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05:04 <dddh> Compn: when you click it offers to download and play
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19:23 <doublehp> when pressing the left arrow, how to make mplayer reward only 3s instead of 10s ?
19:23 <doublehp> rewind
19:28 <iive> you can change the value by placing input.conf in ~/.mplayer/ and editing the arrow binding. HOWEVER
19:28 <iive> have in mind that mplayer always seeks to a keyframe, so you can't seek to smaller intervals. and 10s is the norm since xvid
19:29 <doublehp> ah :/
19:29 <doublehp> still want to try
19:30 <doublehp> but, which config file, and which variable ? i have config and gui.conf
19:32 <doublehp> ah yes, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MPlayer :)
19:34 <iive> the input.conf could be found in mplayer-source/etc/input.conf
19:34 <doublehp> oh, yes :) got it
19:36 <doublehp> iive: thanks, and you were wrong; -2 works very well (produces -3, but, still much better than -10)
19:36 <iive> well, dvb/dvd have a keyframe every second
19:36 <iive> i'm glad you are lucky :D
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19:37 <doublehp> took examples in /etc/mplayer/input.conf , but created ~/.mplayer/input.conf . "mplayer -input keylist" for a list of all keys
19:38 <doublehp> youtube can seek back by 3s, so, I was pretty certain that youtube dumps would accept -2s; in fact, -2s did 3s on a classic movie.avi file
19:40 <bencoh> you should actually try seeking twice, since you might already be between two frames :)
19:40 <bencoh> keyframes*
19:41 <doublehp> no, 3s is just what I wanted
19:41 <wm4> if you set the seek to something tuny (like 0.1s) it should effectively let you jump between key frames
19:41 <doublehp> 10s was too much when i want to look in details at something
19:41 <wm4> which is often useful because encoders like to insert key frames at scene changes
19:41 <doublehp> i could try 1.5
19:42 <bencoh> scenecut detection <3
19:42 <doublehp> once I have seen something, I want to pause, rewind, and play frame per frame; rewinding 10s is too long
19:43 <doublehp> not always
19:43 <doublehp> pausing on a subtitle that has too short timing, or, check a car or a bus in a background you only see on 3 frames
19:44 <doublehp> most mounting issues are shuffled by compression; but, yes, even in the dark room when I pay my chair, I may catch bugs
19:45 <doublehp> the worst movie I have seen was Transformers 2; green and red circles everywhere, and blue crosses for adjusting elements; they were so noticable ...
19:47 <bencoh> really?
19:47 <iive> in final production?!
19:48 <doublehp> some guy explained on youtube that films released in theaters are compiled and rendered very quickly, and may contain many such bugs; only the DVD/BR/HDDVD is clean; the 6-8 weeks between theater and release is usually spent on recomputing the whole movie
19:50 <doublehp> bencoh: yes, really, on T2, I have seen CAD markings many times; a large green circle, or blue cross, when they are pure color in front of a building, even when in an action part ... can't miss them.
19:50 <bencoh> uhuh
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20:44 <Lobs> doublehp has been told lies,
20:45 <Lobs> not sure what he/she/it has been looking at, but wont be a final realease for public display.
20:53 <iive> Lobs: you do work in production, so you should know :D were you in tv production?
20:57 <dTal> Does mplayer support, in any form, dithering content down to lower bit depth screens? I can't really find any references to this anywhere, except some oblique references to different color depths in the source code
21:03 <Compn> dTal : yea
21:04 <dTal> That's good news. Any hints?
21:04 <Compn> mplayer file -vf format=bgr8,scale
21:05 <Compn> mplayer -vf format=fmt=help for a list of supported colorspaces
21:06 <dTal> Ah, bayer dithered
21:06 <dTal> is that the only kind?
21:07 <Compn> which kind are you looking for ?
21:08 <dTal> per-frame random dither would be really nice
21:08 <Compn> lol
21:08 <Compn> well then take your movie
21:08 <Compn> convert it to png
21:09 <Compn> use imagemagick script to convert each one with a random dither
21:09 <Compn> then recombine all pngs to a movie again
21:09 <dTal> that would compress back very badly
21:09 <dTal> because you'd be adding all that noise to the signal, which would have to be encoded
21:09 <Compn> use keyframe aka i-frame only codec :P
21:09 <Compn> e.g. any lossless codec
21:09 <Compn> or just mpng...
