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16:01 <Dan39> hello \o
16:02 <Dan39> how can i quickly "debug" a running mplayer? i have it setup in slave mode, it tried to play a short movie but it got stuck spamming the "cannot seek in raw avi stream" message
16:03 <Dan39> i can see it stuck at near 100% cpu usage right no due to how fast it is spamming
16:10 <iive> adding -v might say something more.
16:11 <iive> does the same happen if you play the same file normally? without slave mode?
16:12 <iive> also, this message appears if you try to play a file thought a pipe
16:13 <iive> e.g. avi files have index at the end of the file, so it tries to seek to the end, then back to the beginning
16:18 <cristian_c> iive: hello
16:19 <cristian_c> I've examined the mplayer output, and I've found no tips, but then I've made some tests and I've figured out the issue
16:20 <cristian_c> if video window is focused, media keys work
16:20 <cristian_c> for example, if I press 'p' , it works either with or without video window focused
16:21 <Dan39> iive: no, i have files that i am telling it to play with loadlist
16:21 <cristian_c> while media key works only with video window focused
16:21 <Dan39> the only thing to note that i found odd is the guy before me had re-encoded it from an mp4 to an avi, and left the extension as .mp4
16:21 <Dan39> mplayer doesnt care about wrong extension, does it?
16:22 <Dan39> we had to change it to an AVI or else mplayer never reports that it finishes the mp4 file. it goes on to play the next file, but retreiving the current file and position from mplayer it always says it is still at position 99% of the first video
16:23 <Dan39> with the avi it works properly, the first video gets to 100% then the "current path" changes to the next file in list and position % starts back from 0
16:24 <Dan39> im tryin to reproduce the freezing with "cannot seek" message right now, then i have a re-encode of the avi with the video to xvid (the one thats freezing up right now is an h264 in avi)
16:25 <Dan39> im hoping that fixes it since that video is now seekable and all
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18:51 <Dan39> ok i think i found out what happens
18:53 <Dan39> i have a video playing with loopmode most of the time, so i have to shut loopmode off, then do loadlist, then turn loopmode back on
18:53 <Dan39> it looks like rarely either my scripts dont send loopmode=off or mplayer doesnt apply it, so the first video tries to loop, but it is an unseekable avi which i guess cant be looped
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