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14:59 <debianuser> CarlFK: Does `mplayer -forceidx thatfile.mp4` seek fine? (also it's "-oac", not "-aoc", but you most probably don't need that)
15:00 <CarlFK> debianuser: oh look, aoc was 'that' problem. but I had bigger problems... and have given up on the whole thing
15:01 <CarlFK> part 4 of https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7-CmNVLwUYq26wN596PeoJcXtg49lNmE
15:01 <CarlFK> when the mic wasn't used, my files had 'no' audio
15:02 <CarlFK> but someone sitting closer was using an ipad to stream to FB
15:02 <CarlFK> I grabbed the mp4 from FB to see if its audio was usable.
15:03 <CarlFK> seems FB's video processing is a bit crap. just playing the file using their player ... 5 min AV sync .. chunks missing...
15:04 <debianuser> Is that mp4 from FB public? Can you give FB link to it?
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15:19 <CarlFK> debianuser: youtube-dl "http://www.facebook.com/kthawbakerkrohn/videos/10210957371424330/"
15:19 <CarlFK> I had to upgrade youtube-dl to make that work
15:21 <CarlFK> mediainfo A* | grep Duration ... video : 4h 2mn, audio : 1h 34mn
15:21 <CarlFK> I think the audio one is about right
15:22 <CarlFK> the audio I care about is at 1:00:00 and I stopped paying close attention at 1:04:00
15:23 <CarlFK> that's was enough for me to decide to give up
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15:27 <CarlFK> https://archive.org/details/community_justice_and_healing-alternatives_calling_police_during_mental_health_crises_part_4_5
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15:31 <CarlFK> the mp4 is what I encoded/uploaded. same md5sum even. thankyou archive for not messing with my file :)
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15:50 <debianuser> CarlFK: Downloaded it (`youtube-dl -f best http://www.facebook.com/kthawbakerkrohn/videos/10210957371424330/`), got 314957405 bytes 640x360 video which seeks fine here both with `-demuxer mov` and `-demuxer lavf`. I have a rather old mplayer however (r37558).
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16:07 <CarlFK> debianuser: huh, didn't know demuxer would have an affect - neat
16:10 <debianuser> CarlFK: I also downloaded your file (251890456 bytes) and it seeks fine too... :(
16:11 <CarlFK> mine is a reference for what that other file should be
16:11 <CarlFK> oh, was av sync ok at 1:00:00?
16:13 <CarlFK> and as long as you are there, can you hear what the girl says enough that I should use that audio for my version?
16:24 <debianuser> CarlFK: Your file is 0:21:51, there's no 1:00:00 there. :) The FB video is 1:34:27 and it looks the same as it looks at facebook in browser. So if it's out of sync - it's probably the original facebook video being out of sync. Or does it look different for you in browser?
16:25 <CarlFK> all the FB versions seem really broken - both what their player does and the mp4 I downloaded
16:25 <CarlFK> my version is fine, other than the girl didn't use the mic for a bit.
16:27 <debianuser> Well, if the original video is broken - it's not something you can easily fix with mplayer/mencoder. You can try guessing a correct a/v shift ("-" and Shift+"=" keys), but that's about it.
16:30 <CarlFK> I don't need to fix the FB version, just find the audio I needed. but it seems to be missing
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