21:10 <dTal> so, yeah. Bad compression.
21:10 <dTal> even nicer would be temporal dither exceeding the framerate of the video
21:10 <* Compn> tires of such questions
21:10 <dTal> for example most videos are 24fps, but the LCD in question will do nearly 70hz
21:11 <dTal> Well, thanks for the info.
21:11 <Compn> probably avisynth for that
21:11 <Compn> or vaporsynth
21:11 <Compn> or LAVfilters
21:11 <Compn> one of those
21:12 <wm4> or...
21:13 <iive> -vf gradfin did something like that
21:14 <iive> i mean, about the dithering to lower bit depths.
21:14 <Compn> gradfun : gradient deband ?
21:14 <Compn> wm4 : or what ? know of other projects that do this ?
21:15 <Lobs> iive: TV production, but many of my staff have worked on big budget movies
21:15 <iive> Lobs: you were from New Zeland,weren't you? They do like to film there. LoTR was filtmed there too.
21:16 <wm4> Compn: mpv of course
21:16 <iive> Compn: typo... :D
21:17 <Lobs> iive: I am from, and am still in New Zealand ;-)
21:17 <Lobs> iive: yes, many decent films are being done here.
21:18 <iive> I've heard that many action movies are filmed here, but I can't really say they are decent ;)
21:19 <Lobs> iive: I lost one of my best staff to pete and the dragon, when he came back he then had to go back to do more on it as it had been decided the ending was not happy enough so they had to re shoot, funny part was they couldnt get the actors back so used stand in's and got weta digital to put the actors faces on them...
21:19 <Lobs> when i say decent, i mesan larger budget rather than your $20k B film.
21:20 <iive> Lobs: well, hollywood action starts come here from time to time, it's not B movies... but no oscar either.
21:21 <iive> Lobs: why do you say you lost him?
21:21 <Lobs> i say i lost him because he couldnt work for me while he was working on the film,
21:21 <Lobs> after he came back from the reshoot i only had him for a few weeks before he went on his OE,
21:22 <iive> oh, that's fine. I was worried he went to work for HW exclusively or worse... got in accident.
21:22 <iive> i probably should watch Pete and the Dragon.
21:23 <Lobs> i have had a few leave to work for warner full time, but most jobs available in the industry are contracts which inbeween is a lot of down time, so they can still work for me.
21:23 <iive> btw, I can't pinpoint why, but the face overlays in Rough1 look kind of strange to me, and there are at least 2 of them.
21:25 <Lobs> there is only so much you can do with source footage, if an angle is slightly off the only true way to fix it is reshoot, which can not be done easily at times (or on budget)
21:26 <Lobs> and that is likley why it looks strange, angles were slightly off.
21:26 <iive> i though they do them the Avatar way, completely CGI masks
21:26 <Lobs> Avatar was more CG than real life,
21:27 <Lobs> may aswell just use a full CG actor then ;-
21:27 <Lobs> )
21:27 <iive> they still need somebody with green costume and color balls :D
21:28 <Lobs> not always,
21:28 <Lobs> depends on if the motion is on file anywhere
21:29 <iive> well, it should be easier to replace just the face, than to create whole body motion completely by animating it.
21:30 <Lobs> yeah, but the angles need to be correct of the model face and the "real life" face, and you find often they are not (along with lighting angles)
21:30 <Lobs> also if the model face is based on another real person, the source used to make the face needs to be accurate otherwise it will not be correct when rendered to 3d
21:31 <iive> the angles didn't look wrong. As I said, I don't know what was wrong, I know that there must have been something wrong.
21:31 <Lobs> there is an awful lot behind it all, i admire the guys they do that work because there is just soooo much that they need to do and account for.
21:31 <iive> yes, probably the lighting is the hardest.
21:32 <Lobs> I personally have not seen rouge one, so cant comment on how bad it is in that one.
21:32 <Lobs> I dont actually get to see many movies :-/
21:32 <Lobs> too busy with work.
21:33 <iive> well, it is big budget and they've done a good job, no obvious mistakes
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