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19:34 <AndrewR> https://pastebin.com/iBHdMfuF - yesterday's crash under valgrind ....(no options)
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19:39 <Dan39> hello \o
19:41 <Dan39> using mplayer -idle, and at some point when playing an AVI stream, which had played fine many times before without errors, mplayer decides to spam to the error "Cannot seek in raw AVI streams. (Index required, try with the -idx switch.)"
19:41 <Dan39> and by spam i mean fill my HDD to 100% quickly...
19:43 <AndrewR> (slightly better valgrind log, this time with -v option: https://pastebin.com/x4Tau3Bu )
19:44 <AndrewR> Dan39, may be your hdd is dying, or memory..no errors from kernel lately?
19:48 <Dan39> no
19:48 <Dan39> its an SSD btw
19:49 <AndrewR> Dan39, and reinstalling mplayer (or up/downgrading it) makes no effect?
19:50 <Dan39> havnt tried
19:50 <Dan39> why would it spam that message though?
19:50 <Dan39> if i do try to seek while its playing that video, it makes that message
19:50 <Dan39> but i was not trying to seek...
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20:56 <cristian_c> hello
20:57 <cristian_c> I've tried: mplayer -vf test song.mp3, but media keys are not working
20:57 <cristian_c> Any ideas?
21:01 <iive> cristian_c: try playing a video first, even a single picture is OK.
21:02 <iive> it would create window and that window will take keys
21:03 <cristian_c> iive: yeah, media keys are working with video files
21:03 <cristian_c> unfortunately, music files did not too
21:03 <iive> cristian_c: play 1 short video, then music files
21:03 <cristian_c> :O
21:03 <cristian_c> ok
21:03 <iive> 1 frame is all you need, just to create a window
21:03 <cristian_c> ok
21:04 <iive> without window you cannot get X keys
21:08 <cristian_c> iive: for example: mplayer -vf test video.mov?
21:09 <cristian_c> and then mplayer -vf test song.mp3
21:09 <iive> forget test... it doesn't do much. i tried with -vc blank, you still need video inside he file
21:09 <cristian_c> ok
21:09 <iive> mplayer pic.jpg *.mp3
21:09 <cristian_c> ok
21:11 <* cristian_c> 's making some tests
21:21 <cristian_c> playing nameofpic.jpg
21:23 <cristian_c> image2 @ ..... could not find no file with path 'mp:nameofpic.jpg' and index in the range 0-4
21:23 <cristian_c> lavf_header: av_open_input_stream failed
21:24 <cristian_c> playing nameofsong.mp3
21:24 <cristian_c> audio only file format detected
21:25 <cristian_c> then some info about audio file .... Video: no video and audio playback started
21:25 <cristian_c> now, I try with a real video
21:28 <iive> you can do `mplayer realvideo.mkv -frame 1 *.mp3
21:28 <iive> `
21:28 <cristian_c> ok
21:33 <cristian_c> unknown option on the command line: -frame
21:34 <cristian_c> error parsing option on the command line: -frame
21:35 <cristian_c> I need to check if it's a specific format/container option (mkv)
21:37 <* cristian_c> 's reading mplayer man
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21:37 <cristian_c> ah, ok -frames
21:38 <iive> ;)
21:39 <cristian_c> there was a flash, and then started audio playback
21:41 <iive> -keep-vo?
21:42 <iive> -fixed-vo
21:42 <iive> sorry
21:42 <cristian_c> unfortunately, media keys are not working, mov, mp4, 3gp 3g2, mj2 @ Protocol name not provided, cannot determine if input is local or a network protocol, buffers and access patterns cannot be configured optimally withput knowing the protocol
21:44 <cristian_c> clip info .... and Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_r600.so: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory
21:44 <iive> cristian_c: try to play the video file ...
21:44 <iive> is it a headless box?
21:44 <iive> add -vo xv
21:44 <cristian_c> vdpau error when calling vdp_device_create_x11: 1
21:44 <cristian_c> iive: ok
21:44 <iive> as first option
21:48 <cristian_c> I've tried to play directly the -mov video , without options
21:49 <cristian_c> headless?
21:50 <cristian_c> the video is played as normal, with mplayer titlebar
21:50 <cristian_c> now, I try -vo xv
21:52 <cristian_c> no changes
21:53 <cristian_c> some minutes ago, you talked about -fixed-vo and -keep-vo
22:00 <iive> you said there was a flash, i guessed that it might close the window, even if mplayer never closes the window
22:01 <cristian_c> yeah
22:02 <cristian_c> ok, I try -fixed-vo
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22:05 <cristian_c> iive: ok, -fixed-vo shows the frame of the mov video, while music plays
22:06 <cristian_c> but media keys not working yet
22:06 <cristian_c> if I play directly the mov, media keys work
22:15 <krabador> if user wants play nerd stuff, mplayer don't work. It's a must.
22:16 <cristian_c> .....
22:20 <iive> ?
22:21 <cristian_c> iive: you can ignore him
22:24 <krabador> and if he does not want? you'll slam the channel?
22:38 <* Lobs> ponders who stuffed the carrot up krabador's butt....
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