screenshot" solve problem?...)
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15:02 <Neroon> Hi. Does anybody know why there is no sound playing radio streams at the consoloe? Anything else works just fine, like mp3 or vids
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15:37 <Compn> Neroon : odd problem
15:37 <Compn> Neroon : what codec is the radio stream ?
15:37 <Compn> sounds like your mplayer might be broken, try upgrading or find different version...
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16:06 <Neroon> Compn: sorry, had to eat
16:07 <Neroon> Compn: I don't know the codec of the streams. Tried multiple stations. There is no error at all, it seems to play, just no audio
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17:21 <Compn> such an odd problem never seen it before
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23:02 <radial> is there a way to make mplayer seamlessly loop a video?
23:03 <radial> "mplayer -loop 0 foo.mp4" loops, but doesn't do it seamlessly: it shows the background window and desktop between loops, and it leaves a gap in between loops
23:04 <radial> i'm looking for a way to loop without gaps, and only showing the video itself
23:13 <Compn> -fixed-vo
23:13 <Compn> probably there will still be some gap
23:13 <Compn> possibly it works in mpv (a fork of mplayer)
23:15 <uau> radial: i think that would work if you made it a per-file loop (specify "-loop 0" as a per-file option, by giving it AFTER the filename)
23:15 <uau> global loop means it plays through all listed files, closes them, then reopens starting from the first file
23:16 <uau> whereas a per-file loop just seeks back to the beginning when reaching the end
23:16 <Compn> a rare uau appears
23:16 <uau> but you should probably switch to mpv anyway, mplayer development is pretty much abandoned
23:17 <radial> -loop 0 after the filename worked!
23:17 <radial> cool
23:17 <radial> thank you
23:17 <Compn> waaaaaaat
23:17 <radial> i hadn't heard about mpv, nor about mplayer being abandoned
23:17 <radial> thank you for that info too
23:18 <Compn> -loop 0 filename vs filename -loop 0 shouldnt change this
23:18 <radial> it did for me
23:18 <uau> Compn: it should and does
23:18 <Compn> what ver mplayer , radial ?
23:18 <uau> why did you think it wouldn't?
23:18 <radial> MPlayer 1.3.0-4.9.4 (C) 2000-2016 MPlayer Team
23:18 <radial> on gentoo linux, amd64
23:18 <uau> per-file loop is actually a completely different thing from global loop
23:18 <Compn> yeah i guess i didnt realize that then
23:20 <radial> just out of curiosity, why did mplayer get abandoned and mpv forked from it?
23:20 <radial> is there somewhere i can read about that?
23:24 <uau> mpv has existed for a while (it based on mplayer2 which was forked from mplayer earlier still)
23:24 <uau> i don't think there's much written about development of mplayer dropping
23:25 <uau> just less and less people working on the old codebase less and less actively over time
23:28 <Compn> im thinking i can get reimar to release a 1.4.0
23:28 <Compn> final mplayer release
23:28 <Compn> radial : the devs all got jobs
23:28 <Compn> most people work on mplayer in free time while going to university
23:28 <Compn> now they have real lives and jobs
23:28 <Compn> why work on mplayer for free ?
23:30 <Compn> mpv is one of the 30 or so forks of mplayer
23:30 <Compn> popular software :)
23:33 <uau> Compn: 30? how many of those forks have ever had any level of success?
23:34 <uau> the only other fork i remember if mplayerxp
23:34 <uau> i think mplayer2 and mpv are the only ones to have been packaged in debian for example
23:35 <Compn> >implying linux is successful
23:35 <Compn> lots of windows ports
23:36 <uau> what do you mean by "ports"? adding some kind of improved GUI/windows integration?
23:36 <uau> i wouldn't count that as a full "fork" really
23:37 <Compn> theres mplayer-ww
23:37 <Compn> couple chinese ports too :P
23:37 <Compn> your fork
23:38 <uau> "your fork"? you mean something different from mplayer2?
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23:38 <Compn> i mean mplayer2, your fork of mplayer
23:40 <uau> well mplayer2 and later mpv were already mentioned above, those obviously are real forks
23:43 <Compn> gnome-mplayer too
23:43 <Compn> seems popular
23:43 <Compn> for some reason
23:44 <iive> Compn: isn't it just front end?
23:44 <Compn> possibly is
23:45 <uau> yes gnome-mplayer is/was just a frontend
23:51 <wm4> <radial> just out of curiosity, why did mplayer get abandoned and mpv forked from it? <- because I started to work on mplayer2, and it was all I ever was familiar with
23:52 <wm4> when I forked mplayer2, I considered whether I could go to the MPlayer project, but there too-different code base and the fact that they seemed to be clinging on outdated stuff was a deal breaker
23:52 <wm4> also they're using svn
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