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03:15 <Dan39> hmm, 'loop 0' doesnt turn loop mode on... but loop 1 does...
03:16 <Dan39> maybe the documentation is out of date or something
03:16 <Dan39> 2+ works for looping it that many times
03:17 <Dan39> but 1 sets it to infinite, which the docs say 0 should do
03:18 <Dan39> hmm setting it to 2+ then you can set it to 1... lol
03:18 <Dan39> wtf -_-
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04:35 <Compn> Dan39 : apparently there is per file loop and global loop
04:35 <Compn> e.g. mplayer -loop 0 file vs mplayer file -loop 0
04:35 <Compn> they are different
04:35 <saint_dogbert> I take it there still isn't any real bluray support?
04:36 <Compn> menus ?
04:36 <Compn> vlc might support some bluray menus
04:36 <Compn> mplayer not
04:36 <* Compn> afk
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05:50 <Dan39> odd that with mp4 file sometimes it stops at 99 and sometimes 98... :|
06:00 <Dan39> will avi be more reliable in this sense?
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06:11 <Dan39> maybe time_pos will be better
06:26 <gnarface> hey someone in here mentioned a while back that by default mp4 puts some important data at the end of the file when encoded, making it impossible to play while downloading is still progressing
06:27 <gnarface> i realized this sabotages me too, because it makes it impossible for me to stream mp4 files i made myself to the wii-u browser
06:27 <gnarface> but someone mentioned an encoding option that overrides this?
06:27 <gnarface> i think in mplayer, maybe in ffmpeg
06:27 <gnarface> er, i think in mencoder*
06:28 <gnarface> anyway, just wondering if anyone remembers what option that is
06:28 <gnarface> to encode the index or timestamps or whatever they're called into the *beginning* of the mp4 file
06:28 <gnarface> i know i didn't dream this one, because the wii-u store streams mp4 data exactly that way
06:28 <gnarface> it has to be possible
06:29 <gnarface> Compn: do you recall?
06:30 <gnarface> it would be neat to have for more than just streaming
06:30 <gnarface> like i could make a rudimentary VNC type service with it too
06:32 <gnarface> Dan39: maybe you recall?
06:32 <gnarface> saint_dogbert: i thought it worked in vlc
06:32 <Dan39> no idea, but mp4s dont seem kinda of wonky tbh
06:33 <gnarface> Dan39: (i'd much rather use mkv obviously, but the wii-u only supports *one* format)
06:33 <saint_dogbert> I can't get vlc to work with anything, so I dumped the disk and watched the video.
06:34 <gnarface> vlc is janky. i think it's supposed to work, but it's anyone's guess why yours didn't.
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06:35 <saint_dogbert> vlc is like windows. it's not really designed for usage. More for show, like proof of concept. Thats why I use mplayer.
06:36 <gnarface> saint_dogbert: i think for vlc to work, you need libdvdcss2, libdvdread, *and* libdvdnav[4?], and none of those are installed by default. most distros won't even ship libdvdcss2 and you have to get it from the vlc repo directly
06:37 <gnarface> saint_dogbert: i use mplayer most the time too, myself. (obviously for stuff that doesn't need dvd navigation)
06:37 <saint_dogbert> you misunderstand, vlc wont even start for me. bombs out with a glibc error
06:37 <gnarface> oh!
06:37 <gnarface> well that's much more serious
06:38 <gnarface> perhaps built for the wrong libc version?
06:39 <saint_dogbert> i use funtoo, so it was compiled against this revision not 45 minutes ago
06:39 <gnarface> oh
06:39 <gnarface> damn
06:40 <gnarface> i think in that situation, i'd be looking to roll back to the previous vlc version
06:40 <gnarface> not all progress happens in a forward direction
06:40 <saint_dogbert> no argument here
06:42 <gnarface> debian unstable is still running 2.2.5 "Weatherwax"
06:42 <gnarface> for whatever that's worth
06:43 <gnarface> it's working anyway
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13:08 <Compn> gnarface : qt-faststart
13:09 <Compn> gnarface : i thought it was default by ffmpeg, but i am not sure now...
13:10 <gnarface> thanks Compn
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16:56 <Garringo> Hey, I would like to take screenshots from Blu-Rays but wish the result to be as close to the original source as possible (except RGB conversion). I have used four different programs and the results don't look quite the same with certain type of content.
16:57 <Garringo> Any idea which ones in the following image would be the most closest to the source? http://imgur.com/a/sjIqF
16:57 <Garringo> The first one is from mplayer and the second one from MPC-HC with ffdshow high quality RGB conversion and dithering off. The third one is from MPC-HC with high quality RGB conversion and dithering on. 4th is mpv and 5th virtualdub.
16:58 <Garringo> The mplayer image is in bt.601 as for some reason I can't get bt.709 out of it (but it doesn't matter for now)... ;)
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19:36 <x86iac> hi can someone give me a reason why mp4 must be converted to mpg before it is converted to a .vob? for creading a dvd-video?
20:39 <Compn> well...
21:26 <cristian_c> hi
21:28 <cristian_c> I've figured out why media keys didn't work in mplayer. If video window is focused, media keys work
21:28 <cristian_c> if not, they don't
21:29 <cristian_c> How could I make them working also when video windows is not focused?
21:29 <cristian_c> Any ideas?
21:29 <cristian_c> *window
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21:38 <Compn> cristian_c : have to use lirc i think
21:38 <Compn> mplayer wont take over your keyboard buttons if its not in focus
21:39 <cristian_c> :O
21:39 <Compn> mplayer not bad guy :D
21:39 <cristian_c> maybe lirc is a good idea
21:39 <cristian_c> Compn: could lirc interact directly with mplayer?
21:40 <Compn> mplayer uses lirc, and i think lirc listens for multimedia keys
21:40 <Compn> iirc
21:40 <cristian_c> if there is a playing nstance of mplayer
21:40 <cristian_c> ok, sorry, I try to read related documentation
21:40 <cristian_c> thanks
21:40 <Compn> i could be completely wrong though
21:40 <Compn> good luck :)
21:41 <Compn> let us know how it goes
21:41 <cristian_c> I try to explore further
21:41 <cristian_c> ok
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