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12:45 <acovrig> How do I play a growing file (one from ffmpeg from v4l2)?
12:46 <acovrig> I guess a better question would be - how do I play from /dev/video and save to a file at the same time - ideally w/little to no delay in the video display
12:49 <gnarface> acovrig: there is a shell command called "tee"
12:57 <gnarface> acovrig: (it won't add any delay)
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13:46 <Compn> gnarface : ffmpeg can save and display at the same time
13:47 <Compn> much easier than tee nonsense
13:47 <gnarface> fair enough
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16:51 <sonion_> I made (hoping) a dvd-video that i want to be able to play in a dvd player ... so before i burn it if i do mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device n.dvd where the video_ts and audio_ts dirs/files are and it works is that a good indication that the dvd will be good?
17:05 <sonion_> dead this place be?
17:08 <wm4> mplayer is pretty dead
17:08 <wm4> and DVDs too
17:10 <sonion_> :)
17:10 <sonion_> do i have to zero out the dvd after writing to it?
17:11 <sonion_> i don't even have a dvd player ... but my grandma does and i got the whole family betting i can't do it
17:12 <sonion_> i burned it to a dvd and mplayer dvd:// works so does that mean it is good? for a dvd player?
17:17 <debdog> should™
17:17 <debdog> if you integrated a menu: dvdnav://
17:20 <sonion_> i did mplayer dvdnav:// -dvd-device n1.dvd and the video played and ended but mplayer didn'
17:20 <sonion_> 't quit
17:21 <debdog> hmm, not quite sure what that means. usually I don't use the nav option
17:21 <sonion_> when i did mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device n1.dvd the video quits and it says Chapter 1 in the gmplayer
17:22 <debdog> sounds good.
17:22 <debdog> but it might depend on the dvd player as well.
17:22 <debdog> you prolly have to just test it with the device
17:22 <sonion_> i didn't specifically do anything with 'menu' though making it
17:22 <debdog> oh
17:23 <debdog> well, then no devdnav
17:23 <debdog> *dvd
17:24 <sonion_> i'll have to break into her house and test it then ... but she leaves a plate of oatmeal raisan chocolate chip cookies and it is like a mouse in a trap .. ;)
17:28 <sonion_> so if it does fail i should look to menu - dvdauthor says title OR menu in it's option line and i did the -T for title
17:29 <debdog> no, no menu required. just told you in case of
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19:43 <acovrig> Is there a way to have mplayer display v4l2 with low latency while dumping to a file (or pipe (or fifo) to ffmpeg or mencoder)?
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