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14:04 <orbea> Hi, I reported this MPlayer segfault with linux a few weeks ago and never recieved a reply, is there any more info I could provide? https://trac.mplayerhq.hu/ticket/2324#ticket
14:08 <wm4> "However the whole reason I use MPlayer is the hwdec support."
14:08 <wm4> seriously?
14:08 <wm4> it's not 2008 anymore
14:08 <wm4> _every_ player will support hwdec
14:09 <wm4> anyway that looks like a driver bug
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14:22 <orbea> wm4: well when nouveau blows up with mpv and hwdec I have little choice...
14:23 <wm4> vlc and gstreamer also support vdpau, so there's a lot of choice
14:24 <orbea> I thought about it being a driver bug and asked the nouveau developers as well, i was informed it might not be, but anything possible. given it happens with the llvmpipe too I suspect it might not be, at least not nouveau specifically. Maybe mesa though?
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20:32 <Enverex> Is it possible to configure MPlayer so that it immediately exits on any key / gamepad button press?
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21:23 <gnarface> Enverex: by default the key is "q"
21:29 <Enverex> gnarface: I know
21:30 <gnarface> oh sorry you meant any key at all
21:30 <gnarface> didn't understand you meant all keys not just any key
21:31 <Enverex> Yeah, literally anything gets pressed, I want it to exit
21:31 <Enverex> I've managed to get it to work with any keyboard keys by printing all keys and adding "quit" then adding that to the input file, but oddly enough it doesn't seem to work for the gamepad
21:32 <gnarface> well there's some userspace program you can use that translates gamepad buttons to keyboard keys
21:32 <gnarface> should work in theory
21:33 <Enverex> It's getting a bit messy at that point as I'd then have to handle exiting that program too so it doesn't interfere with anything else after
21:33 <Enverex> Should gamepad/joystick support still work?
21:33 <gnarface> in mplayer? i don't know, and i'm not the right person to ask
21:33 <gnarface> in linux in general? sure, yea it should be working - assuming your device is supported by the kernel
21:34 <gnarface> agreed, this seems a long way to go just to get mplayer to exit on any button
21:35 <gnarface> however, totally feasible
21:36 <gnarface> you could write a bash script that starts them both and makes them drop PID files though
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21:36 <gnarface> that would make it easier to have the same script kill them on exit
21:37 <gnarface> or, alternately, when you edit the mplayer config to make all the buttons quit, maybe you can make them execute a kill script instead (not sure if that's possible, but it seems like a logical approach)
21:37 <gnarface> i mean, i know a kill script is possible
21:37 <gnarface> i just don't know if mplayer can be configured to execute arbitrary shell scripts
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21:49 <Enverex> Any ideas why it's not picking up gamepad presses though? The pad's on /dev/input/js0 so it should match up.
21:53 <gnarface> i don't actually have any ideas; it's news to me mplayer was supposed to have gamepad support in the first place. it's not something i've actually tried.
21:54 <gnarface> i presume the user you're running mplayer as also has permission to access /dev/input/js0
21:55 <gnarface> have you checked into maybe xboxdrv or joy2key?
21:56 <gnarface> i know it's still a hack, but it should work unless this turns out to be an easily solvable permissions issue
21:56 <Enverex> Already using xboxdrv and /dev/input/js0 shows input
22:01 <Enverex> mplayer doesn't appear to be looking at/for it
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23:08 <gnarface> Enverex: oh wait, you ahve xboxdrv already translating /dev/input/js0 buttons to keypresses, and mplayer STILL doesn't see them, not even as keypresses?? ... now THAT is weird....
23:09 <gnarface> s/ahve/have/
23:13 <Enverex> No, I'm using xboxdrv, but I'm not turning anything into keypresses
23:13 <Enverex> I'm not going to do that as that's a mess in itself
23:13 <Enverex> I need to find out why mplayer's joystick support doesn't work
23:14 <gnarface> ah i see. well i understand your reasoning, but you're probably just gonna find an even bigger mess...