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07:33 <laughingtiger> hey guys the subtitle color in mplayer is always yellow, no matter how I change the settings or configs.
07:33 <laughingtiger> why is this?
07:34 <laughingtiger> using mpv the color is white, looks more comfortable.
07:34 <laughingtiger> why ?
07:36 <laughingtiger> and sometimes with a same file mplayer complains "your system is too slow" then video-audio sync problems appears while mpv has no problems at all.
07:36 <laughingtiger> but mpv can't put subtitles at the very bottom
07:37 <laughingtiger> any help pls?
07:40 <laughingtiger> noone knows why?
07:41 <bencoh> regarding "system too slow" you might want to enable threaded decoding
07:42 <laughingtiger> let me check that out
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07:44 <wm4> mpv can/does put subs at the bottom
07:44 <wm4> what subtitle format is it
07:45 <laughingtiger> it's srt
07:45 <laughingtiger> wm4, how to do that
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07:45 <laughingtiger> just figured out when using opengl the color turned white like in mpv.
07:46 <wm4> last I checked it was the default, when using the default VO (i.e. not xv)
07:46 <wm4> I think most VOs in mplayer blend only the luma for subtitles
07:46 <wm4> so the chroma will be the video's, which looks "unclean"
07:46 <wm4> or something
07:50 <laughingtiger> well turned out video output is not the cause, the settings didn't get loaded, now with any vo the sub color is white
07:50 <bencoh> rings a bell yeah
07:50 <laughingtiger> bencoh and wm4 thank you both
07:50 <laughingtiger> without your help, I couldn't figured it out
07:50 <bencoh> although I don't think I have experienced it "recently" (unclean subtitles) so it might not be with opengl
07:51 <bencoh> laughingtiger: which settings btw?
07:51 <laughingtiger> the .mplayer/config file
07:51 <laughingtiger> I have to exit one terminal and reopen it
07:52 <laughingtiger> thanks again. see you.
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19:42 <presi> hi
19:43 <presi> with f command during a play I get fullscreen correctly
19:44 <presi> but from command line nothing works for me
19:44 <presi> -fs doesn't work
19:44 <presi> -zoom doesn't work
19:44 <debdog> should be -fs
19:44 <presi> -fstype doesn't work
19:44 <debdog> does mplayer's output point to anything?
19:45 <presi> with -fs I get
19:45 <presi> X11 error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
19:45 <presi> X11 error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
19:45 <presi> I'm on Linux with xorg
19:45 <iive> what -vo are you using?
19:45 <debdog> did you compile mplayer yourself? if so, prolly some dep missing
19:45 <iive> xv, vdpau, gl ?
19:45 <presi> the default, I think xv
19:45 <iive> check
19:46 <presi> I compiled from gentoo ebuild
19:46 <iive> mplayer would fallback to another if the default is missing.
19:46 <presi> VO: [xv] 1280x720 => 1280x720 Planar YV12
19:46 <presi> xv
19:47 <iive> hum...
19:47 <iive> what version?
19:47 <presi> 1.2.1-4.7.3
19:48 <iive> it is release, using known compiler.
19:49 <iive> really strange.
19:50 <presi> I could toggle f manually, but I'm trying to play several videos in sequence, it's a bit annoying
19:50 <iive> yeh... can i see full log with -fs , put the test in some pastebin site
19:51 <iive> do something like -frames 2 -nosound
19:52 <iive> to reduce the unneeded stuff.
19:52 <iive> adding -v may help too.
19:55 <presi> https://pastebin.com/fTv3w6ci
19:56 <presi> sorry, I included sound, but anyway it'is not very long
19:58 <presi> with -vo x11
19:58 <presi> VO: [x11] 1280x720 => 1280x720 Planar YV12 [fs]
19:58 <presi> same problem
20:00 <presi> ok, I have tried with -vo sdl and works!
20:00 <presi> mplayer -fs -vo sdl x.flv
20:00 <presi> I don't know why
20:02 <presi> thanks guys
20:02 <debdog> just out of curiousity, what distro/version you're on?
20:02 <presi> gentoo
20:02 <debdog> also, is that on elderly hardware?
20:05 <presi> not very old, laptop from 2014
20:06 <debdog> aight
20:06 <presi> intel HD-5000 integrated video
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20:15 <iive> presi: i can't see any hint what might be wrong.
20:16 <iive> what window manager are you using?
20:17 <presi> vtwm I know it's a bit aged, but works like a charm with touch screens ;)
20:17 <presi> anyway if was a wm problem, sdl wouldn't work...
20:18 <iive> i don't remember if mplayer used 1 or 2 windows
20:18 <iive> when going fullscreen. I think it is 1 and it resizes it,
20:19 <iive> I do suspect that for some reason making a fullscreen sized window fails
20:19 <iive> and any operations after that fail.
20:19 <presi> I could try with another wm
20:19 <presi> or with no wm at all
20:19 <iive> btw, do you see an empty window frame?
20:19 <iive> or screen not updating, when you start mplayer -fs ?
20:20 <presi> if there is a window it's very fast, let me check
20:21 <presi> yes, it opens a window, not fullscreen
20:21 <presi> but it's closed almost immediately
20:22 <presi> some times I cannot see it, it closes very fast
20:23 <iive> ok.
20:23 <iive> try something else. try `mplayer file1.avi -fs *.avi `
20:24 <iive> that is, start playing file1 in window, then going fullscreen for the rest.
20:24 <iive> and I would be happy if you try another WM. and/or different compositor (compiz, kwin)
20:27 <presi> it doesn't work, it's stucked in the first video
20:27 <presi> after the last X11 error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
20:27 <iive> O_o
20:27 <presi> I have to do control+C
20:28 <iive> was the log you pasted with -v ?
20:30 <presi> no, I will try
20:40 <presi> https://pastebin.com/8nZSrKqd
20:44 <presi> ok, without wm -fs works as should be!
20:45 <presi> it's a problem of vtwm after all
20:45 <presi> I'm paying my eccentricity xD
20:47 <iive> you might want to ask them why it causes problem
20:48 <iive> and if they give texnical explanation, why they are correct and it is mplayer fault,
20:48 <iive> come back and tell me how to fix mplayer :D
20:49 <presi> I think -vo sdl is enough for me :)
20:51 <iive> you should report a problem to vtwm
20:51 <iive> it might be actually their bug.
20:52 <presi> ok, I will fire a bug
20:52 <iive> i see that mplayer manages to create window, and dies after initing the OSD (numbers/subtitle) system
20:53 <iive> and, afaik, this happens at frame display time...
20:53 <iive> btw, what is the screen/desktop resolution?
20:53 <presi> technically it doesn't die, it get stucked
20:53 <presi> I kill it with control C
20:53 <presi> 1080
20:55 <iive> intel textured video...
21:30 <uau> iive: "mplayer file1.avi -fs *.avi" has -fs as a file-specific option for the FIRST file
21:35 <iive> ops..
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