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05:50 <laughingtiger> hey guys why mplayer can't use vaapi on a ati card machine?
05:51 <wm4> because mplayer has no vaapi support, except over that one vdpau-via-gl wrapper
05:52 <laughingtiger> so basically when you use ati card you can't play with video acceleration?
05:53 <gnarface> you can use the wrapper
05:53 <gnarface> it will use opengl acceleration
05:58 <laughingtiger> gnarface, you mean the wrapper wm4 mentioned, vdpau-via-gl? is it the exact name ?
05:58 <wm4> no that's not the exact name
05:58 <laughingtiger> I can't find any software with that name.
05:58 <wm4> (I forgot the exact name)
05:58 <wm4> keep in mind this will be less efficient than native vaapi support
06:00 <laughingtiger> oh thank you wm4
06:00 <laughingtiger> gnarface, do you know the name ?
06:03 <gnarface> laughingtiger: on debian at least, the package name is libvdpau-va-gl1
06:03 <laughingtiger> well thank you anyway gnarface . I've got a headache
06:03 <gnarface> (sorry for the delay)
06:04 <laughingtiger> oh thank you gnarface
06:04 <gnarface> libvdpau-va-gl1 - VDPAU driver with OpenGL/VAAPI backend
06:05 <gnarface> (i think it might work with other stuff too, not just old ATI cards)
06:08 <laughingtiger> yeah I m trying it, recompiling mplayer
06:09 <gnarface> i'm not sure if you need other stuff too or not
06:09 <gnarface> like maybe mesa vdpau components or something
06:10 <gnarface> it's known to work though
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06:14 <laughingtiger> seems working, vo has opengl support now
06:14 <gnarface> oh, cool
06:14 <gnarface> is cpu load reduced?
06:14 <laughingtiger> don't know yet, still compiling
06:15 <gnarface> i don't actually know if you're supposed to use -vo opengl or -vo vdpau with this
06:15 <gnarface> i assumed the latter, but i've been using nvidia drivers
06:16 <laughingtiger> erh, what do you mean not supposed to use -vo opengl?
06:16 <gnarface> well i think you still can
06:17 <gnarface> i think you can still use -vo opengl
06:17 <laughingtiger> lol
06:17 <gnarface> but i thought the point of libvdpau-va-gl1 is that it allows you to use -vo vdpau, and just abstracts it to the hardware opengl secretly
06:17 <laughingtiger> I see
06:18 <gnarface> on nvidia, i'm using: mplayer -vo vdpau:deint=4,hqscaling:9
06:18 <gnarface> looks nice
06:19 <gnarface> (i think the idea is that this is still better/faster in some way than just plain opengl mode, but your mileage may vary depending on hardware/drivers)
06:19 <laughingtiger> yeah nvidia card is much simpler to deal with due to their perfect team work.
06:20 <gnarface> sometimes i've found conspicuously better behavior using -vo sdl
06:20 <gnarface> (mostly in situations where the graphics driver support was otherwise very poor)
06:21 <laughingtiger> erh, better in which way ?
06:22 <gnarface> framerates
06:22 <gnarface> like when it can't seem to keep up otherwise, but should, and you know the driver is the problem, but you just can't fix it... try sdl
06:26 <laughingtiger> the compile finished but vo has no opengl option.
06:26 <laughingtiger> Im giving up thank you gnarface
06:26 <gnarface> fyi on debian i didn't have to recompile mine to make this work
06:26 <gnarface> sorry laughingtiger, i'm sure you can get it though
06:27 <gnarface> have a good one
06:27 <laughingtiger> :D see ya
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