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13:13 <chandoo> hi
13:14 <chandoo> how to start mplayer with 600x400 window size
13:14 <chandoo> i tried screenw and screenh it didnt work
13:18 <Zharf> -geometry 600x400
13:18 <Zharf> ?
13:34 <chandoo> thanks it works
13:35 <chandoo> is it possible to put all security streams into one window?
13:53 <Compn> chandoo : not easily, maybe with ffmpeg , but again, not easily. if you figure it out, write it down somewhere :)
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14:52 <chandoo> i think i got it with ffmpeg
14:52 <chandoo> Compn,
14:53 <chandoo> as per my purpose i am writing to a jpeg and reading the jpeg in rainmeter every 3sec's
14:53 <chandoo> and i am putting it on desktop
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17:02 <Compn> chandoo : oh ok, thats easier than what i was thinking
17:02 <Compn> which was use ffmpeg to open rtsp network cameras, then stitch the videos together for one display :)
18:14 <cristian_c> hello
18:14 <cristian_c> about media keys not detected by mplayer, i've made into source code
18:14 <cristian_c> *a search
18:18 <cristian_c> in libvo/x11_common.c, I see: ifdef CONFIG_XF86XK #include <X11/XF86keysym.h>, line 64
18:19 <cristian_c> and #ifdef XF86XK_AudioPause, line 564
18:19 <cristian_c> so, media keys are defined into this if block
18:23 <cristian_c> if I look at configure script, I see, at line 4777:
18:25 <cristian_c> 'check for the presence of special keycodes, like audio control buttons that xfree86 might have. Used to be bundled with the xf86vm check, but has nothing to do with xf86vm and xfree 3.x has xf86vm but does not have these new keycodes."
18:28 <cristian_c> and then echocheck "Xf86keysym" , so some tests follow about config_xf86xk and I can see xf86xk_audiopause in returncheck
18:28 <cristian_c> *return_check
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18:29 <cristian_c> I've also run mplayer and I've added grep 'Configuration' in pipe
18:29 <cristian_c> so, I've looked at configuration options/flags the .deb mplayer package has been built with
18:43 <cristian_c> so, I've found that --enable-xf86keysym has not been added to the list of configure options when the .deb package was built
18:43 <cristian_c> I see also that _xf86keysym is set to 'auto' value in configure script
18:45 <cristian_c> so, I ask, what does exactly mean 'auto' value for this flag? Is a check done for existence of a keyboard with media keys when configure script is executed?
18:46 <cristian_c> Could I solve the issue simply compiling sources adding --enable-xf86keysym to configure command line?
18:46 <cristian_c> Any ideas?
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19:43 <iive> auto means that configure would try to run a check and if it is ok, enable it.
20:20 <cristian_c> iive: ok, thanks, but what check, exactly
20:20 <cristian_c> ?
20:21 <iive> i think the xorg/xfree header file
20:22 <cristian_c> is a good idea trying to enable it directly from command line when configuring?
20:22 <cristian_c> ah, ok, sorry
20:22 <cristian_c> I suspect deb package could be built on a server, without input (keyboard, etc....)
20:23 <cristian_c> but it's only a guess
20:23 <iive> it includes X11/XF86keysum.h and checks if XF86XK_AudioPause is defined.
20:23 <iive> it should be built on server with full xfree86/xorg dev install
20:23 <cristian_c> ok
20:24 <cristian_c> I couldn't know it
20:34 <iive> if you don't have xorg dev, you won't get vo_xv and mplayer would be mostly useless.
20:34 <cristian_c> uhm
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